Developmental Disorders Resource Center

Sponsored by The Friends of the Library, The Greenwood County Community Foundationand The Greenwood County Library

About the Collection
The Developmental Disorders Resource Center at the Greenwood County Library aims to provide support to the special needs community through much-needed materials on autism, the autism spectrum, and other developmental disorders. Topics include teaching social skills, behavioral therapy, conflict resolution, and community awareness and interaction.
Who can use the Collection?
Although the Collection is located in the Children's Room of the Greenwood County Library, the materials are appropriate for use by children, teens, adults and parents, teachers and caregivers.
What's in the Collection
The DDRC includes books, CDs, DVDs, and educational toys and games available for loan and in-library use. The Collection includes works by Temple Grandin and Tony Attwood.

A social storybook of a visit to the Greenwood County Library has been designed and is available as well.

Find a wide variety of books focusing on developmental disorders that are available to be checked out.
Social Skills, Feelings, and Anger Management
  • Exploring feelings: cognitive behaviour therapy to manage anger - 152.47 ATTWO
  • What's that look on your face? : all about faces and feelings - 153.96SNODG
  • The autism social skills picturebook: teaching communication, play & emotion - 371.94 BAKER
  • Social skills comics for teens - 371.94 BENNE
  • No more meltdowns: positive strategies for managing and preventing out-of-control behavior - 649.64 BAKER
  • Why does Izzy cover her ears? : dealing with sensory overload - 618.928 VEENE
  • and more
Diet and Cookbooks
  • Special diets for special kids - 615.854 LEWIS
  • Dietary interventions in autism spectrum disorders: why they work when they do, why they don't when they don't -  616.858 AITKE
  • Cooking for Isaiah: gluten-free & dairy-free recipes for easy, delicious meals -  641.563 NARDO
  • and more
Education and Life Skills
  • Early intervention games: fun, joyful ways to develop social and motor skills in children with autism spectrum or sensory processing disorders -  649.154 SHER
  • Teachingplayskills to children with autistic spectrum disorder: a practical guide -  649.154 SMITH
  • Developing college skills in students with autism and Asperger's syndrome - 371.92 FREED
  • and more
Books for Parents, Caregivers, and Professionals
  • The heart of autism: motivational intervention strategies for caregivers & professionals  - 618.928 ABELE
  • Temple talks ... about autism and sensory issues: the world's leading expert on autism shares her advice and experiences - 616.858 GRAND
  • Autism, discrimination, and the law: a quick guide for parents, educators, and employers - 342.73 GRAHA
  • Guiding your teenager with special needs through the transition from school to adult life: tools for parents -  649.15 KORPI
  • and more
Books for Children
  • My friend has autism  -J 618.928 TOURV
  • In Jesse's shoes: appreciating kids with special needs -JE FIC LEWIS
  • Dude, that's rude! (Get some manners) - J 395.122 ESPEL
  • and more
Books for Teens
  • Relationship skills 101 for teens: your guide to dealing with daily drama, stress, and difficult emotions using DBT - Y 155.53 VAN D
  • How rude! : the teen guide to good manners, proper behavior, and not grossing people out - Y 395.123PACKE
  • The autism playbook for teens: imagination-based mindfulness activities to calm yourself, build independence, & connect with others - Y 618.928 MCHEN
  • and more

Audiovisual Materials
The Collection also offers DVDs and CDs, such as the ones below:
Sound Recordings
  • My turn, your turn: songs for building social skills - BOLLI
  • Little Language songs for little ones -   DYER
  • Indigo teen dreams Designed to decrease stress, anger & anxiety while increasing self-esteem and self-awareness - INDIG
  • and more

  • Fitting in and having fun: moving on to middle school -- tips from students for students - DVD 302.14 FITTI
  • Mike's crushfor families: teaching relationship skills to adolescents with autism, Asperger's, or intellectual disabilities - DVD 155.53 MIKE
  • and more

Games and Activities
No matter the age, the Developmental Disorders Resource Collection has games and activities to promote social skills, feelings, learning and more. Below is a sampling of what's available:
  • LifeStories: the storytelling game that's full of surprises, like life itself!
  • The empathy game
  • The anger solution card game
  • Teen talk: a fun way to really get to know your friends!
  • Guess how I feel?
  • You can make friends: emotional intelligence gamebook
  • Bully prevention bingo
  • Escape from Anger Island
  • Ruff's house: teaching tactile set
  • and more
Flash Cards
  • Conversations in pictures. Birthday parties
  • Explore social skills cards: vital high school social skills
  • Photo language cards. Nouns around the home
  • and more
  • Tangle Therapy: for hand and mind wellness
  • Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy
  • Self-correcting A-Z letter puzzles
  • and more