Personal and Family Histories

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Abbott, George and Hannah Chandler

Adams, Charles

Adams, Herbert Charles

Adams, James J.

Adams, John V.

Adams, Juliette Cecelia Bayles

Adams, Louisa Houghen See: Timothy Adams

Adams, Mary Ann Leach

Adams, Orson B. and Susan Smith

Adams, Sarah Amelia Mackelprang See also: Herbert Charles Adams

Adams, Sarah Ann Davenport See: Charles Adams

Adams, Timothy

Adams, William

Alger, Samuel and Clarissa Hancock

Allen, Daniel

Allen, Mary Barton

Anderson, James P. and Eliza Morton

Anderson, Mary Jane Brown

Armstrong Joseph H. and Mary Ann Smith

Armstrong, Susanah Ward Lister

Arthur, Christopher J. and Caroline Eliza Haight.

Austin, Edwin Nelson and Alnora Naomi Lane

Bailey, Amelia Read

Banks, William E and Ellen Eyre

Barton, Eliza S.

Barton, John Samuel Penn and Martha Elizabeth Willilamson

Barton, Joseph F.

Barton, Joseph P. and Eliza Anderson

Barton, Mary Williamson

Barton, Sally Penn

Bastian, Jacob and Metta Marie Sanders

Bauer, Alowis and Barbara Elliker

Bayles, Herman Dagget

Benson, Alvin and Elizabeth Ellen Orton

Benson, Nathan

Benson, Richard and Phebe Forster

Bentley, William

Berry, Jessee Woods and Armelia Shanks

Berry, Rebecca Rogena Beck

Birkbeck, Jane

Bladen, Thomas Samuel

Bodily, Robert

Bryant, John and Clara Jane Jones

Bulloch, David and Sarah Ann Higbee

Bulloch, David D.

Bunker, Edward and Emily Abbott

Bunker, Edward, Jr. and Arminta Zerada McClellan

Burton, Anna M. Fish

Carling, Issac Vanwagoner

Carpenter, Catherine Judd

Carroll, Charles Negus and Kezia Giles

Carroll, Willard

Carson, Hanna

Carson, Valentine

Cartwright, Jane Allen

Chaffin, Lewis Rice

Chaffin, Sarah M.

Chatterley, John

Chatterley, Morton

Chatterley, Sarah Whittaker

Chidester, John Madison

Clark, Daniel Porter and Sarah Milissa Hakes

Clark, Edgar Leonidas and Mary Jane Roberts

Clark, Janette Coleman

Combs, Marth Anthony and Maria

Connell, James and Sarah Elizabeth Pendleton

Corry, Elizabeth Louise

Cosslett, Joseph

Crawford, Carnelia Gifford

Crawford, William R.

Cuttler, Emma J. (Eulogy)

Dalley, Emma Wright

Dalley, Mandana Hillman

Dalley, Mary Crosby Jones

Dalley, Mayhew H.

Davenport, Ellen Miller

Davenport, Rachel Pass

Davenport, Thomas

Davis, James and Mary Elizabeth Fretwell

Day, Thomas, Jr.

Decker, George William

Decker, Zachariah Bryun and Nancy Bean

Dougherty, Emma Smith

Driggs, Howard Roscoe

Durham, Thomas (dream)

Elliker, Hans Heinrich, Sr. and Margaretha Studer

Elliker, Heinrich, Jr.

Esplin, Cleo Luke

Esplin, John and Margaret Webster

Evans, Thomas A. and Phebe Ann Pendleton

Ferguson, Elizabeth Ann

Flanigan, William

Foote, Artemesia

Ford, Willliam

Fowler, George and Jane Marshall

Froyd, Anna Leigh

Gale, Henery

Gardner, Bernella El Snow

Gifford, Anna Nash

Gifford, Lora Ann DeMille

Gifford, Samuel Kendall

Gould, Samuel and Fanny Ward

Graham, Laura Ellen Farnsworth

Granger, Walter

Grow, Henry

Gurr, Sarah Elizabeth

Haight, Caleb

Haight, David Snyder and Charlotte Jane Higbee

Haight, Isaac Chauncy - wives of including Eliza Ann Snyder, Eliza Ann Price, Annabella Macfarlane Sinclair, Elizabeth Summers

Hall, William

Halterman, George Samuel

Hamilton, Margaret Jane Meeks

Hanks, Ebeneezer

Hanks, Elizabeth Edwards

Harris, John and Rachel Evans

Harrison, Richard

Heap, George and Louisa Hollingshead

Henderson, Celia Jane Carter

Henderson, John Harris

Heyborne, Melissa K. Rollins Lee

Heyborne, Robert William

Heywood, Joseph Leland

Higbee, John Mount and Eunece Bladen

Higbee, John Somers

Higbee, Myron David

Hollingshead, Nelson Stoyell

Holyoak, George, Jr., and Eliza More

Hopkins Charles

Houchen, Henry and Harriet Betts Smith

Houchen, Isaac Comer

Houchen, Robert Comer

Houchen, Susan Hanner

Houchen, William

Houchen, William Comer

Howd, Simeon F. and Lucinda Morgan

Hoyt, Harriet Ingram Gardner

Hulet, Sylvanus C. and Catherine Stoker

Hunter, Eliza C. P. See: Mary Muir Hunter

Hunter, George

Hunter, Joseph Sneddow or Sneddon

Hunter, Mary Muir

Hyatt, Herbert Smith and Lucy Albena Gunn

Hyatt, John Smith - See Herbert Smith and Lucy Albena Gunn Hyatt

Jensen, Mary Mortensen

Jensen, Mary Neilson

Jensen, Peter M.

Johnson, Joel H.

Jones, Betty Walker

Jones, John Lee

Jones, John Pidding and Margaret Lee

Judd, Mary Minerva Dart

Judd, Zadock Knapp, Sr. (pages could be missing)

Knight, Samuel and Caroline Beck

Lamoreaux, David Burlock

Lattmann, Hans Heinrich and Elisabetha

Leany, Hyrum

Leany, William

LeFevre, William

Leigh, Elizabeth Wood

Leigh, Henry

Leigh, Maria Chaffin

Leigh, Samuel

Leigh, William Harry

Lowder, Emily Terisa Hodgetts

Lowder, John

Lowe, George Alma, Sr.

Lowe, Harriet Allen

Lunt, Ann Gower

Lunt, Ellen Whittaker

Lunt, Henry

Lunt, Mary Ann Wilson

Lyman, Paulina Eliza Phelps

Mackelprang, Christian Eric

MacKelprang, Lenora Baily

MacKelprang, Peter and Margaret

Marsden, Lucius N.

Marsden, William

Matheson, Alexander and Lydia Evans

Matheson, Daniel Alexander and Lydia

Matheson, David, Jr., and Sarah R.

Matheson, Mettie R.

McAllister, Eleanor J. Adams

McConnell, Eliza Williams

McConnell, Jehiel

McFarlane, Agnes Eliza

McFarlane, Daniel Sinclair

McGregor, WIlliam Campbell

McLelland Family

Mickelsen, Ane Nielsen

Middleton, Jane Withers

Middleton, John

Miller Allen; Robert Ewing Miller; Eliza Patterson Miller.

Miller, Sarah Jane Smith

Mitchell, Willilam Cooke, I

Moore, Elijah M.

Morley, Isaac

Morris, William T.

Mortensen, Neils Otto

Mortenson, Peter and Lena (Helena) Sanderson

Mosdell, Charles

Mosdell, Margaret Ellizabeth Walker

Munford, Maria Platt

Mustard, David

Nebeker, Sarah Ivins McKean

Nebeker, William Perry and Sarah Ivins McKean

Neilson, Mettie Maris

Nelson, Bengt

Orton, Mary Leonora Bayles

Orton,William and Hanna Taylor

Owens, Margaret Evans

Owens, Thomas Robert

Palmer, Johanna Reese

Palmer, Richard

Parry, Edward

Parry, John and Mary Ann Haight

Pendleton, Daniel S.

Perry, George and Susannah Ward

Perry, Joseph Moroni and Elizabeth Jones

Perry, Loretta

Robb, Samuel and Amanda M. Dailey

Robb, Thomas

Robb, William and Helen Bell and Susannah Drummond Robb

Robinson, Arminda Hadden

Robinson, John Rowlandson, Jr.

Robinson John Rowlandson, Sr., and Jane Coupe

Robinson, Susann A. Topham

Rogers, Amanda Jane

Rowley, Richard and Ann Jewell

Schofield, Isabella Banks

Schofield, Jane Elizabeth Robinson

Seaman, John W.

Sevy, John Lowe

Shepperson, Eliza

Shepperson, Willliam

Sherratt, John and Christina Bulloch

Simkins, James

Skougard, Elizabeth Jane Carson

Smith John Calvin Lazell

Smith, Joseph Hodgetts

Smith, Joseph Stanford

Smith, Sarah Jane

Smith, Zilpha Stark

Snow, Ann Rogers

Snow, William

Stapley, Thomas Charles and Sarah Adams

Steele, John and Mahonri Moriancumer (Journals of)

Stephens, Sarah Ann Eyre

Stones, Daniel, Sr., and Mary Ekersley

Stones, Susan Prothero

Swapp, Archibald

Tait, William and Elizabeth Xavier

Thornton, Mary Whittaker

Thurston, Ellen Barney

Topham, Annie Marie Lund

Topham, Betsy Baker

Topham, John Baker and Betsy Baker

Topham, Laure Ellen Horsley

Topham, Mary Lucinda Robinson

Twitchell, Ancel

Unthank, William

Urie, Sarah Ann Heyborne

Walker, Betty Smith

Walker, Charlotte Chatterley

Waker, Janet Corry

Walker, John Henry

Walker John Smith

Walker, Joseph

Walker, Thomas

Ward, Anna Catherine Adams

Ward, David

Ward, Sarah Parker

Ward, William

Webster, Francis

Whitney, Francis Tuft

Whitney, New Samuel

Whittaker, James, Jr.

Wilcock, William

Wilkinson, Charles

Wilkinson, Joseph Thomas

Williamson, Martha Knowles

Wilson, Mary Ann

Wimmer, Mary Smith

Wood, Elizabeth Ann Bryner

Wood, Nicholas and Martha

Worthen, James Albert and Mary Ann Lee

Worthen, Samuel and Mariah Louisa Grow