Choose Your Own Adventure Books


  • Bright, J. E. The Case of the Cheese Thief.

  • Doeden, Matt Can You Survive an Artificial Intelligence Uprising?

  • Doyle, Bill H. Escape this Book!

  • Hoena, B. A. Can You Survive a Super Volcano Eruption? : an Interactive Doomsday Adventure.

  • Jacobson, Ryan Jack London's Call of the Wild.

  • Khan, Hena Amazon : You Decide How to Survive.

  • Khan, Hena Mars : You Decide How to Survive.

  • Manning, Matthew K. The Salem Witch Showdown.

  • McMurtry, Ken Zombie Pen Pal.

  • Montgomery, Anson Your Grandparents are Zombies.

  • Montgomery, R. A. Your Very Own Robot goes Cuckoo-Bananas!

  • Sazaklis, John Super-Villain Smackdown!

  • Steele, Michael Anthony Superman: Metallo Attacks!

  • Sutton, Laurie The Secret of the Sea Creature.

  • Wacholtz, Anthony Can You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

  • Wiley, Jesse The Race to Chimney Rock.


  • Chandler, Matt Alcatraz : a Chilling Interactive Adventure.

  • Doeden, Matt Can You Survive the Wilderness? : an Interactive Survival Adventure.

  • Hoena, B. A. Tower of London : a Chilling Interactive Adventure.

  • Kortenkamp, Steve Mars Exploration Rovers : an Interactive Space Exploration Adventure.

  • Lassieur, Allison The Underground Railroad : an Interactive History Adventure.

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List compiled by Children's Services, Fox Lake District Library, 2020.

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