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Can I order a book from another library?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is offered to any library user with a current library card in good standing with the Gadsden County Public Library (GCPL). The user should have no outstanding charges or overdue materials of any kind. The loan period for ILL materials is set by the lending library.

GCPL does not charge for this service, but the lending library may; if so, the charge will be passed on to the user. If loss or damage occurs while the item is in the user’s possession, the user will be charged replacement fees and/or damage cost as determined by the lending library.

All ILL materials must be signed out by the user and signed in when returned. If the item is not signed in, it will be assumed the user is still in possession of the ILL materials. Not more than three items per user will be borrowed through the ILL system at any one time. ILL Items must be picked up within three (3) business days after the library informs the user that the ILL material has arrived at the GCPL. Disregard of the above rules will result in the termination of a user’s ILL services.