About Us - Heritage Room Request Policy

The Elizabeth T. Wiggins Heritage Room currently accepts genealogical/research requests. Requests may take extended amounts of time to complete, and the genealogist will notify the patron if the request will take over 30 days to complete.

Request pricing is determined by the size and scope of the request and includes the cost of materials and a research fee. The prices are split every five pages, and typically are as follows*:

1-5 pages: $2.00
6-10 pages: $5.00
11-15 pages: $8.00
16-20 pages: $10.00





If a request is larger than 20 pages, the price will be determined on a case-by-case basis, and the research fee will start at $12.00 (not including the cost of materials).

Requested information may include microfilm, vertical files, census records, and books

  • Per copyright regulations, we can only copy 20% of a book. Patrons may not request additional portions of a book on return visits, and a log will be kept showing what book scans have been requested by each patron.

After a request is completed, the genealogist will contact the patron.

  • If a patron has requested a physical pickup, the genealogist will label the requested information with a name, the cost of the request, and the date that the request must be picked up by. Physical pickups will be left at the circulation desk (at the brown shelf under the security camera monitor) for one week (five business days). If, after one week, the patron has not picked up the requested information, the genealogist will contact the patron again.
    • If the patron still does not respond, the request will be moved back to the Heritage Room into the "Requests Past Pickup" file. Patrons will be called once a month for three months; if, after three months, the information still has not been picked up, the request will be moved to the "Requests Not Picked Up" file.

*Prices are subject to change. See the genealogist for more details.