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Clewiston Public Library

Friends of the Clewiston Public Library


The Clewiston Public Library Friends is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, including for such purposes, the making of distributions to or for the benefit of the Clewiston Public Library of Clewiston, Florida.


  1. to maintain an association of persons interested in the Clewiston Public Library;
  2. to support and cooperate with the Library in developing and improving the resources, services, programs, and facilities of the Library;
  3. to focus public attention on the Library and stimulate its use;
  4. to promote the involvement of local citizens in the activities of the Library;
  5. to encourage gifts, endowments, and bequests to the Libraries;
  6. to act as an advisory group to the Library System administration;
  7. to lend legislative support where and when needed; and
  8. to support the Freedom to Read and the Freedom to View as expressed in the American Library Association Bill of Rights.



Any individual over twelve years of age and any organization, club, or business that desires to support the purposes for which this Friends group is formed shall be eligible for membership.

Membership Categories

   • Individual Annual Membership       $ 10.00

    • Couples Annual Membership          $ 15.00
    • Individual Life Membership             $ 100.00
    • Family Life Membership                  $ 200.00
    • Small Business Membership            $ 50.00
    • Corporate Annual Membership       $ 125.00
    • Organizational Membership            $ 125.00


The membership dues and categories shall be those specified by a majority of the Board of Directors at a meeting at which a quorum is present. This schedule will be posted with the membership application for the Friends of the Clewiston Public Library. Any Membership Meeting and shall become effective on the first day of January following the change. Annual dues shall be payable on January 1 of each year.