Bylaws for Public Comment at Library Board Meetings

Bylaws for Public Comment at Library Board Meetings

Pursuant to the Illinois Open Meetings Act and other laws of the State of Illinois, members of the public may address the full Board of Library Trustees at both regular and special board meetings. The Board of Library Trustees has established the following rules for public comment at its meetings:

  1. The agenda for each regular and special meeting of the Board of Library Trustees will include an item devoted to “public comment.”

  2. No more than a total of thirty minutes will be devoted to public comment at any board meeting. Persons not accommodated during the thirty minutes of public comment will be heard at future meetings with priority granted to these persons in the order of speakers at future meetings.

  3. Speakers wishing to address the board must sign a speakers list prior to the meeting. The order of speakers on the list will be observed in the order of persons addressing the board.

  4. Each speaker under the public comment agenda item will be limited to five minutes in delivery of his/her comments. The presiding officer may choose to reduce this amount of time in recognition of a large demand for speaking time at any particular meeting, with all speakers being granted equal time.

  5. Public comment at regular meetings is not limited in content, but must be related to Fox Lake District Library business. Public comment at special board meetings is limited to the agenda items specified for each meeting. 

  6. Threatening, obscene, abusive comments or behavior will not be allowed at board meetings, nor may persons addressing the board in any way inhibit the decorum of meetings.

  7. The board may also be addressed via U.S. mail at the general library mailing address or via e-mail in care of the library director at