Meet the Library Board




Left to right: Chris Korte, Angie Thornhill, Sheila Truitt, Laurie Griego, Lisa Buck




Adair County Public Library Board of Trustees

   Term Expires

President               Laurie Griego        2024

Vice President         Chris Korte           2023

Secretary                 Lisa Buck              2022

 Treasurer              Sheila Truitt             2025

Member at Large      Angie Thornhill       2025


Library Board members are appointed by the Adair County Commission for four year terms according to Missouri Statute 182.050.

If you are a resident of Adair County and interested in serving on the Library Board of Trustees, please submit a letter of interest to:

Adair County Commissioners

Adair County Courthouse

215 N. Franklin St.

Kirksville, MO 63501


Past Library Board of Trustee members:

Carol Ellis                         1985-1989

Max Mulford                      1985-1990

Mary Jane Kohlenberg      1986-1994

Sandra McCarthy              1987-1992

Emil Green                        1988-2000

Peggy Osborn                   1989-2001

Robert Duane Bradley       1991-1992

Brent Galloway                   1992-2000

Linda Heun                         1993-2001

Bryce Jones                       1994-2000

Dwight Hart                        2000-2008

Rita Henderson                  2000-2009

Judy Oberle                        2001-2005

Bill Ruble                            2001-2005

Becky Osborn                    2001-2007

Marilyn Daniels                   2005-2007

Kathy Erwin                        2005-2010

Steve Barteau                    2007-2011

Pat Borrok                          2007-2013

Mark Laughlin                     2008-2012

Matt Heeren                        2012-2016

Ron Brand                          2009-2017

Sandra Fleak                       2010-2018

Adam Dorrell                         2011-2019

Shelley Reese                           2013-2021

Laurie Griego                            2016-

Sheila Truitt                               2017-

Lisa Buck                                  2018-

Chris Korte                                 2019   

Adam Dorrell                              2021--2021

Angie Thornhill                                    2021