3: Online Borrower Registration

Online Borrower Registration

THIS FORM IS FOR NEW CARD REGISTRATION ONLY. DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO ATTEMPT RENEWING AN EXPIRED CARD. If your card has expired, visit the Main Circulation desk with an accepted form of identification and we will be happy to assist you.

At home without a library card? Fill out the online application!

• Please allow up to 3 days to receive the confirmation email with your library card number. This will allow you to access all the library’s online resources.

• Residents 16 to 18 years old with a driver’s license can apply by themselves.

• Residents under 18 years of age must have permission from a parent or guardian to apply.

• If you are registering a child under 18 years old, please also email the responsible party’s contact information (name, address, phone number and library card number) to foxlakelibrary@fllib.org.

For expedited service, you may visit us during Grab 'n Go hours with your ID or any other accepted forms of identification and get your card after filling out the online application.

• Bring your current ID or other accepted form of identification to verify your registration and pick up your physical card.