Can I volunteer at the library?

 Volunteers are a vital part of our library and we are always happy to have them. Those desiring to volunteer should fill out a volunteer form with contact information, along with a waiver for volunteer services. We welcome both student and adult volunteers.

Student volunteers must have completed the seventh grade. Students are able to work toward service hours for Beta Club, National Honor Society, Senior Project, for college application purposes, or simply for the joy of being in the library. Most volunteering consists of shelving; however, other duties may be required, as needed. All students must be able to work independently and without assistance after initial training.
 Students may volunteer for two-hour intervals and may choose how many days per week or month they need to work. The dates must be agreed upon by the Volunteer Coordinator, Lucretia Brinkley, and posted on the volunteer calendar.

Some of our adult volunteers have been with us for many years and faithfully show up weekly. We invite others to join them. Just as with the students, adult volunteers fill out the volunteer form and waiver, as well as agree upon a time to work that is posted on the volunteer calendar.
For further questions, you may contact Lucretia Brinkley at or at 824-0656.

Debra Tillman will be coordinating the volunteers for the Summer Reading Program.  Teens wishing to volunteer for the Summer Reading Program can come in and fill out an application or Click Here to download and complete the application and turn it in to the library.