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Service Policies

The Knoxville Public Library offers service to all persons who apply for a card, have a current card, or wish a temporary card made with a local reference on it, and who do not have a previous lost book or fine record over $2.00. A patron must be at least five years of age to get a library card. Up to twenty items may be checked out on a card. The library card must be presented each time a patron wishes to check out materials. If the card has been lost, 1 new replacement card per year will be made free. A notation will be made on the patron’s record in the computer of the date the replacement card was made. Any additional replacement cards during that year will cost $3.00 each.

Books, magazines, audio-books, puppets, and compact disks (CDs)shall be checked out for a two-week period. Video cassettes and DVDs shall be checked out for a three-day period. Material may be renewed twice either at the circulation desk, by telephone, or by an Internet connection if there is no waiting list for the materials. Reference materials are not checked out unless the Director authorizes an overnight checkout to a patron with special needs.

There will be a $.20 per day fine per item for all overdue materials. There is a $5.00 maximum fine per item. Service may be cut off if fines total $2.00 or more. Lost materials or materials damaged or deliberately vandalized must be paid for at the price of the item. Repeated incidents of vandalism will result in loss of library privileges and possible criminal charges under section 716.6 of the Code of Iowa. Problems should be referred to the Director, as should any grievance concerning the library. See Fine Policy for details.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) will be offered if the patron has a library card and no family fines or lost books. There will be a $1.00 postage charge per item for this service. See Interlibrary Loan Policy for details.

Computers are available for patron use. Upstairs computers are primarily for use by children and have educational children’s games and programs as well as word processing capabilities. Downstairs computers are primarily for adult use, and have word processing capabilities, Internet connection, Newsbank, and other educational programs. See Computer Policy for details.

A copy machine is available for patron use. Black and white copies may be made at a cost of $.15 per copy for letter size of legal size paper. Oversize black and white copies (11" x 17") are $.30 per copy. Color copies may be made at a cost of $.25 per copy for letter and legal size paper. Oversize color copies are $.50 per copy. This charge is applicable even if the patron uses his/her own paper, as the toner is quite expensive. The patron is responsible for complying with the copyright law. See Photocopy Policy for details.

The overhead projector may be checked out to a patron with a good record for 24-hour use for $5.00. Other library hardware such as typewriters, staff computers, etc. are not checked out or used in the library by anyone other than library staff for library work.

Revised and Approved by Board of Trustees—Sept. 17, 2008