Pickup Cabinet

Pickup Cabinet

During our Grab 'n Go Hours, you may come in and pick up your items from the Pickup Cabinet. 


How do I use this new service?

Let us know!

After receiving the email notification that your hold is ready, you may call us to let us know you will be coming in during Grab 'n Go hours to get your items from a locker.

• If you are not set up for email notifications, when you receive our phone call about your arrived hold you may let us know you will be coming in during Grab 'n Go hours to get your items from a locker. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pick up my holds?

1. After receiving your text message, arrive during Grab 'n Go hours and walk into the building.

2. Find the Pickup Cabinet in our Lobby.

3. Pull up your text and scan the QR Code. 

4. Remove your items from the locker that unlocks for you.

5. Close the locker and be on your way!


How long is a hold held for me?

Holds are held for five days. We’re unable to extend the amount of time an individual hold is held; this ensures everyone receives their holds in a timely manner.

Inter-Library Loan Holds are held for seven days. They are then sent back to their home library if no contact is made.


Are my items already checked out?

Yes. We'll check out your items in anticipation of your arrival. Just come in and get your items from the locker to go.


I have other questions, where can I find more information?

We have an extensive Circulation Policy where you can find answers to most of your questions, or you may call us at 847-587-0198.

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