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Walking Tour 6/20/2014
Laconia Historical and Museum Society announces a Walking Tour through the buildings and grounds of the N.H. Veterans’ Association on Tuesday, June 20, 2014. Participants will be guided by Quartermaster Mike Young on a tour which will begin at Encampment Headquarters at The Weirs promptly at 7:00 pm. Not long after their return home, New Hampshire Soldiers who fought in and survived the Civil War yearned to be reunited with fellow soldiers. Informal meetings ensued and numbers grew. In the early 1870s a number of regiments began to meet for long formal banquets. It was clear that there was an overwhelming desire for reunions. In June 1875, the New Hampshire Veterans’ Association was organized in Concord. Their aim was “simply to cherish those fraternal feelings engendered among men who devoted four of the best years of their lives for the maintenance of The Union”. The first general reunion and encampment occurred in October of that year at the Riding Park in Manchester. In 1878, The NHVA held its second reunion and encampment – its first at “Weirs Landing” (Weirs Beach). The Encampment Headquarters building located on Lakeside Avenue was built in 1885.
“This tour is a rare opportunity for folks to take a walk through history and to peek inside these architecturally amazing buildings that have been an attraction for so many years here at The Weirs,” says Brenda Kean, Executive Director of Laconia Historical and Museum Society. This tour is free and open to the public. For more information about this event contact the Laconia Historical and Museum Society at 603-527-1278, email at or on the web at