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Wireless Access Policy

Wireless Internet access is available at no charge for patrons’ use on their own laptops. They must, however, adhere to the same rules as they would if they were using the library computers. If inappropriate or illegal material is displayed in such a way that other patrons are exposed to or cannot reasonably avoid viewing it in the course of carrying out their business in the library, the patron using the laptop will be asked to close out of the program. Any person who refuses to comply with these directions will be asked to leave the library premises. If a person refuses to comply, law enforcement personnel may be called.
Wireless Internet users should be cautious about transmitting personal information on an open network as radio signals are not secure and may be intercepted. The Knoxville Public Library cannot be responsible for intercepted signals. The library is not responsible for lost data due to network failure.
WLANs may lose signal at random. The library takes no responsibility for lost data, etc. due to equipment failure.
The library is not responsible for stolen equipment. Please do not leave equipment unattended.
Library staff does not provide help with patron laptops beyond supplying the password or offering general suggestions as to how to access the wireless connection.

Approved by Board of Trustees December 19, 2007