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CFL's Kindle Lending Program now enables patrons to borrow Kindle e-books on library owned devices. This program is different from OverDrive (look for information on this below). The e-books are downloaded from Amazon to the library's Kindles and Kindle Fires. E-books that are available for download can be found in the catalog.

CFL offers an instant e-book purchase service to patrons. If a patron desires an e-book title that is unavailable in the library's archive, CFL will purchase the title and add it to our devices immediately.

The lending period for Kindles and e-books are 3 weeks. Patrons cannot renew Kindles or e-books. The overdue fine rate for the library's Kindle devices is $5.00 per day.

If patrons wish to download e-books on their own devices (Kindles, Ipads, Nooks, etc.) they can borrow e-books through OverDrive. Below are links to the OverDrive website, how to navigate OverDrive, and download e-books from OverDrive.

OverDrive E-books!

OverDrive Tutorial

Look into using the Digital Public Library of America, for more e-book possibilities, by clicking on the link below.