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Reviews for No Place To Hide

by Glenn Greenwald

Library Journal
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Journalist and former constitutional lawyer Greenwald (With Liberty and Justice for Some) examines the impact of the revelations in the National Security Agency (NSA) documents leaked to him by Edward Snowden. It's a fascinating read as Greenwald, a longtime writer on issues of national security and Guardian columnist at the time, describes his interactions with the whistle-blower and provides an erudite, complete time line of the events pre- and -postpublication of the classified information. -Greenwald dismisses the "collect it all" policy of the NSA, maintaining that its overarching surveillance powers-routinely collecting and quantifying data on billions of communications worldwide-don't prevent acts of terror. Drawing on political theory and psychology, Greenwald likewise explains that the argument that law-abiding citizens aren't affected is fundamentally flawed, because even the simple threat of universal surveillance impacts human behavior. He is scathing in his analysis of the "establishment media" (Washington Post, New York Times, etc.), both for what he views as deference to the U.S. government on matters of publication and their coverage of the leak, including the question of whether he himself is a journalist-or merely a "blogger" or "activist"-afforded constitutional press protection. In his analysis, the author breaks down the dense NSA subject matter and uses excerpts and slides from the documents to illustrate his points, making this work readable for even those unfamiliar with the technical concepts. VERDICT Greenwald's delineation of the NSA's actions, as well as his arguments for the right of privacy and a robust adversarial press, makes this book a must-read.-Amanda -Mastrull, Library Journal (c) Copyright 2014. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.