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Childs invites readers to the latest in her endless stream of cleverly themed tea parties buzzing with potential murder suspects. Charleston, South Carolina, tea shop owner Theodosia Browning; her tea sommelier, Drayton Conneley; and chef Haley Parker are catering an outdoor tea organized around bees and honey. The event is designed to promote Holly Burns’ Imago Gallery, which has recently been given a boost by a much-needed influx of money from investor Jeremy Slade. The wealthy crowd is annoyed by an impromptu speech from pushy politician Osgood Claxton III and shocked when a beekeeper caring for nearby hives walks over, sprays Claxton and the crowd with an unknown substance from his smoker, then takes out a gun and shoots the politician. Without a thought for her safety, Theodosia takes off after the killer, who, despite the clumsy moves required by his protective suit, still gets away after shooting at her. Her boyfriend, detective Pete Riley, and his boss, Burt Tidwell, are upset but know from long experience that once Theodosia’s on the track of a killer, she’s not to be deterred, especially now that Holly’s business is circling the drain. There are certainly plenty of suspects, for Claxton, well known in Charleston political circles as a crook, is in the middle of a messy divorce and has made enemies throughout the artistic community. Holly begs for help, and Haley’s boyfriend is a suspect. So how can Theodosia turn down their pleas? Historic Charleston and cream teas are a perfect backdrop for genteel murder and mayhem. Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

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Theodosia Browning returns to sleuthing in the 26th installment of Childs's "Tea Shop" series (following Lemon Curd Killer). While hosting her Honey Bee Tea near a community beekeeping project, a fake beekeeper crashes the event, releases poison gas, and shoots Claxton Osgood III, a local politician. Holly, who was showing artwork from the reopening of her Imago Art Gallery at the tea, begs for Theodosia's help in solving the murder after many of the paintings from her gallery are damaged in the chaos caused by the crime. Claxton's shady business dealings lead to a long list of suspects, but with the help of her friends and the perhaps too convenient appearance of a chicken, Theodosia might find the killer just in time. VERDICT The many descriptions of tea and tea foods make this book a tasty treat, although some readers may be disappointed by the way the ending wraps up. Fans of the series will be pleased to see many of their favorite characters return, but they may find the crimes to be more violent than in previous books.—Tristan Draper