Reviews for Vince Flynn: Oath Of Loyalty

by Kyle Mills

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Loyal readers of the Mitch Rapp series have known for a while that CIA operative Rapp and the U.S. president, Anthony Cook, don’t exactly get along. In this latest installment, Rapp’s boss, the CIA director, has the unpleasant job of brokering an uneasy peace between the two men, but the peace doesn’t last long before Rapp is forced to come to the defense of his partner, Claudia Gold, whose identity was apparently leaked to her enemies by the president himself. Now Mitch has to try to protect her while simultaneously proving who was behind the leak. This is the twenty-first Rapp novel (the first 13 were written by creator Vince Flynn before his death in 2013, with Mills continuing the series), and by now readers know what to expect: plenty of action and political intrigue, of course, but also characters with more depth than one might expect to find in a plot-driven series. A solid entry in a dependable franchise.