Bookmobile Schedule & Updates

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                 508 Main St.
            Greenup, KY 41144           

Current Bookmobile Route Schedule - Jan 2019 (last updated 12/19/2018)

1st & 3rd Monday:  Greysbranch Elementary and Lloyd Home Stops
2nd & 4th Monday:  Downtown Russell and Russell Primary Preschool

1st & 3rd Tuesday:  Argillite Elementary and Rt 2. Home Stops
2nd & 4th Tuesday:  Northeast Headstart, Rt.1, Laurel, Tunnel Branch Community Stop, Sandsuck, Danleyton Home and community Stops

1st & 3rd Wednesday:    Campbell Preschool and Worthington Elementary, Riverside cottages, Foothills Apartments, Powell St. 
2nd & 4th Wednesday:   Campbell Elementary

1st & 3rd Thursday:  Harvest Christian, South Shore Nursing Home, Beauty Ridge, Beechy, Brushy Eureka Rd, Stump Run
2nd & 4th Thursday:   McKell Elementary, Rt. 7, Patton Loop,Three Prong Community Stop, Tick Ridge, Leatherwood

1st & 3rd   Friday:   Wurtland Elementary and Preschool, Corner Cone, Oak St, Wurtland, Wurtland Home Stops
2nd & 4th Friday:  Bright Beginnings, Flatwoods Shut-In Home Stops, Morning Pointe, Trinity Station