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Meeting Room Policy


The use of the Library meeting room is an extension of Library services. The room should be available to the community in its broadest sense and reflect the educational, cultural, social and recreational role the Library plays.

The following provisions apply to the use of the Library meeting room:

• All meetings must be arranged through the director.
• All gatherings must be open to the public.
• There is no charge for use of the meeting room; however, a deposit of $25.00, refundable if the room is left in good condition, is requested.

• The scheduling of Library programs and activities will take priority over the scheduling of meetings for outside organizations and groups.

• Generally, the meeting rooms may be used during hours the Library is open. If the event is scheduled to begin or end outside regular Library hours, $10.00 per hour will be charged to help pay staff salaries.

• No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed.
• The group using the facility should provide its own coffee and other supplies rather than use those belonging to Friends of the Library.

• The coffee pot, cups, trays, etc. may be used provided they are properly cleaned up and put away after use.

• The Library Board and the City of Knoxville or their employees or agents are not liable for any claims rising out of use of this facility.

• The Library’s Patron Behavior Policy also applies to use of the meeting room. Anyone violating these provisions may be asked to leave and/or be denied future use of the facility.

Approved by Board of Trustees 3/1999