Graphic Novels, Comics and Manga Series

Graphic Novels, Comics and Manga Series


  • Daniels, Ezra Clayton Upgrade Soul.

  • Drnaso, Nick Sabrina.

  • Ellis, Warren and Jason Howard Cemetery Beach.

  • Ferris, Emil My Favorite Thing Is Monsters.

  • Gauld, Tom Goliath.

  • Gillen, Kieron and Stephanie Hans Die. (series)

  • King, Tom and Mitch Gerads Mister Miracle.

  • Lemire Jeff Royal City. (series)

  • Liu, Marjorie and Sana Takeda Monstress. (series)

  • Lutes, Jason Berlin.

  • Moore, Alan and Dave Gibbons Watchmen.

  • Murphy, Sean Batman: White Knight.

  • Noda, Satoru Golden Kamuy. (series)

  • Nury, Fabien The Death of Stalin.

  • Ōba, Tsugumi and Takeshi Obata Death Note. (series)

  • Pichetshote, Pornsak and Aaron Campbell Infidel.

  • Prince, W. Maxwell Ice Cream Man. (series)

  • Pyle, Nathan W. Strange Planet.

  • Smith, Jeff RASL. (series)

  • Soule, Charles and Ryan Browne Curse Words. (series)

  • Young, Skottie and Jorge Corona Middlewest. (series)


Nonfiction & Biography

  • Brown, Box Is this Guy for Real? the Unbelievable Andy Kaufman.

  • Delisle, Guy Pyongyang: a Journey in North Korea.

  • Fahmy, Huda Yes, I'm Hot in This: The Hilarious Truth About Life in a Hijab.

  • Fies, Brian A Fire Story.

  • Kupperman, Michael All the Answers.

  • Hart, Tom Rosalie Lightning.

  • Piskor, Ed Hip Hop Family Tree. (series)

  • Radtke, Kristen Imagine Wanting Only This.

  • Williams, Erin Commute: An Illustrated Memoir of Female Shame.


List compiled by Adult Services, Fox Lake District Library, 2020


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