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June 23, 2016

Laconia Public Library

Board of Trustees

Minutes of Meeting

June 23, 2016

Volpe Room




VOTED :   Minutes of May 26, 2016 approved. Motion: Anderson; Second: Selig



VOTED:  May expenditures approved. Motion: Selig; Second: Anderson. Unanimous


Laconia Public Library Board of Trustees held their regular monthly meeting in Volpe Room. Chairman John Moriarty called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.


Present: James Anderson; Kimberly Danosi; Liz Rosenfeld; Bob Selig; Glenn Smith; Director Randy Brough                                 

Not Present: John Perley; City Council Liaison Brenda Baer

Chairman seated alternate trustee Nadine Jordan in place of Perley


Update on pending projects:

·         A & B Locksmith Service has been selected to provide CCTV system upgrade at a total cost of $19,099.00. 50% down payment has been made. 50% will be carried over into the next fiscal year. Work will commence in early July. Director will find out if redundant equipment can be used by another City Department.

·         Wireless internet upgrade is completed. Service is improved and BitTorrent (illegal streaming site) has been blocked.

·         Wesfield Construction Company proposed to “execute the final scope of work to replace and repair stairs, landings and ramps at library for The City of Laconia for the price of $96,815.00.” Board feels the price is too steep and will explore other options.


Old Business:


Carry forwards: 

·         $9549.00 A & B Locksmith (CCTV system upgrade.)

·         $6200.00 Skyline Roofing (Roof repairs Main Library and Goss)

·         $7,800.00 From last FY (Step repairs)


New Business:

·         Request has been made for library to pay to clean the Napoleon B. Gale monument at Union Cemetery. Director will locate Napoleon B. Gale will to help Trustees determine whether trust funds can be spent for this purpose

·         Discussion revolved around issue of sex offenders in the library, particularly in the Children’s Room. Director spoke with LPD Chief Chris Adams, who pointed out that unless a person is specifically proscribed by Court order to keep away, little can legally be done. Constant vigilance is vital for safety. Director will review library policy on Children’s Room attendance.


Upcoming meetings: August 18, September 29, October 27, all at 5:00pm in Volpe Room.

No meeting in July.


Meeting adjourned at 6:20pm.


Respectfully submitted,