Reviews for Forces : physical science for kids

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*Starred Review* Despite its down-to-earth scientific grounding, this manages to do the almost impossible: Diehn brings gravity, magnetism, push-pull forces, and friction to life in everyday contexts, without a hint of schoolroom jargon. Discussion of the forces arises naturally by inquiring what happens in a variety of situations. The tone of the book is set with an opening poem, then moves to the idea of forcing something to happen or be done, and only then reaches the scientific concept of forces. The action of each force is presented simply, clearly, and naturally. Gravity holds everything together. Magnetism also holds things together. Friction makes things slow down or stop. Helpful examples involve jumping (the author warns, Don't jump out of trees!), fridge magnets, tug-of-war, pushing a swing, and several times in the book a pet lizard. Shululu's illustrations add to the fun, giving the book a storybook quality. Children, parents, and teachers alike can enjoy learning the charming, often funny, relatable, and accessible science within this Picture Book Science series (4 titles) offering.--Aronin, Miriam Copyright 2018 Booklist