Getting a Library Card & Other Circulation FAQs
Q. How do I get a library card?
A. If you live, work, or attend school in Greenwood County, you may sign up for a Library card by completing a short application and showing identification that includes the applicant's name and current address, such as a driver’s license or state ID. Official mail (lease agreement, mortgage papers, utility bill, car registration, pay stub, etc). may be used in conjunction with a picture ID if the ID does not include the current address. No commercial/sales/advertising mail may be used. If these pieces of information are not presented, the card will be mailed to the address provided to verify the address.
Students attending Lander University or Piedmont Technical College may show a current student I.D. card.
People living and working outside of Greenwood County who wish to have a library card may have borrowing privileges for an annual $20 fee. The library does not issue cards for temporary residents unless the Out-of-County fee is paid.
The Greenwood County Library has reciprocal borrowing agreements with the McCormick County Library and the Laurens County Library. If you have a Greenwood County Library card and are in good standing (owe no fines and fees), you may receive a borrower's card from the Laurens County Library and/or McCormick County Library without charge, and vice versa.
Q. How old do you have to be to get a library card?
A. You may get a library card at any age. A parent or guardian's signature is required for card issued to children or students under the age of 18.
Q. Will my library card expire?
          A. Yes. Your library card will expire in 6 months. You may renew it via email, phone, or in person to verify your current information. 
Q. If my library card is lost, how do I obtain another card?
A. There is a $2 charge to obtain a new library card and you must show current information.
Q. How many items may be borrowed from the library per card?
A. A total of 25 items per card may be checked out.
Q. How long may I keep library materials?
A. All items may be borrowed for up to three weeks. An item may be renewed once, if not on hold for another patron.
Q. How many items may be renewed?
A. The maximum is 25 items per library card.
Q. May I renew items by phone?
A. You may renew items by phone. It's faster if you have your library card available when you call. Items should be renewed on the original borrower's card.
Q. May I renew items online?
A. You may renew items online. Click the My Account button on the upper right hand of the library's website, and you may renew an item if it is not on hold for someone else. If you forget or don't know your pin, call the library at 864-941-4650.
Q. How do I check out videos?
A. Videos may be checked out only on an adult card.
Q. What if the item I want is checked out or at another branch location?
A. You may place a book, audio or video on hold.
Q. How many items may I place on hold?
A. There is a limit of 8 holds on a library card at any one time.
Q. How much are overdue fines?
A. Fines are $ .10 a day per item and there is a three day grace period.
Q. How much does the library charge for photocopies?
A. The library charges $.20 per page for photocopies.
Q. How much does the library charge for faxes?
A. Outgoing faxes are $1.00 per page and incoming faxes are $.25 per page. There is a limit of 10 pages faxed per day. The fax number is 864-941-4651. Local copy stores also send faxes for a small fee. The Reference Department can also help you scan papers.
Q. Can I search the Library’s catalog even if I am not at the Library?
A. Yes, the Library’s online catalog can be accessed from any computer. Just go to our web page (, enter an author, title, or subject in the search box, and click Search. You can also see any materials you have borrowed and place holds on materials through the catalog if you are signed in to My Account.

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