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Florida B. Thomas Library

Harlem Community Public Library Friends, Inc.

“Putting The Pieces Together To Serve The Community”

Who are the Friends?

Friends of the Library are an integral part of the Harlem Library’s mission of service.  The volunteer hours, financial support and energy that we as Friends of the Library invest in the library, enriches the lives of young and old in our community far beyond the traditional role of the library.

The MORE  Friends, the BETTER!

Friends need to:

  •  stimulate greater interest in bringing people to the library;
  •  assist in maintaining, improving and enlarging the library’s resources and services;
  •  interpret the library’s needs to the community;
  •  support the library staff with volunteers;
  •  foster and promote new and innovative ways of involving the library in the everyday life of the community



Any individual over twelve years of age, any organization, club, or business that desire to support the purposes for which this organization is formed shall be eligible for membership.

Membership Categories

  • Individual Annual Dues      $10.00
  • Family Annual Dues      $20.00
  • Organizations, businesses or clubs Annual dues  $25.00
  • Individual Lifetime Membership    $100.00

The membership dues and categories shall be those specified by a majority of the Board of Directors at a meeting at which a quorum is present. This schedule will be posted with the membership application for the Harlem Community Public Library Friends at the Harlem Library.