Reviews for The Last Devil To Die

by Richard Osman

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The Thursday Murder Club is so busy solving crimes that they don't even have time for their weekly meetings. Osman's series about a group of four British old-age pensioners and the helpful friends—police officers, cocaine dealers, former KGB operatives—who help them solve crimes has been so popular that, in this installment, the author barely bothers to fill in the background for new readers, so we'll give you a helpful primer: Former spy Elizabeth Best, retired nurse Joyce Meadowcroft, psychiatrist Ibrahim Arif, and longtime union organizer Ron Ritchie live at the seemingly peaceful but surprisingly deadly Coopers Chase retirement community, where they started off meeting every week in the Jigsaw Room to solve cold cases—but now find that the murders are hot and coming directly to them. In their last outing, they were helped by antiques dealer Kuldesh Sharma, an old friend of Elizabeth's husband, Stephen, and now they're devastated to learn that Kuldesh has been murdered, shot in the head while parked at the end of a dirt road. A missing shipment of heroin seems to have been involved. This gives the gang another chance to fearlessly poke their noses into places you wouldn't expect to find people their age as the body count grows by leaps and bounds. In a moving subplot, Elizabeth and Stephen come together to face his advancing dementia. Other than that, the characters feel a bit more quickly sketched than usual, though the strands of the plot multiply entertainingly and get tied together in the usual satisfying way. Perhaps Osman knew he needed a break; in the acknowledgments, he promises that this won't be the last Thursday Murder Club book, but he says his next novel will be about a father-in-law–daughter-in-law pair of detectives. There's something to look forward to. Osman serves up another delightful mystery even if he's not at the top of his game. Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.