Passport to...2.0 (YouTube Channel)

Beginning in February 2016 the Library abandoned much of our in-person adult programming events, called "Passport" events and moved to a video format. A new Passport to... 2.0 video will be added regularly. Click the link below to view the Passport to... 2.0 videos.

For a one minutes Passport to . . . 2.0 promo video click Passport Promo.

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  • Character Sketches (May 2018). Discusses the library's weekly art activity that combines drawing/sketching with literature.
  • The Heart of Art (September 2016). Discusses the importance of art in our lives. Features Cassandra Higgs, Katie Jensen, and Mona Woolsey,

Body, Mind & Spirit

Community Activities

Crafts and Hobbies

  • Sheep to Shawl (July 2016). Processing wool from shearing to finished product. Graciously arranged for by Ann Nelson and donated by Benjamin Howe.

Games & Activities

  • Cedar City Trivia (December 2016). A trivia quiz to test your knowledge of Cedar City.

Genealogy and Family History

  • Why Genealogy? (January 2019). Four participants tell of their experiences with genealogy.

Literary Criticism

  • Novel Truth (Part A) (July 2016). Discusses the discovery of "truth" from fiction writing. Features Gail, Harris, Lauran McAfee, Dr. Todd Petersen, Tasha Seegmiller, Brian Townsend, and Staci Wilson.
  • Novel Truth (Part B) (November 2016). Excepts from fiction writings that expound :truth."


  • Wolves in Utah (August 2017). Keith Day of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources discussed wolves in Utah.


  • Military Memories (December 2017). Tribute to US military through a series of photos.


  • My Religion (January 2018). Five people tell why they are following the religious path they've chosen.

Social Science

Sports & Recreation

  • Any "Body" Can (October 2016). Bodybuilding and physique-building for recreation and competition. Features physique competitor Aja James and Utah FIrefighter calendar Mr, October, Cody Kirkham.
  • I Run (May 2016). Recreational runners discuss why they run. Features: Wendy Bonzo, Natasha Hirschi, the late David W. Scott, and Jerry Womack
  • Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike (August 2016). Drew Jackson discusses his experience hiking the Grand Canyon from "rim to rim."
  • Ultramarathon - Joe Bradshaw (February 2018). Joseph Bradshaw, 19, discussed his preparation to run the Antelope Canyon Ultramarathon (in which he placed 2nd overall).
  • Understanding Massage (September 2017): Healing Mountain Massage School personnel discuss massage.
  • Water Polo (April 2016). Water polo is not a sanctioned sport in Utah. This video highlights the Canyon View High School and Cedar High School water polo programs.