Genealogy - Robertson Family Collection

Robertson Family Collection
Charlestown, Indiana

The Robertson Family Collection was donated to the library. The collection fills three boxes which are kept in Special Collections at Charlestown Library. Items can be viewed by request. Some items have been digitized and can been seen on Indiana Memory.

The collection contains letters; books; photographs; documents; family genealogies; history of several Methodist Episcopal Churches; Deputy, Indiana settlers; Deputy Camp Meeting items; Moores Hill College items; and a history of Graham Township in Jefferson County, Indiana. The dates on items ranges from 1840s to 1970s.

The genealogies follow many lines but the collection focuses around the family and descendants of Nathan and Elizabeth (Speaks) Robertson who came to Indiana from Virginia through Kentucky. Nathan Robertson, his sons and neighbors built a log building on their farm north of Charlestown, Indiana in 1807. The building was called Robertson Meeting House but is better known as Old Bethel Church or the first Methodist Church built in Indiana. Some of the families of Nathan and Elizabeth settled in Clark County, Indiana and some settled in Jefferson County, Indiana.



  • The Homing Instinct by Fred Clare Baldwin c1913
  • Spelling Book by Georgia Alexander c1906 owned by Dorothy Clara Robertson
  • Child’s History of the United States by John Bonner Vol. I c1856 (re-covered with a Indiana Township Library cover and has a label in the front for Graham Township Library in Jefferson County, IN)
  • Indian Captivity by Oliver M. Spencer c1860
  • Effie Morison; or, The Family of Redbraes. A Narrative of Truth c1865


Ammons Family (Thomas 1781-1846 & Sarah 1790-1851)

  • genealogy

Blake Family

  • genealogy

Burns, Annie Walker

  • biography
  • letters

Cain Family (John 1848-1896)

  • genealogy

Delap or Delappe Genealogy

  • photograph
  • bible record pages
  • obit of Rebecca

Dunlap Deputy Camp in Deputy, Indiana

  • photographs, tickets for camp meeting 1909-1911, letters, history, receipts for building materials,
  • brochure for Annual Camp Meeting 1916
  • Deputy Camp share certificate

Deputy Genealogy (William 1807-1902)

  • biography of William Deputy, genealogy

Deputy, Indiana History

  • history of Deputy
  • biography of William Deputy
  • newspaper articles
  • petition to get electricity for Deputy 10 April 1925

Deputy Methodist Church (dedicated 14 November 1886)

  • photograph
  • history
  • member list
  • marriage records
  • newspaper articles
  • extract from Will of John Wiggam who bequeathed $500 for a new church to be built
  • list of subscriptions for the building of the church
  • digitized items on Indiana Memory

Dixon Genealogy (Henry 1779-1839 & Alcy Wilson 1776-1865)

  • genealogy

Foster Family (Gabriel & Permelia Campbell; Zebulon)

  • genealogy

Gaddy Genealogy

  • photographs, letters, genealogy
  • Will of William Gaddey 1751
  • obit of Eliza Rebecca Gaddy (1863-1948)
  • obit of Lida Mouser Gaddy
  • Will of George Gaddy probated 26 Sep 1785
  • Will of James Geddy 23 Sep 1743

Gasaway Genealogy

  • letter from Samuel H. Gasaway to James D. Robertson 17 Feb 1858 (digitized copy)
  • biography of Amanda P. Wiley Gasaway (1812-1911)
  • Shiloh Cemetery list (Jefferson County, Indiana)
  • Gasaway Cemetery list (Jefferson County, Indiana)
  • deed listings, genealogies
  • biography of Susan E. McCurry
  • copy of obits for James A. Willey and Ida B. Willey Forsythe
  • copy of obit for James Milton Gasaway

Graham Township History in Jefferson County, Indiana

  • a history of Graham Township
  • list of people who purchased land in Graham Township from the land office with a hand drawn plat map
  • tax payers in 1827 list
  • Plan for the South Abutment of Big Creek Bridge near Paris, Indiana architect drawing

Gudgel Family (John)

  • genealogy

Harrad Genealogy (William & Elizabeth New)

  • genealogies, photographs, letters
  • copy of Bible records of William Harrod & Elizabeth New and 4 tombstone inscriptions

Laird or Lard Family (Charles Kendall & 1. Jane Dinwiddie & 2. Sarah Zenor)

  • Laird Family by Charles Laird
  • Charles K. Lard A Pioneer Man and Useful Citizen

Lowry Family (George d1770 & Margaret d1812)

  • genealogy


McCrory Family (John & Mary Wilson; Samuel)

  • genealogy

Methodist Church Charlestown, IN - first Methodist Church in Indiana

  • photograph, post card, history
  • 1807 Old Bethel Church booklet (included a biography of Nathan Robertson)

Miller Family (Robert b1801 & 1. Sarah Condre & 3. Hannah Chapman)

  • genealogy


Moore’s Hill College in Dearborn County, Indiana  moved and became Evansville College in 1918)

Overman, Samuel & Nancy Ellen (Robertson)

  • family chart

Paris Methodist Church in Jefferson County, Indiana

  • history

Phillips Family

  • family history
  • genealogy starting with Rev. George Phillips b1893
  • obit for Brannoch Phillips
  • biography of Rev. Franklin W. Phillips M.D.


Pisgah Church and Cemetery in Deputy, Indiana

  • Pisgah Annual Memorial Day Program 30 may 1982
  • copies of church records including: circuit preacher, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri Conference notes from early 1800s
  • Articles of Incorporation of Pisgah Cemetery, A voluntary Association, of Jefferson County, State of Indiana 1925
  • early member list, early class lists 1800s, papers about the building being built, newspaper articles
  • log book belonging to H.R. Gasaway 1851-1882 has lists of names and money paid
  • Pisgah Cemetery inscription list

Robertson Deeds

Roberson Genealogy

  • genealogies
  • history of the name Robertson
  • marriage list
  • letters
  • Maryland lists
  • Scotland lists
  • birth and death lists
  • Bourbon County, Kentucky Robertson list

Roberson Misc.

  • post cards
  • letters

Roberson Reunion

  • newspaper articles, skits preformed at the reunions

Robertson, Aquilla (1804-1895) & 1. Estha (Deputy) & 2. Rachel (Deputy)

  • daguerreotype in wood box frame of Aquilla Robertson
  • letters, photographs, genealogy family tree

Robertson, Charles B.

  • Commercial Course certificate from Moores Hill College for Charles B. Robertson 19 Jun 1884

Robertson, David Wilber (1862-1958) & Annie Rachel (Delapp 1895-1946)

  • photographs, bank receipts, store receipts
  • alligator skin doctor bag of medicines
  • Sydenham Society Medical College of Indiana certificate 1 Mar 1887
  • Medical College of Indiana diploma 2 Mar 1887
  • Indianapolis City Dispensary certificate 3 Mar 1888
  • Certificate of Distinction 50 Years in the practice of Medicine 30 Oct 1947
  • digitized items on Indiana Memory
  • Prohibition letter to Clara Robertson 1933

Robertson, Dorothy Clara 1902-1996

Robertson, Eleanor Mabel (1879-1951)

  • photographs, brief biography
  • Collegii Moores Hilli Salutem In Domino diploma from Moores Hill College in Evansville, IN for Eleanor A. Robertson 18 May 1900
  • Sigournean Society Moores Hill College diploma for Eleanor M. Robertson 12 Jun 1900

Robertson, Eli (1776-1844) & Elizabeth (Shawhan) (1779-1853)

  • papers on the descendants of Eli and Elizabeth Robertson from Eleanor M. Robertson’s files

Robertson, Ellsworth (1866-) & Emma May (Washington)

  • photograph, brief biography

Robertson, Hezekiah (1784-1865) & Sarah (Tucker) (1784-1866)

  • papers on the descendants of Hezekiah and Sarah Robertson from Eleanor M. Robertson’s files

Robertson, James Dempster (1842-1920) & Sarah Rebecca (Miller)(1844-1908)

Robertson, Lucy D. (1882-1968)

  • photographs, brief biography
  • Collegii Moores Hilli Salutem in Domino certificate from Moores Hill College in Evansville, Indiana for Lucy Robertson 18 May 1905

Robertson, Merrill Hoyt (1892-1971) & Miriam (Montgomery 1898-)

  • calling card, framed photograph of a young Merrill, photographs, brief biography
  • World War I military photographs
  • pledge card to not drink alcohol card signed by Merrill

Robertson, Middleton (1774-1848) & Casandra (Tucker 1783-1855)

  • County tax receipts 1848, copy of some deeds, descendant list
  • information and sketch of a suggested monument in Robertson Cemetery in Jefferson County, Indiana

Robertson, Nathan (1751-1827) & Elizabeth (Speaks) (1754-1821)

  • contract for their cemetery monument
  • copies of deed records, family histories, letters, descendant list
  • Jefferson County, IN Public School 8th grade diploma for Nathan Robertson 7 May 1924
  • Sunday School certificates for Nathan Robertson 1913, 1916

Robertson, Robert (1741-) & Rachel

  • papers on descendants

Robertson, Rose Temperance (1871-1958)

  • photograph, brief biography
  • Collegium Clivi Moore diploma from Moores Hill College for Rose T. Robertson 14 Jul 1891

Robertson, W. Ed & Clara (Malick)

  • history of homestead owned by Middleton Robertson

Robertson, Zephaniah & Elizabeth (Tucker)

  • descendent genealogies

Roseberry, Samuel (-1891)

  • brief biography Smith, Robert (1789-) & Eleanor (Wilson 1788-)
  • list from the family Bible of Robert Smith of Graham Township, Jefferson County, Indiana
  • copy of letters to Robert Smith 1826
  • copy of agreement by Robert Smith to teach school in Jefferson County, Indiana

Speaks Genealogy

  • papers on Speaks genealogy

Stewart Family (Harvey & Caroline)

  • genealogy

Toole or O’Toole Genealogy (William Lawrence & Elizabeth Briggs)

  • genealogy

Troutman Family (Adam 1771-1850 & Eve 1774-1841)

  • genealogy

Trumbo, Jacob (1774-) & Mary (Hughes 1773-)

  • genealogy

Tucker Family

  • genealogy Union Cemetery, Charlestown, Indiana
  • data sheets

Whitsitt Family (William & Patsy; Patrick & Sally; Samuel)

  • genealogy
  • descendents

Wilson Family (Moses & Nancy Richey)

  • genealogy
  • descendents
  • deed listing

Zenor Family (David & Phoebe Baker)

  • brief biographies
  • history of David Zenor saw mill