Clewiston Hours:
Mon.9 am - 5 pm
Tues.9 am - 5 pm
Weds.9 am - 6 pm
Thurs.9 am - 5 pm
Fri.9 am - 5 pm
Barron Hours:
Mon.10 am - 7 pm
Tues.10 am - 5 pm
Weds.10 am - 5 pm
Thurs.10 am - 7 pm
Fri.10 am - 5 pm
Sat.10 am - 1 pm
Florida B. Hours:
Mon.10 am - 5:45 pm
Tues.10 am - 5:45 pm
Weds.10 am - 6:30 pm
Thurs.10 am - 5:45 pm
Fri.12 am - 4:45 pm
  • Policies


Check-Out Policies:

•Patrons under the age of 18 have a limit of 6 items they may check out at one time.
•For those over 18, there is a limit of 24 items that may be checked out by a family at one time.
•Most books, paperbacks, audio tapes, and CD's are three week loans.
•DVDs and VHS tapes are seven day loans.
•Patrons can renew materials by telephone.
•Renewals are allowed for one additional loan period, unless the item is on hold or the loan type of the item does not permit renewals.

Overdue Policies:

•3 week items - $.10 cents per day per item.
•DVDs and VHS tapes - $1.00 per day per item.

Placing books on hold:
Does someone else have the book you're looking for? You can ask the library staff to reserve the book, and we will call you when the item has been returned and is available.

Obtaining a library card:
There is no lower age limit for applying for a library card from the Clewiston Public Library. As long as one can print their first and last name, you may apply. Children under 18 require a parent sign their application. Children over 18 and adults may apply for a library card by showing picture identification, such as a driver's license.

Unattended Child Policy:

 The Hendry County Library System comprises facilities open to the public and as such encourages the use of its libraries by the public.  Children, however, have special needs that require special supervision in order to ensure their health and safety while in the library. To this end, the following policies will apply in each facility:

  • During library hours, children under the age of 8 must have a parent/guardian/  or babysitter in the immediate vicinity of(and in visual contact with) the child. Guardians for purposes of this policy include teachers, daycare providers, and other similar childcare providers. Babysitters may be juveniles themselves, but in that case must be above 12 years old and must carry personal identification.


  • If a child under the age of 8 is found unattended, Library staff will attempt to locate the parent/guardian  or babysitter in the library and inform him/her of the Unattended Child Policy. If the parent/guardian or babysitter cannot be found, Library staff will contact the appropriate Police Department.

  • On a school day, during school hours, school age children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while in the library.


  • Children ages 8 and up may use the library unattended. However, the parent/guardian  is still responsible for the behavior and the wellbeing of that child. The child is expected to follow the Library’s Code of Conduct Policy and may be asked to leave the library if he/she exhibits inappropriate behavior. The library assumes no responsibility for the whereabouts of an unattended child who has been asked to leave library property.

  • If there are any children under the age of 12 years in the library at closing time, library staff will attempt to locate a parent, guardian, or other childcare provider, to take charge of the child or children.  If no such person/s can be located, then after 15 minutes, the police will be called.  Two staff members will remain with any unattended children until they are taken charge of by either a parent/guardian or by the police.


  • A child can attend a library program without a parent/caregiver in the room as long as the parent/caregiver remains in the library and immediately joins the child at the end of the program.


  • Under no circumstances will a staff member give an unattended child a ride in his or her own vehicle.