Remote Printing

Wireless Printing In Building:

Note: All Jobs are held in print queue for 24 hours only, jobs can be picked up only during normal business hours

For questions, contact reference desk at 847-587-0198.  

From Computerclick on this link and follow instructions on screen 

For detailed steps on process, click on this helpful handout link.


From Email, follow steps below: 

Step 1: Open up your email account, find the item you want to wireless print


Step 2: Forward message to printer address, two options:

            For Black and White:

            For Color:


Step 3: Release your job at print station.  Give it at least 5 minutes to arrive first.  Type your user name part of email you sent email from (not the printer email you sent to), so for example if my email I sent from was, just type in johnsmith for user name at stand up release station.

If you have questions, stop by the reference desk for assistance. 

For detailed steps on email process, click on this helpful handout link.


Remote Printing From Home:

Not in building and want to schedule remote printing for curbside pickup or pickup at front desk, proceed to instructions below under Remote Printing Service:


The Fox Lake District Library offers remote printing. You can print from your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device from home.

Black and White prints are $0.10 per page and color prints are $0.50 per page.

During this time:

• You must use your library card number when sending print jobs.

• If you need help applying for temporary library card or registering your reciprocal library card, call 847-587-0198.

• Print jobs must be sent during normal Curbside hours.

• Documents will be ready within 2 to 3 business days.

The library will contact you to schedule a Curbside Pickup when your documents are ready.

• The library is not responsible for what is printed.

• Any password protected documents cannot be processed.

• Instructions can be found here. Contact the library at 847-587-0198 with any additional questions.​



Print from Email

Print from Computer

Print from Mobile App