Kansas Day Photo Contest


Celebrate Kansas Day at the Hays Public Library by entering your photographs in our Kansas Day photo contest!

Enter your own favorite photographs of Kansas in four categories: Kansas People, Kansas Nature, Limestone, and Kansicana. 

See PDF links below for more information and rules.

Photo Contest Rules 

Photo Information Sheet 

Photo Release 


2014 Kansas Day Photo Contest Winners, 18 years and older



Heidi, Brenda Koehler, 1st Place KS People















Kansas People: Heidi, Brenda Koehler, 1st Place 

Cucumber Bath, Marlowe Basgall, 1st Place Kansas Nature










 Kansas Nature: Cucumber Bath, Marlowe Basgall, 1st Place 

Limestone Post, Marlowe Basgall, 1st Limestone











 Limestone: Limestone Post, Marlowe Basgall, 1st Place









Kansicana: Main Street Bridge, Mark Herbig, 1st Place