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Classes and Workshops

Computer Basics
Want to begin using a computer? Need practice using a mouse and keyboard? This class introduces first-time computer users to common computer terms and features.

READS Workshop
The library offers patrons the ability to borrow free ebooks and audiobooks through the Tennessee READS system. Bring in your Kindle, Nook, iPhone, iPad, Android device or whatever we will teach you how to get started reading or listening to your favorite titles and authors.

Facebook and Twitter Basics
Keeping in touch with family is important. Almost as important as sharing the latest cat video. If you’re interested in learning about Facebook and, join us for an introduction to these widely used social networking services. In this class you'll learn how to: set up an account and edit your profile; find and add friends; upload photos and videos; post and tweet; chat and manage your privacy settings..

Email Basics
Get up to speed with sending and receiving emails. In this class we will learn how to sign up for a free yahoo.com email account, how to send, receive and print email messages, how to organize your email, how to protect yourself from scams, viruses and spam. We will also cover email etiquette and tips every email user should know.

Cyber Safety and Security
Uncertain of how safe you are online? Do you fear every click of the mouse? Worried someone may steal your information, or worse, your identity? Our cyber safety class will teach you what you need to stay safe online and also answer common mistakes people often make when surfing.

LinkedIn Basics
Let’s face it, applying for jobs is hard. Endless applications, interviews, and job search sites are tiresome and too often lead nowhere at all. LinkedIn can make this process easier. In our basics class, learn how to list your prevalent skills and education, search for jobs on and offline, find connections, and save and apply for all the jobs that apply to you. We will also go over how to make your profile picture look as professional as it can possibly be.

Tech Teachable
Join us as we teach about a new popular technology each month. We’ll walk you through the many features, brands, and how it works. All we ask is for you to come loaded with questions.

Spilled Ink Writers’ Group
Calling all creative writers! Want to polish your work, meet others like yourself, or learn a few techniques? Learn the tricks of the trade as you carve out your own unique style and participate in a friendly community environment. Bringing in your own work is welcome, but not required.