Volunteer Opportunities


We welcome the help of volunteers in the library.  We have an ongoing need for volunteers to assist with:

Shelf Reading:  shelf reading involves coming into the library and checking to see items are in correct order on the shelves.  This task is done routinely to help locate missing items and ensure they get to the proper location ensuring our students can easily locate materials. You do not need to commit to a regular time to assist with shelf reading.

Web links: routine maintenance is needed to ensure web links identified on our library Reference page are working. This task can be done from home! We simply ask you to take one section from the Reference page, such as Atlases and click on the links one by one to ensure they are not broken or that content has changed.

Book Covering:  in order to extend the life span of the new books, we place covers on them. This is a task that can be scheduled at your convenience and done in the library. We are happy to show you the process!

If you are interested in assisting in any of these areas, please email me at victoria.cunningham@lcds.org.

Many thanks!