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Computer Policy

The library director will follow the selection policy of the Knoxville Public Library to provide computer software for a wide variety of interests. Patrons will be asked to read the computer policy before using the computer. The policy is posted beside each patron computer. Patrons are responsible for being familiar with the policy. Computers will be assigned a barcode and patrons will use their library card to check out time on a computer in one hour increments. People who are in town on a temporary basis and do not have a library card will be assigned a temporary number in order to provide them with access to the computer. Patrons may request additional time if no one else is waiting to use the computer, but may not monopolize the computer. If all computers are busy, patrons may be placed on the “waiting list” and will be called in the order their names appear on the list as soon as a computer is free.

Work may not be saved to the hard drive of the computers. When the computer is rebooted, the saved information will disappear. Patrons may save their work to a disk, CD, or thumb drive. Patrons may use their own disks or purchase one from the library at our cost. The default printer is a black ink only laserjet. The settings may be changed to print to the color ink jet printer or to the color copier. A patron may print his/her work at a cost of $.15 per page (black ink) or $.25 per page (colored ink.)

When a patron is finished with the computer, a library staff person should check the computer to be sure it has been left in good condition for the next patron. If a patron causes deliberate damage to a computer or computer software, that patron will be held responsible for the repair or replacement of said material. Patrons may not change the screen saver on any library computer or alter any of the configurations of the machines in any way. Doing so may result in loss of that patron’s computer privileges.

Special software for children will be available on the computers upstairs. Preschool children and children who cannot yet read should be supervised when using the computer. Children may sign the sheet on the upstairs desk to use the upstairs computers.

Revised and Approved by Board of Trustees—Sept. 17, 2008