Genealogy - Barnes Community House ledger

Barnes Community House Ledger

This is a transcription from a photo copy of a hand written ledger that is at Charlestown Library. Some information is missing off the edge of the pages when copied.

Barnes Community House was located on Highway 362 in New Washington, Washington Township, Clark County, Indiana. The Barnes Community Cemetery located on the same property is still in use.

common abbreviations used in the ledger:
Geo. - George     Chas. - Charles    Wm. - William     Jas. - James     Jno - Jonathan or John

Complete Record of the Barnes Community House

Dedication of the Barnes Community House.
The Barnes Community House was dedicated to the people of the Barnes Community for all educational purposes, on Sunday Aug. 22, 1926.
Mrs. Mattie R. Clapp delivered the occasion address. Excellent talks by Miss Mary Sau? Rev. Smythe of the Presbyterian denomination Rev. Borus of the M.E. Church and Re. Hest? from Charlestown M.E. Church, A.M. Taff of the Universalist Church and Oliver Ma? of the Lexington Christian Church, W? given, Music consisted of community singing, soloes, quartettes etc. assisted by violins, correts by the Morrow twins and Miss Blanche Montgomery with Mrs. Barmore and Miss Francis Montgomery at the organ.

A bountiful basket dinner was served by the ladies at the noon hour The deed for the ground on which the house stands was presented at the time by Wm. Emmett Barnes Miss Sadie Barnes was instrumental in building this community house after which the Hoober Club furnished it. John Ware and his son Earl did the painting. The Universalist Converite presented the pulpit to Miss Sadie Barnes and she had it placed in this house. The M.E. Church at New Washington donated the organ and the Concord Christian Church loaned the seats ? in use. Mrs. Elizabeth Ware gave a beautiful Bible. Miss Sadie Barnes worked faithfully for several years trying to have this house erected, and finally succeeded, overcoming many obstacles and much discouragement. This building prove to be one of the greatest blessings in the community.
Mrs. Florence Barnes Warwick donated one acre of land joining the old Barnes Cemetery to be used as a burying ground.
Deed recorded October 1942
Funeral Services
Thomas Henderson 192?
Mrs. Carrie Lukenbill, Funeral preach by (blank) on Mar. 5, 1926
Geo. W. Shepherd – Age 63 -9-6- Funeral preached by Rev. Char. o. Barnes, Methodist on Oct. 29, 19??
Adeline Shepherd Taflinger born Aug 4, 1848, died June 7, 1927. Funeral services conducted by Rev. Smiley Presbyterian.
Alice Opal Littrell departed this life July 3, 1927 at the age of 33 yrs., 10 mo. and 11 days. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Smiley
Infant child of Claudia and Celia Henderson buried September 5th 1926.
Infant child of Fred. and Inez Cole buried October 9th 1927.
Mrs. W.E. Barnes died March 16, 1928. Funeral services conducted by Rev. Line. Universalist.
Madison Powers buried April 1st 1928. Funeral preached by Rev. Smiley.
William Powers buried April 18th 1928.
Funeral Services
Joshua Allen Carr died June 26th 1928 age 65 years, 3 months, 16 days. Funeral Services conducted by Rev. Uebel. Methodist.
Mrs. John Boyd was buried September 30th 1928 Funeral services conducted at Nabb by Reverend Smiley. Presbyterian.
Mrs. John Ware died July 17th 1930. Funeral services conducted by Rev. Velton. Presbyterian.
Robert Henderson died July 21st 1930 Funeral services conducted by [blank]
Ray Hardy died Aug. 3. 1930
Charley Copple was buried Sept. 25th 1930.
Thomas Vores was buried Mar. 12th 1931. Funeral services conducted by [blank]
Mrs. Lulie Shepherd, Clerk.
Funeral Services.
W.E. Barnes was buried Mar. 14th 193? Funeral services conducted by E.J. Unruh?? – Universalist
Jesse Shepherd was buried April 12th 1931. Aged 39 years. 1 mo. 4 days Funeral services conducted by Rev. Davies. Christian.
Arthur Ryker was buried Oct. 1931 Funeral services conducted by Rev. Austin. Methodist.
Silas Taflinger was buried Oct. 12th 19?? Funeral services by Rev. Austin. Methodist.
Mrs. John Graves was buried Feb. 6th 19?? Funeral services conducted by Rev. Merle Kennedy
Frank Staples was buried Feb. 7th 1932. Funeral services by Rev. Kennedy. Presbyterian.
Mrs. Wilmer Smith was buried Mar. 1st 1932. Funeral services conducted by Rev. Austin. Methodist.
Mrs. Wm. Cole was buried Mar. 12th 1932. Funeral services by Rev. Austin, Methodist.
Mrs. James Barnes was buried Mar. 1 1932. Funeral services by Rev. Austin, Methodist.
Funeral Services.
Wilmer J. Smith was buried March 13th 1932. Funeral services by Rev. Austin. Methodist.
Lawrence Fields Giltner buried June 17th 1932.
Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Keown 1932.
Leo Keown buried July 23rd 1932.
Marjorie Johnson buried July 17th 1933 Funeral services by Rev. Kennedy Presbyterian.
Jane Shelton, buried Aug. 9th 1933. Funeral services by Rev. Stanley Mahan Methodist.
Wm. F. Copple buried Aug. 9th 1933 Funeral services by Rev. Stanley Mahan. Methodist.
Robert Ryker buried Aug. 11th 1933. Funeral services by Rev. Stanley Mahan, Methodist.
A. Funeral Services.
Mrs. Wm. Amick was buried Jan. 9th 1953. Funeral services by C.C. Calahan. Christian.
Lyle Bartrum was buried Nov. 10th 1951 Funeral services conducted by Rev. Gates. Christian.
Emma Barnes, buried Dec 1957 Funeral service by [blank]
James Barnes was buried [blank]
Mrs. Joshua A. Carr was buried Jan. 4th 1942. Funeral services conducted by Rev. Wilson, Presbyterian.
Arnie Clapp was buried March 5th 1942 Funeral services conducted by Rev. Daviess. Christian.
Mrs. Gladys Campton was buried Nov. 1st 1942.
Daniel Campton was buried June 4th 1948 Funeral services conducted by Rev. Sloat.
Mrs. Charles Cole was buried Dec. 22nd 1949.
Infant child of Mrs. and Mr. Martin Compton buried March 26th 1953.
Dallas Cole was buried March 12th 1954
Archie Clapp Nov 23rd 1954
Wilson Warren Copple buried Aug 16, 1969 Rev. Edgar Marshall officiating
Mary Doogs buried Nov. 5th 1940 Funeral services by Rev. Stevenson. Presbyterian.
Nellie Dean wife of Ernest Dean buried Jan 10th 1958 Funeral service by Rev. Palicki
Mrs Lois Fisher was buried Oct. 16th 1948 funeral services conducted by Rev. James Westbrook.
Walter Grills was buried Mar. 19th 1953. Funeral services conducted by Rev. Kren. Presbyterian.
H. Funeral Services
Mrs. Thomas Henderson buried Dec. 26th 1933. Funeral services by Rev. Austin Methodist.
Edmund K. Henderson buried Mar. 17th 1935 Funeral services by Rev. Jess Young Presbyterian.
Claudia R. Henderson buried Oct. 31st 1935 Funeral services conducted by Rev. Jesse Young. Presbyterian.
Mrs. Robert Henderson buried Aug. 29th 1936, Funeral services by Rev. Soerheide. Presbyterian.
Neil Hardy buried [blank] 1941 Funeral services by Rev. Davies, Christian.
Wesley Harris buried Nov. 1949. Funeral services by Rev. Demston, Presbyterian.
Mrs. Emma Henderson buried Feb 19th 1955. Funeral services by [blank]
Fern hart was buried Jan 9, 1959
Ernest Henderson buried Feb. 4 1963 Funeral services by Bro Callahan
Goldie Henderson buried Oct 24, 1973, funeral conducted by Elinora (her daughter) Andersons minister assisted by George Clodfetter former minister at Lexington Christian Church
J. Funeral Services
Mrs. Reuben Johnson was buried Jan. 10th 1940. Funeral services conducted by Rev. Davies. Christian.
Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Johnson buried 1943 Jan.
Mr. Sherrill Johnson Dec. 25 1948
Reuben Johnson was buried [blank] funeral service by [blank]
Carl Jochin was buried 1958 funeral service by [blank]
Cynthia Jochin was buried Jan 5, 1959 Funeral service by [blank]
Infant child of Mr & Mrs Charles L. King
John Kimberlin buried 1959 funeral service by Bro. Cash
L. Funeral services
Frank Littrell buried April 1st 1951.
Ethel Gladys Long buried July 18th 1949. Funeral services by Rev. Houpt. Christian.
Godfrey Long buried Sept 1957 Funeral services by
M. Funeral services
Oliver Mace buried Sept. 2nd 1933 Funeral services by Rev. Davies. Christian.
Mrs. L.O. Manaugh buried Sept 1st 193? Funeral services by Rev. Soerheide, Presbyterian.
Mrs. Ida Mace buried 1936
Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maxwell buried July 25th 1940.
L.O. Manaugh buried Feb. 15th 1945. Funeral services by Rev. Pickett. Methodist.
Wayne Mace buried. Feb. 18th 1946 Funeral services by Rev. Schaap. Presbyterian.
Mrs. Valona Barnes Montgomery buried Feb. 3rd 1951 Funeral services by Rev. John Po? Presbyterian.
Wm. McMillen buried Apr. 13th 1952. Funeral services by Rev. Pattison, Presbyterian.
George Newton was buried Mar 9th 1942. Funeral services conducted by [blank]
G.C. Nowlin was buried August 18th 1954.
Mrs G.C. Nowlin buried Nov. 21 1954
Mrs. Della Newton buried Jan 12, 1959
Funeral Services
Alice Philippy was buried Aug. 22nd 1937 Funeral services by B
Jesse Powers was buried March 27th 1940 Funeral services by [blank]
Noah Pearcy buried Feb. [blank]
Noah Phillipy buried April 11th 1954
Funeral Services
Andrew Robbins buried June 8, 1938
Clarence Robinson 1947
Infant child of Leone Robbins buried sometime during spring of 1940.
Serena Robison buried March 13th 1942. Funeral services by Rev. Daviess. Christian.
Infant child of Mr. and Lexie Rush buried January 31st 1943.
Forest Lee Ryker buried June 3 1951 Funeral services by Brother Dunstan Presbyterian
Esther Rigsby buried Apr. 20th 1952. Funeral services by Rev. Pattison. Presbyterian.
Sadie Barnes Ross was buried Oct 13, 1957 Funeral services by Rev. Carmichael
Funeral Services.
J.W. Shepherd buried march 3rd 1935. Funeral services by Rev. Jesse Young. Presbyterian
T.J. Shepherd buried March 26th 1939. Funeral services by Reverend Calahan Christian.
Emma Shepherd buried Nov. 22nd 1940. Funeral services by Rev. Callahan. Christian
James Elmer Shepherd buried Apr. 24th 1953. Funeral services by Rev. Anderson Christian.
Lulie Shepherd buried Oct 19th 1956 Funeral services by Rev. Carl Anderson Christian minister
George T. Vest buried Oct 10, 1972. Funeral services by George Clodfetter, Lexington Christian
Funeral Services
Daniel Lambert Taflinger buried January 3rd 1934. funeral services conducted by Rev. Kennedy. Presbyterian.
Sergt. Marvin Taflinger buried July 24th 1941. Funeral services by Arny Chaplain
George Taflinger buried 1959
John Ware was buried Jan. 5th 1942. Funeral services conducted by Rev. Wilson. Presbyterian.
Wilmer Wells buried 1941
Louella Ware buried Jan. 28th 1950
Arthur Wilson buried [blank] Funeral service conducted by [blank]
Charity Ware, buried March 10 1963 service by Rev. Bushnell
Dorsey Ware, buried March 15 1963 service by Rev. Weldon
Protracted meeting began at the Barnes Community House on Monday night Oct 17, 1937 by the Rev. Smiley.
Additions as follows:
Oct. 20
Mrs. Emma Henderson. Presbyterian.
Harold Henderson. “
Mrs. Emma Norrington Christian
Florence Graves Presbyterian
Katherine Graves “
May Graves “
Lester Smith Christian
Leon Ross Presbyterian
Myra Noe Christian
Josephine Staples Presbyterian
Oct. 21
Eugene Smith Christian
Ethel Smith “
Marita Peirce
Chan Pierce
Helen Peirce
Oct 22. Emerald Smith Christian
Oct. 23. Clancy Graves Presbyterian
Oct. 25. Morris Reeves “
Oct. 27. Melvin Bruce Christian
Oct. 29 Rita Dean (Reeda Henderson Dean) Presbyterian
Services conducted by Rev. Smiley were with the privilege of uniting with any church.
Thanksgiving services were held Nov. 29, 1928 Rev. Callohan, Christian, gave an address in the morning. A bountiful dinner was served by the ladies. Mr. Oliver Inace gave an interesting talk in the afternoon.
Mrs. Lulie Shepherd, Clerk.
Revival began at the Barnes Community house on Wednesday night January 22nd 1930 by Rev. Smiley. Presbyterian min.
Six additions.
Evart Barmore. Methodist
Granville Barmore Methodist
Clarence Wilson Barnes Presbyterian
Jay Barnes Presbyterian
Edith Carr Methodist
Pauline Shepherd
Services closed Feb 10th
Conducted with privilege of uniting with any church.
Rev. John Yelton held preaching services at the Barnes Community House at intervals of three weeks beginning May 18th 1930.
Closing, March, 1931.
Preaching Services by Rev. Kennedy once each month during the year 193?
Regular preaching services by Rev. Stanley, Mahan during the year 1932 and 33.
Preaching services by Rev. Jesse Young, Presbyterian twice each mo. during the years 1934 and ’35, ’36 ’37 ’38.
Preaching services by Rev. Karnes. Methodist. July 19th 1936.
Revival at the Barnes Community House beginning Aug. 15th and ending Aug 21st 1932 with the following additions:
Aug 19th
Lavern Campton
Lois Bartram Methodist
Lola Bartram “
Aug 21st
Russell Graves. Presbyterian
Orville Smith “
Junior Smith: Howard Smith Jr. Presbyterian
6 members
Services conducted by Rev. Stanley Mahan. with the privilege of uniting with any church.
Revival at the Barnes Community House during the summer of 1935 conducted by Jesse Young.
Claudis Henderson
Celia Henderson
Virginia Henderson
Wm. Henderson
Walter Henderson
[blank] Henderson
Williard Campton
Tempa Campton
Goeble Copple
Lucille King
Marjorie King
Eva Leigh Doogs
Mildred Doogs
Mary Doogs
23 members for 1935
Leone Robbins
Bessie Henderson
Naomi Henderson
[blank] Barnes
[blank] Peevler
[blank] Peevler
Elsie Irene Kirk
Naomi Smith
Edna R. Bartrum
Mildred Grills
Preaching services by Rev. Stevenson twice each month beginning in July ending in Dec. 1940.
Preaching Services by Rev. Targgart lasting one week in June 1940.
Preaching services by Rev. Harris. Christian Revival lasting two weeks in Oct. End Nov. 1940
Preaching services by Reverend Wilson beginning in Autumn 1941 Twice each month.
Preaching services by Rev. Calahan beginning in June 1945 Twice each month Ending in Nov. 1945. Christian.
No pages 36-8
Lamps purchased by Barnes Community Club during summer of 1932.
Piano purchased sometime during 1933 by Barnes Community Club.
Rubber floor covering for aisle donated by Mrs. Charity Ware in spring of 1935.
Wood house built by John Barnes, Robert Barnes, and Goeble Copple in June 1936.
Porch built for Community House Aug. 8th 1936 by John Banes material furnished by Barnes Community Club.
Two more lamps purchased by Barnes Community Club in December 1936.
New Bible donated to Barnes Community House in Oct. 1946 by Barnes Community Sunday S.S.
Ceiling put in House fall of 1947. Work done by John Ross, Mr. Nighbert John Barnes, Robert Barnes Chas. Barnes, Chimney built by Carney Barnes. All work donated. Material furnished by Barnes Community Club.
Barnes Community Club furnished a monument for the unknown dead (buried in the Barnes Cemetery.) Sept. 1947.
Piano donated by Mrs. Sadie Ross to Barnes Community House. Mar. 1953 Barnes Community Club to pay her for tuning & repairs amounting to about $40.00.
Trustees for the Barnes Com. House and other officers.
On Aug. 13 1927 the following officers for the Barnes Community House were elected:
Clancy Graves
Oliver Mace
Chas. B. Barnes
Clerk – Mrs. Lula Shepherd
Barnes Cemeterial Society
Aug. 1, 1926, A meeting was held today at the Barnes Community House for the purpose of organizing a Cemeterial Society. The following officers were elected:
President – John Boyd
Vice Pres. Elmer Shepherd
Secy-Treas. Sadie L. Barnes
The purpose of this organization is to pay a man to clean the cemetery – Keep the graves filled and straighten the stones and any other necessary work that may come up.
The following subscriptions were given:
John Boyd $5.00 pd
Mrs. Lizzie War 2.50 pd
Chas. Barnes 2.50 pd
Sadie L. Barnes 2.50 pd
Mrs. Etta Taylor 1.00 pd
Mr. Barmore 1.00 pd
Earl Ware 1.00 pd
Emerald Smith 1.00 pd
Lula Shepherd 1.00 pd
Thelma Boyd 1.00 pd
Mrs. Nella Vest 1.00 pd
Gertrude Green .50 pd
Mrs Green .25 pd
Elmer Shepherd 1.00 pd
Chas. Robbins 2.00 pd
Collection 2.13 pd
Frank Staples
Clarence Robbins
Lucille Hardy 1.00 pd
Mart Carrol 1.00 pd
Odissa Robbins 1.00 pd
Laura Robinson 1.00 pd
Eva Wells 1.00 pd
Bessie Morrow 2.00 pd
Mrs. Alice Phillipi 1.00 pd
See page 222
Expenses of the Barnes Cemeterial Society
April 4, 1927 paid T.J. Staples for work $20.
“ 25 1927 paid T.J. Staples for work 9.50
Nov. 3rd 1928 “ “ “ “ “ $10.00
July 1930 “ “ “ “  “ 15.00
Barnes Cemeterial Society for 1927 & 8
The following officers have been chosen to serve from Aug 1, 1927 to Aug. 1, 1928:
President – John H Boyd
Vice President – Elmer Shepherd
Secy. & Treas. – Mrs. Rosa Staples
The following subscriptions have been given:
One acre ground was deeded by Florence Warwick to enlarge the Barnes Cemetery.
One and three quarters acre of ground was bought by Community Club from [blank] Robinson to furnish a drive and additional buring ground at a cost of $179.
Collection made for the B.C.H. By Sadie Barnes
Money carried over from Collection taken in 1908 for cemeterial purposes.
Dr Julia Ingram $10.00
John Boyd 2.00
W.T. Ingram 1.00
Louisa Russell 1.00
Flo. Warwick 2.00
1923 Collection
Dr. Julia Ingram 100.00
Nannie B. Faris 5.00
Dr. O.F. Barnes 10.00
Fred & Reuben Barnes 6.00
John I Kahl .50
Dudley Cole 2.50
L.F. Fouts – Texas 1.00
Mrs L.F. Fouts 1.00
Mrs. Serena Robison 1.00
Hon. W.E. English 5.00
Mrs Oliver Boles .50
Mrs Hora Graves 2.00
Mrs Bessie Morrow 5.00
Wm. O. Barnes 1.00
Jim Barnes (sawing) 1.85
Mrs W.W. Wells 5.00
W.W. Wells 5.00
total $152.35
Collection for 1924
Geo. Robison .50
Jesse Shepherd 1.00
Stanley Graves 1.00
Mrs. Lukenbill 1.50
Mrs. Flow. Warwick 10.00
Mrs. Charity Ware 1.00
E.L. Shrader 5.00
Mrs. Carrie Campbell 1.00
Mrs. Catherine Peck .25
Mrs. Alzada P. McMillen .25
James Henderson .05
Mrs Mamie Mace 1.00
Carried from below $22.55
Frank Staples 1.00
Silas Taflinger 2.00
Bessie Mace .35
Keplar Barnes 5.00
Newt. Manaugh 1.00
Harry Shephert 1.00
John A. Ridge 5.00
Mary McGee 5.00
Mark Carroll 5.00
Clarence Henderson 1.25
Ella Baker 2.00
Jimmie Bower 1.00
Total for year 1924 $52.15
Total collected 220.40
Work donated for the house.
Wm. Emmett Barnes 10 days
Thomas Henderson 5 days
Chas. B. Barnes 15
John B. Barnes 5
Carney M. Barnes 5
Edmund Henderson 3
John Shepherd 4 1/2
Jim Barnes 2
Sherdan Stoner 1
Chas. Long 4
Godfrey Long 1/2
Carl King 1/2
Ernest Henderson 1/2
Hoyd Holloway 1
Ed. Gray 1
Ed Lukenbill 1/2
Mr Jas. Green 1
John Ware painting
Earl Ware painting
Jas. Spencer 2
Clancy Graves hauling
Frank Staples hauled chairs
Jeff Staples hauled chairs
George Horner work
Stanley Graves work
Jesse Shepherd hauled cement
Material donated
Benton Barnes 1 log
Emmett Barnes, Ground and building material
Harry Huffstetter cement
E.C. Everitt cement
Jim Evans nails
Perry Bussey nails and paint
Clarence Henderson lock
Blanche Reed window shades
Universaliest Convention pulpit
New Washington Methodist Church organ
Concord church seats. Loaned in 1926
Arthur Pettit  window glasses
Thomas shepherd – log
Mrs. John Ware – Bible
Seats returned to Concord Church. May 1930.
Lumber donated for making seats. by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Taylor Oct. 1930
Seats made by Wilmer Smith,
T.J. Staples,
Frank Staples,
Mack Barmore,
James Underhill
Harold Henderson
John Barnes
Robert Barnes
Clancy Graves
Carl King
Expenses on the house
Windows etc. from L.I. Shrader $45.
freight .95
Flooring from L.I. Shrader 28.58
Freight 2.92
Roofing 19.20
sawing 32.10
sawing 1.85
lumber from L.I Shrader 10.90
W.&H. Lumber Co. Doors ets. 12.90
paint etc
laths 8.13
freight 1.20
nails .25
laths 5.25
freight .65
hinges .40
Chas. Long work 1.00
Weather boarding 35.00
plaster 20.00
plastering 11.00
House reroofed in June 1928.
Shingles furnished by Hoober Community Club. The work done by Chas. Barnes and Chas. Long
Shingles $41.60
Charles Long. Shingling 5.00
House painted by Earl Ware in 1931. 8.60
paint furnished and work paid for by Barnes Community Club Paint. $19.00
Name of Hoober Community changed to Barnes Community Club. in 1931.
Collections made by Mrs. Etta Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Taylor $5.00
Mrs. Minnie Gillespie 1.00
Mr. Joe Taflinger 1.25
Mrs. Sadie Foster 1.00
Mr. Joe Hardin .25
Mrs. Hattie Righthouse .25
Mrs. Lola J. Morris .25
Mrs. Jas. Cole .20
Mrs. Clara Smith .20
Henry & Etta Taylor 1.60
Mrs. Nellie Matthews .25
Dr. S.L. Adair .25
T.E. Gorrell [Gonell] 1.00
Mrs. Carrie Jenkins .25
Mrs. Al. Warner .25
Mr. Al Warner .25
Mrs John Swan 1.00
Jay Barnes .07
By Mrs. James Cole
Mrs Ella Waters .20
Mrs Etta Taylor .20
Mrs. Rhoda James .25
Mrs Cora Smith .20
Miss Mary Sample .25
Mrs. Jas. Bower .20
Mrs. Electa Manaugh .20
Mrs Julia Hooker .25
Mrs Allie Hall .20
Mrs Tella Barmes .10
Mrs. Hank Fisher .25
Mrs Lula Shepherd .20
Mrs. R.L. Plasket .25
Mrs John Manning .25
Mrs Eulalie Nutting .25
Mrs Eva Poole .20
Geo. Goodwin 1.00
Mrs. Minnie Bair .25
Mr & Mrs Tom Anderson .40
Mrs Cora Hooker .25
Lee Bair .50
Mrs Maurice Wheat .50
Mrs Baremore .50
Mrs Mary Cole .25
Mrs. Nellie Clapp .25
L.W. Robinette .25
Chas. V. Babb .50
D.C. Walker .35
Roy Ratts .50
By Sadie L. Barnes
O.P. Schmidlapp $.20
Clara Hardy .25
Miss J. Wold .25
Mr. & Mrs Chas Dean .40
Stella Barnes .18
Mrs. Lona B Montgomery .25
Miss Lou Voiles .25
Sam Wells .20
Jim Robison .47
Bent Staples .20
Geo. Robinette .25
Dennis Hardy .25
Ollie McHenry .18
Marion Boyd 5.00
Lee Boyd 5.00
Nabb Home Ec. Club 10.00
Mrs. Carl Farris .20
Barnes Com. Club transfer 1.98
Mrs. Proctor .20
Mrs Sylva Barnes .50
Mr & Mrs Chas. Piltner 1.00
Jimmie Bower 1.00
Silas Barnes 1.00
By Mrs. Rosa Staples
Mrs J. Lighteap .25
May Evans .18
John Bottorff .25
Grace Everitt .18
Geo. Robison .25
Herman Everitt .20
Jim Evans .20
Bertha Johnson 2.00
Mrs. Ernest Staples .25
Mrs. Opal Litrell .20
Mrs Cloe Harris .25
Mrs. Vicie Copple .15
Mrs. Oliver Mace .25
Mrs. Hilda Millis .25
Mrs. Lillian Bower .15
Jay Barnes .05
By Mrs Flora Graves
Mrs. Ruby Graves .20
Stanley Graves .25
Catherine Graves .10
Wood Izzard .18
Mr & Mrs Norrington .50
Tal. Graves .25
Mrs. Mira Cummings 1.00
May Graves .25
Mrs Blanche Kahl .10
John Kahl  .25
Mrs Emma Shepherd .25
Mrs. Elmer Shepherd .25
Nettie Johnson .15
Mrs. Celia Henderson .15
Mrs. Cory .20
Clancy Graves 1.00
Mrs Iva [Ira] Taylor .15
Mrs Flora Graves .25
By Mrs. Ed. Smith
Fred Cole .40
Inez Cole .40
Joe T. Taflinger .20
Inez Taflinger .20
Reason Smith 1.00
Raymond Smith .25
Mrs. Freda Smith .25
Paul Smith .20
Laura Smith .20
Ona Henderson .25
Florence Henderson .25
Essie Bonset .25
John Smith .20
Mrs. Cordie Brentting 1.00
Ed Smith .25
Oda Smith .25
By Mrs. Elizabeth Ware
John Boyd 5.00
Thelma Boyd 2.00
Josie Boyd 3.00
David Stine 1.00
Mrs Pearl Ware .50
Perry Bussey .50
Mr. J.C. Campbell .40
Mrs. P.C. Swan .25
Editor Smith .20
Andrew Waters .22
Mable Brawley .25
Thurman Dunlevy .25
P.F. Shilling .25
Geo. Lacy .25
Chas Nutting .25
Mrs. Taylor .10
Mrs. Wiggam .10
Mrs. Charity Ware .25
Jesse Shepherd .20
John Ware .25
D.T. Graves .16
Lizzie Ware .40
S? Stoner .25
Luella Ware .14
Jane Shelton .25
Mrs Marg. McMillen .25
Earl Ware .25
Mrs. Minnie Clapp .50
Mrs. Wm Cole .50
Mrs Carl King .25
Mrs.Mart Mace .30
Mrs. Claud Kirk .30
Jas. Boyd 15.00
Ed Fifer 1.00
By Mrs. James Green
Mrs Chas. Clapp .25
Mrs. L.S. Storms .25
Miss Lillie Storms .25
Mr. E.R. Storms .25
Mrs E.R. Storms .25
Mrs. Arthur Storms .25
Mrs. L.S. Jewell .25
Mr. W.H. Green .20
Mrs. W.H. Green .20
St. Andrew’s Guild .85
Mrs. John Ware .25
Mrs Etta Taylor .25
Miss Sadie Barnes .25
Mrs Lizzie Putegnat .25
By Miss Evaleigh Smith
Mrs Eva Ray .25
Lawson Copple .20
Emery Mappin .20
Herman Cole .25
Jannie Finn .25
Nellie Cortner .50
Mrs. Tella Barnes .15
Mrs. Emerald Smith .20
Evaleigh Smith 1.00
By Mrs. Emma Barnes
Mrs Della Barnes .10
Mr. Torn Loftus .50
Mr. P.F. Smith .50
Mr Bud Copple .50
Mrs Vicie Copple .10
May Copple .05
Frances Copple .05
Mrs. Hallie Staples .25
Mrs. Hazel C. Griffith .25
Donations to Cemeterial Society 1928
Mrs. Effie Shepherd $1.00
“ Emma Shepherd 1.00
Edith Carr 1.00
Oliver Mace 1.00
Mrs. Etta Taylor 1.00
“ Zella Barnes 1.00
“ Elizabeth Ware 1.00
Earl Ware 1.00
Sadie Barnes 1.00
Clancy Graves 1.00
John Boyd 1.00
Silas Taflinger 1.00
Mrs. Clara Hardy .50
“ Serena Robison .50
Reuben Johnson 1.00
Joe Taflinger .50
Mrs. Minnie Clapp .25
Wm. Cole .20
Donations for 1929
Mrs. Mamie Mace $1.00
Chas. Robbins 1.00
Josie Boyd 1.00
Mrs. Ida Mace .50
“ Clara Hardy .50
“ Alice Phillipy .50
“ Elizabeth Ware 1.00
“ Charity Ware 1.00
“ Nannie Pearcy 1.00