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Frequently Asked Questions


About Beanstack

What is Beanstack?
Simple! It’s the world’s easiest way to keep track of all the books you read. When you create a Beanstack account for yourself or your family, you’re instantly connected to your local library’s reading programs, so you’ll get credit for every minute and every page. We’ll keep all your stats for you, cheer you on while you work towards your program goals, and let you know when you’ve earned prizes. When your library’s program ends, you keep your account, and your reading history—it’s always free, and you can keep right on logging your leisure reading. When the next library program comes around, no need to re-register—just click on it, and you’re in.
What are badges and how do I earn them in Beanstack?

Every time you hit a reading milestone, you’ll win a badge—a little digital fist bump to celebrate the quality time your brain and your books have been spending together. There are also badges that are linked with completing activities, such as attending Library programs, reading from a Booklist, or completing a reading mini challenge. 

May I add more than one reader to my account?
Of course. You can set up as many profiles as you like, for readers of any age. And if you’re a parent who reads aloud to more than one kid at a time, you can credit that reading time to multiple children’s accounts with a single click—no need to log it in separately for each of your avid listeners.
How do I update my password?

Tap that little “gear” button in the top right and hit “Edit Account.”
How do I stop getting emails from Beanstack?

Fill out form 247-GS in triplicate, then get a self-addressed, stamped envelope…
Kidding, kidding. Just click “Edit Reader” (it’s right next to your name) and hit “No” under Email Notifications.

About the Greenwood County Library System's Summer Reading Programs

Who can participate?

Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, children, teens, adults — everyone! Children too young to read by themselves are welcome to participate by having a parent or caretaker sign them up and read to them.
What are the requirements to finish this year’s summer reading?
1. Download the Beanstack app on your phone/tablet. You can also access Beanstack on your computer at https://greenwoodcounty.beanstack.org/
2. If using the app, select the option for participating "at my library, school, or bookstore" and search for the Greenwood County Library System. Follow the steps to create an account. You can use this account throughout the year for other challenges and to track your own reading, so you won't need to create a new account every year.
3. Sign up for a challenge: Note: Beanstack will only show the challenges available for the active reader's age range.
Early Readers: Birth – Rising 1st Grade
Elementary: Rising 2nd Grade – Rising 5th Grade
Teen: Rising 6th Grade – Rising 12th Grade
Adults : 18+
4. Reach 600pts to complete the minimum requirement and be entered into the Summer Reading Prize Drawings
1 minute of reading = 1 point
You can also gain 3-10 points by completing Activity Badges. Check the available badges under the Log Reading and Activities button.
All points must be earned between June 3rd - July 19th

My child has a disability. Do you accommodate children?
Of course! We want to make sure the Summer Reading Program is open to all! Since we are tracking time instead of books this year, all you need to do is sign up in the current age range and read books on their current reading level. It doesn't matter what they read, just that they are reading!
My elementary child reads beyond their grade level. Can they move up to the teen program?
Unfortunately, no. The Teen Prizes are only available for those entering grades 6th-12th next school year. There are chapter books that cross over between Elementary and Middle School that they can read for the Elementary program. The Teen Center and Children's Room staff will happily help you find age-appropriate, but challenging, books for your child. We do encourage them to keep reading to try to become a Star Reader. (See below)
My child wants to read graphic novels.
We only ask that children read on their reading level. We are only counting the number of minutes read. We do encourage them to read multiple formats and challenge themselves to read out of their comfort zone.

How do I log my reading or activities?

In one swipe! Flip your book over and use your phone to scan the bar code on the back. Boom, you’re done. Seriously, the Beanstack mobile app makes it that easy. If you want to get fancy, you can also enter the number of pages, minutes, or hours (nice work!) that you read. If your library uses Activities, they’ll be there on your screen—just click the ones you’ve done.

Prefer to use your computer to log your reading? No problem. You can always enter your reading through your Beanstack account online, too.

How long do I have to log reading?
All ages need to log their minutes and activities online in Beanstack before July 19th @ 11:59PM. This year adults are required to use Beanstack as well. No paper forms will be available.
I’m terrible at computers! Can you help me?
Yes! Staff at any of the branches and in any department will be happy to walk you through registering and how to use the Beanstack app and website. You can also use the Library Computer Lab to register and log books if you do not have internet at home.
Can I count time that I read on my computer or e-reader?
Of course! It’s all the same to us.
Can I count audiobooks?
You bet!
Can I join the program after its official start date?
Yes! And if you can remember any reading that you’ve done after the official start date, you’re welcome to go back and count that.
Can I count reading that I’ve done before the official start date?
No. We do ask that you count only reading you’ve done within the official dates of the program.

This is too easy! Can I read more than the requirement?

YES! Children and Teens can keep logging books after they meet their program's minimum requirement to become a Star Reader. In Beanstack, we have special badges you can earn from Level 7 (700 Points) to Level 20 (2000 Points). You can even log more than that!
Compete against other readers for one of the 3 Top Star Reader slots! (See below)
Adults can log more if they'd like, and get extra badges too! However, there are no official incentives for the top readers in Adults beyond bragging rights. (Sorry!)
What does a Star Reader receive?
We will recognize on Social Media all Star Readers who went beyond the minimum requirements. Also, the top three in each program (Early Readers/Elementary/Teen) will get a Star Reader t-shirt to show off their accomplishments! Keep an eye out on the Leaderboards that we will post to Facebook and Instagram on Fridays to see your rank!

Does Beanstack have Leaderboards like last year?

Yes, and no. The Leaderboard in your Beanstack account is for FRIENDS only. You will not see everyone who is signed into the challenge. When you log into Beanstack you can click on the Friends tab and share a Friend Code with another reader to view each other on the Leaderboard.

Top Schools
The top Private, Elementary, Middle, and High Schools with the most points at the end of Summer Reading in their category will get a special trophy to be displayed in their School Media Center. This includes private schools in Greenwood County, District 50, District 51, and District 52. Do your part and log those minutes and activities to make your school the top winner!

Where can I find this summer's events?

We have tons of events planned for the summer. You can pick up a Summer Reading booklet at our brnaches beginning June 1st. You can always find program details here on our website under the Programs Tab on the top navigation bar.
You can also view the all programs calendar or download indivdual calendars by clicking on the buttons at the top of the page.
I’m registered at one branch, but I'm interested in an event at another. Can I still attend the event?
Yes! It doesn’t matter at what branch you registered or where you live! All branches of the Greenwood County Library serve our entire community!
Are you having any big events for children this year?
Yes. This year we are happy to announce that we will have multiple performers at all our branches this year. We will kickoff at the Main Branch on Saturday, June 8, with an ALL AGE event featuring Foamtastic Adventures. All Ages include children, teens, and adults! We will also have performances throughout the summer from Porkchop Productions, The Children's Museum of the Upstate, Riverbanks Zoo, and Ed's Dinosaurs Live.
What about Teens?
Local artist and teacher, EllenBess Gable will be leading a Glow in the Dark Paint Along. We will also have a balloon artist teach a ballon twisting workshop to our tweens (4th-8th Grades).We will end the summer with a Lock In event. Check the Teen Program's Page for more information.

What are the Weekly Drawings?

Participants in each challenge will be able to participate in a weekly prize drawing for a $25 gift card beginning the 2nd Friday of Summer Reading until the last Friday on July 19. To be able to participate in the drawing, you have to have met the weekly goal for logging your reading in the Beanstack app. That’s six chances to win $25 just by logging your points on a regular basis!

Friday, June 14 @ 10AM: 100 pts or more logged

Friday, June 21 @ 10AM: 200 pts or more logged

Friday, June 28 @ 10AM: 300 pts or more logged

Friday, July  5 @ 10AM: 400 pts or more logged

Friday, July  12 @ 10AM: 500 pts or more logged

Friday, July  19 @ 10AM: 600 pts or more logged

What happens when I finish my summer reading?

You will also be automatically entered into the End of Summer Prize Drawing. (Entry does not guarantee a prize.)

When is the End of Summer Prize Drawing and how do I know if I or my child won something?

The End of Summer Prize Drawing will take place on Monday, July 22, at 1PM on Facebook live. You can watch as we pull names or we will begin calling winners to pick up their prizes on the morning of Tuesday, July 23rd. Please make sure the phone number on your Beanstack account has voicemail enabled. 
We will be on vacation and cannot pick up our prize. Will we lose it?
We will work with you to hold any prizes from the drawing until you can pick them up. However, any prizes not picked up by Thursday, August 22nd, will be forfeit. 

I see you have sponsors and donors this year. Why?

We could not have offered all we have this year without the generous donations of our Summer Reading Sponsors and Donors. Our sponsors and individual donors have graciously given the Friends of the Library monetary donations that have allowed us to decorate more, to give out more prizes, and to offer new programming! Some of our Sponsors have also gifted us with gift certificates that we will give away at the End of Summer Reading.
Can I become a sponsor or donor next year?
Yes. We will begin taking sponsorship and donations for next year beginning in August. You can contact the Friends of the Library through Pattie Fender at pfender@greenwoodcountylibrary.org if you would like to be contacted.

Don't see your question? Contact Jessica Howard at 941-3033 or jhoward@greenwoodcountylibrary.org for support.

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