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The Best Florida Online Colleges



Online students have the choice of earning a degree from one of Florida’s 54 colleges and universities that have an online education component with at least one fully online bachelor’s degree.

The Best Schools team looked across several criteria and pulled data to see how each of these schools ranks when it comes to their online degrees and programs. We considered how sustainable the programs are, how much impact they have on their students’ lives, and how involved faculty are. We also talked to representatives from these groups at different Florida schools to learn about what a strong online program looks like.

Financial Aid Guide



About two-thirds of college students borrow an average of nearly $30,000 for their education. The rate of borrowing is highest at for-profit schools, with 88 percent of those students requiring financial assistance, according to the Institute for College Access and Success. Many of these schools are online only. Yet, the growth of online programs means that students have plenty of options to get an education that is within their financial reach. For online students, a public school in their home state — or one that offers in-state tuition to all students — will be the most affordable option.

Student loans are now more likely to be delinquent than credit card bills, mortgages, and other types of borrowing. Rates of loan defaults are highest for students attending for-profit schools, with nearly half of all defaults coming from these students, even though they make up only 13 percent of college students.

The best way to ensure that you can pay back your loan is to graduate on time and land a good job. When considering a school, look at retention and graduation rates, as well as job placement rates. Schools that graduate a higher percentage of students tend to have lower default rates. The White House has a really useful college scorecard that shows graduation rates, loan default rates, and other information for each school.

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FSW Skills Classes at Harlem Library



Expand your career or improve your skills XCEL-IT community engagement classes or "Snack Classes." Whether you want to explore a new career, improve existing skills, obtain new training in your field or experience personal growth, the possibilities are endless with the XCEL-IT program. A Snack Class is a brief (60-90 minute) community engagement class that provides valuable imformation at no cost to attendees.

New at the Harlem Library!

Employability Skills Classes in September

Every Tuesday and Thursday from Noon - 1pm,

Space is limited Sign-Up Today @ Harlem Library Front Desk to Reserve Your Seat!


Class Schedule

Tuesday, Sept. 1 - Careers ub Infomation Technology

Thursday, Sept. 3 - Workplace Wardrobe

Tuesday, Sept. 8 - College Knowledge

Thursday, Sept 10 - Resume & Cover Letter

Tuesday, Sept 15- Wotk Ethics

Thursday, Sept 17 - Communications

Tuesday, Sept 22 - Interpersonal Skill

Thursday, Sept 24 - Team Work

Tuesday, Sept 29 - Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management


Space is Limited! Classes are FREE to the public. To reserve your seat, sign-up at the Harlem Library Front Desk, 1010-J Harlem Academy Ave., Clewiston, Fl 33440, or call 863-902-3322.

No Cost Employability Skills Classes brought to you by Florida SouthWestern State College XCEL-IT Grant.




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Online College Cost



Online degrees can save students money compared to a traditional degree. Online students avoid bills for campus housing, transportation, and child care. But schools tend to tack on a lot of fees for online degrees, and those fees can push your cost higher than what a traditional student would pay. A Dallas Morning News investigation found that schools often charge more for their online degrees than their campus degrees. Still, with a bit of detective work, you can get a great education at a fair price

For-profit schools pioneered the online degree, but many public universities have jumped into the market in the past few years. That’s great for students. Not-for-profits tend to have lower tuition and offer majors that are in demand by employers. If you’re looking for the right school, your first step is to find places that have a good program in your major. Next up, figure out the cost. We’ll walk you through the steps to do that.

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