Wireless Printing

Culpeper County Library offers printing for our WIFI users in our library. To print from your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other device, please follow the directions below:

1- Make sure your device is connected with the Library's WIFI network "Culpeper Library".

2- Click on the "AirPrinter" button below. This will open a window showing the accepted file types and further directions.

3- Click "I Agree" button to agree to the terms of use.

4- Select whether you want black/white ($.05/side) or color ($.25/side).

5- Click "Choose file" and find the item you wish to print on your device. Once found, click on "Upload file".

6- Once upload is complete, you will be given a print job ID# - YOU WILL NEED THIS # TO GET YOUR JOB FROM THE PRINTING STATION.

7- Click on the red letters to send your job to continue.

8- Click on "Confirm" is you agree to the price listed. **Make sure this is the amount of sides you wish to print as there are NO REFUNDS FOR UNWANTED PAGES**

9- Once the system tells you that your job is ready, proceed to the printing station at the round table in front of the Circulation desk.

10- At the Printing Station, enter your Job ID# (for wireless users) and your job will come up.

11- Insert the amount of money required to print your job into the payment kiosk, then click "Print". Once your job is finished printing, click "Done" and if you have change due to you, it will then dispense.

Click the AirPrinter icon to start your print job.

If you get stuck, please ask someone at a service desk.