True Crime

Recommended Titles

  • Bilefsky, Dan The Last Job

  • Bowden, Mark The Last Stone

  • Bloom, John Evidence of Love

  • Brandt, Charles “I Heard You Paint Houses”

  • Cep, Casey Furious Hours

  • Christie, Judy  Before and After

  • Eisenberg, Emma Copley The Third Rainbow Girl

  • Harman, Claire Murder by the Book

  • Hawes, Jennifer Grace Will Lead Us Home

  • Hogan, Shanna Secrets of a Marine’s Wife

  • Hopton, Sarah Beth Woman at the Devil’s Door

  • Hunt, Amber Unsolved Murders

  • Hvistendahl, Mara The Scientist and the Spy

  • McDiarmid, Jessica Highway of Tears

  • Miller, Chanel Know My Name

  • Mitchell, Jerry Race Against Time

  • Ratliff, Evan The Mastermind

  • Robertson, Cara The Trial of Lizzie Borden

Recommended Authors

  • Deborah Blum

  • Dave Cullen

  • John Douglas

  • David Grann

  • Eric Larsen

  • Michelle McNamara

  • Gregg Olsen

  • James Patterson

  • M. William Phelps

  • Kerri Rawson

  • Ann Rule

  • Bryan Stevenson

  • Thomas Thompson


List compiled by Adult Services, Fox Lake District Library, 2020.


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