Interactive Picture Books

These are great interactive books that require audience participation! These books make for a lot of fun by involving the kids to actively participate while reading.

Recommended Titles

  • Booth, Tom Don't Blink!

  • Briggs, Brian In the Air.

  • Carle, Eric From Head to Toe.

  • Cousins, Lucy Count With Maisy, Cheep, Cheep, Cheep!

  • Gibbs, Edward I Spy on the Farm.

  • Hacohen, Dean Who's Hungry?

  • Harrington, Tim Nose to Toes, You are Yummy.

  • Idle, Molly Schaar Flora and the Flamingo.

  • Idle, Molly Schaar Flora and the Peacocks.

  • Jonas, Ann SPLASH!

  • Lê, Minh Let Me Finish!

  • Matheson, Christie Plant the Tiny Seed.

  • Matheson, Christie Tap the Magic Tree.

  • Matheson, Christie Touch the Brightest Star.

  • Moss, Miriam Bare Bear.

  • Novak, B.J. The Book With No Pictures.

  • Raczka, Bob Who Loves the Fall?

  • Rueda, Claudia Bunny Slopes.

  • Soffer, Gilad Duck's Vacation.

  • Stine, R.L. The Little Book of Monsters.

  • Tullet, Hervé Press Here.

  • Tullet, Hervé Say Zoop!

  • Vignocchi, Chiara Shake the Tree!

  • Willems, Mo Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.

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List compiled by Children's Services, Fox Lake District Library, 2020.

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