Library Behavior Policies


Library behavior policies have been adopted by the Board of Trustees to assist library staff in maintaining the peace, comfort, and security and of the library, library users and library staff.
These rules were put into effect to address the problem of frequent patron complaints about the excessive noise level in the library.


1. Loud, excessive and boisterous behavior is not permitted within the building. This includes, but is not limited to, running; fighting; quarreling; swearing; shouting; rude or inappropriate remarks; and excessive displays of anger.
2. Parents and caregivers waiting for older siblings of youngsters dismissed from school earlier are requested to observe the rules of the Library by supervising their own children and refraining from loud conversations that might disrupt others working quietly. Conversations should not be able to be heard at the Circulation Desk.
3. All children in second grade or under must be accompanied by an adult (18 or over), while in the library, at all times. If unaccompanied by an adult, children of this age may not remain in the building longer than it takes to locate and to check out a few items. A parent/guardian is responsible to supervise their child’s activity at all times.
4. Although the Garwood Public Library is a reasonably safe environment, it should be remembered that it is a public space and anyone can come and go at will. The staff of the Garwood Public Library does not have the responsibility to monitor children’s whereabouts, whether the child stays in the Library or wanders out the door. Unsupervised children of any age are at risk.
5. All parents, teachers, guardians, babysitters and other adults will be held responsible for the actions of the children in their charge while in the library.
6. Because of the small space of the library, cell phone/electronic game use is prohibited in the Library. Please set cell phones to vibrate and take all phone calls outside. To protect the privacy of the library’s customers, the use of electronic personal devices by children is not permitted.
7. Due to the limited amount of computers for public use, there is a 30-minute time limit on each station. Persons using the computers are required to sign in and out. Whether an adult or child, time is limited to 30 minutes unless specific permission is granted by a Garwood Library staff member upon request for research or homework use.
8. The use of the Library’s office phone is not allowed unless it is an absolute emergency. Arrangements should be made to have children call home or parents’ place of work before they leave the school.
9. No consumption of food is permitted in any area of the library (unless at a library sanctioned event); however, non-alcoholic drinks are permitted as long as they are in closeable containers.
10. Entrance to the school through the Library is prohibited by order of the School Superintendent. Adults are not permitted to “cut through” the Library to get to the school, nor are children allowed to go back into the school for forgotten items. The doors to the school are locked for your protection and that of your child. Anyone entering the school must enter through the Second Avenue entrance and be buzzed in by the school staff.
11. The library grounds, parapet wall, and parking lot should not be used as a playground. The library grounds and parking lot should not be used for bicycling, skateboarding, congregating and so forth, when in the library is in use. The library assumes no liability for individuals using the parking lot during hours in which the library is open or closed.
12. All Library users must conform to acceptable standards of hygiene and cleanliness in order to prevent the disturbance of other library users and their use of the facility. Customers exhibiting unsanitary hygiene may be asked to leave the premises.
13. Any misconduct that disturbs library users or staff, or that hinders others from using the library or library materials is prohibited.
14. Individuals who require continual staff intervention or who demand continual staff attention with constant requests may have their privileges reduced or curtailed if this behavior interferes with the library staff’s ability to perform their duties in the best interests of all library users.
15. All individuals are required to wear shirts and shoes at all times when inside the library.
16. No animals, except lead dogs for the visually or hearing impaired, will be allowed within the library unless being physically held in the arms of the visitor.
17. The library is a tobacco-free facility. The use of any tobacco product anywhere within the facility, or in an area where second-hand smoke can enter the building, is prohibited.
18. Library users may not harass or bother other library users or library employees on library property. The library enforces a comprehensive harassment policy, which also covers sexual harassment.
19. No campaigning; petitioning; interviewing; survey-taking; soliciting or sales; or any other speech or conduct, which results in the disruption of library activities, will be allowed within the library or on the library grounds. This does not refer to library-sponsored activities.
Violation of Policies
Violation of the policies and regulations that govern the use of Library's computers may result in suspension or loss of the privilege to use these resources and further disciplinary action based on the severity and frequency of violations. Illegal activity involving the Library's resources will be subject to prosectuion by the appropriate authorities.