Inventories J K

Located in the Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room
Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

Jackson, Joseph S. Records, 410 WFCHS
This collection contains four account books kept during the period of 1829-1861. Joseph S. Jackson kept three for his hatting business in Winchester, VA. The fourth book is unidentified but also seems to be kept by a hatter. The books contain names of local residents and their accounts. (2 boxes) Last updated 02/03.

Jackson, Thomas J. "Stonewall" Collection, 1034 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains copies of speeches and pamphlets regarding Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson, several of which were written by acquaintances of the General. Also included is a photocopy of a letter from Gen. Jackson to Gen. Walker, 1862. There are no signed manuscripts in this collection.
(1 box) Last updated 10/15.
BIOGRPAHICAL/HISTORICAL: Thomas J. Jackson was born January 21, 1824 in Clarksburg, VA, graduated West Point in 1846, served in Mexico, and became an instructor at Virginia Military Institute (VMI) in 1851. He was appointed Colonel of Virginia forces in 1861 and commissioned Brigadier General soon after. His brigade included the Second, Fourth, Fifth, Twenty-seventh, and the Thirty-third Virginia and the Rockbridge Battery. He spent the majority of the Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley, VA. He died on May 10, 1863, and was buried in Lexington, VA.

James Wood High School Collection, 689 THL
Scope and Content: The James Wood High School Collection consists of materials regarding the school, including: supplements to "Quarter of a Century of Athletics", a 1987 football program, literary magazines, and material about the Ridge Campus Dedication. (1 box) Last updated 11/10.
Biographical/Historical: James Wood High School was established in 1950. Five area schools were consolidated to form the student body. The land for the school was purchased from the Glass Estate with the condition that the school be named after the founder of Winchester, Virginia, James Wood. At the time of opening, there were 1,048 students ranging from grades 5 through 12. Additions to the school were built in 1963 and 1968. This building is now used for the junior high school covering grades 6 through 8 and is called James Wood Middle School. A new high school, located on Apple Pie Ridge Rd., was dedicated in 1981 as the James Wood High School—Ridge Campus.

Janney, John Edward Collection, 857 WFCHS
Scope and Content:
This collection is comprised of a diploma awarded to John Edward Janney for Doctor of Medicine by the University of Virginia, July 2, 1874.
and a biographical sketch of John Edward Janney.
(1 box) Last updated 03/04.
Biographical/Historical: John Edward Janney was a student at the University of Virginia and received his medical degree in 1874. He attended Winchester Academy at Winchester, VA before medical school and practiced medicine in Frederick County, VA. He married Minnie P. Purcell in 1881. Two of their children survived his parents. After Minnie’s death, he married Leila Baker six weeks before his death in March of 1904. He was buried at Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, VA.

Jefferson County, WV Collection, 992 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection includes two account books of general merchandise of Charlestown, VA (now in Jefferson Co., WV), USA, spanning the years from 1795 to 1797. Also included are three booklets, which give a brief historical account of several old places in Jefferson County. Included is a 25-page pamphlet issued for the Confederate soldiers’ memorial at Elmwood, Shepherdstown, WV, and gives a thorough listing and history of Confederate members of the Stonewall Brigade.
(2 boxes) Last updated 12/03.
Biographical/Historical: Jefferson County, VA formed from Berkeley County in 1801. Berkeley formed from Frederick in 1772. Account books list general merchandise sold in Charlestown (1795-96) store. General Darke, who founded Darkesville (WV) is listed as a customer.

Jefferson County Grange Hall Records, 914 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection contains a minute book (1874-1881) used by the first Grange being held at Summit Point, Jefferson County, WV. The minute book includes news articles, recipes, and household hints pasted inside. Also found within the book are papers and news clippings.
(1 box) Last updated 11/03.
Bibliography: The Grange was formed in June 1873 and was also known as Patrons for Husbandry. This organization was formed for the social and economic betterment of farmers. It was an outgrowth of a commission (founded in Washington, DC in 1867) to investigate the conditions of the south after the Civil War. The first Grange was held at Summit Point, WV. The Grange continued to grow setting up lodges in Jefferson County, WV towns. The lodge at Shenandoah Junction continued until 1928, when it was taken over by the Jefferson County Farm Bureau.

Jim Barnett Park Collection, 755 WFCHS
Scope and Content: This collection includes organizational papers for the association to develop the War Memorial Building including financial and tax records, correspondence, committee reports, and plans beginning in 1945. Budget documents for the years 1969 through 1974, the Fast Pitch Softball Hall of Fame, and newspaper clippings are also part of this collection. (1 box) Last updated 03/14.
Biographical/Historical: Planning for a War Memorial began in 1945 with the incorporation of the Winchester-Frederick County War Memorial Association. Donations from corporations and individuals provided funds to purchase a lot on North Kent Street, which was sold in March 1956. Proceeds of the sale were applied to construction of the building in the City of Winchester Park (now called Jim Barnett Park).

John Handley High School Records,  See Handley, John High School Records

John Mann United Methodist Church Records, 1628 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection consists of three deeds of church property along with a copy of a church mortgage (1893, 1894, & 1933) as well as a variety of items concerning the church and its history. Included in the collection are church bulletins, programs for special events, church history, newsletters, and the names of the church pastors. Last updated 06/12.
HISTORICAL/BIOGRAPHICAL: Shortly before the Civil War at conference at the Market Street Methodist Church, Winchester, VA, decided to organize a new church for the local black population. The result of that meeting was the John Mann United Methodist Church which opened its doors on July 1, 1857 at 119 East Cork Street, Winchester, and still is in operation today.

Johnson, Clarence Collection, 1566 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains information on local clubs, organizations and businesses such as the Buck’s Kin nudist colony and C&S Bank. The collection also includes a recollection of past work and life experiences of Clarence Johnson in the form of a few short stories and poems.
(1 box) Last updated 01/2016
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Clarence Johnson is a residence of Winchester, Virginia and has an interest in local history. The collection contains items he has donated.

Johnston, Wilbur Collection, 1168 WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The collection contains items relating to the life and experiences of Winchester, VA resident Wilbur S. Johnston, including World War II rationing materials, family genealogy, local events, news clippings, and oral history.
(2 boxes) Last updated 4/2016
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Wilbur S. Johnston, a retired cartographer, is a native of Winchester, VA.

Jones, Ann Cary Randolph Family Papers, 451 THL
The Ann Cary Randolph Jones Family Papers collection includes original letters to William Strother Jones (grandson of Gabriel Jones) from Alexander Burnet and correspondence of Ann Cary Jones. Also included are land surveys, Vaucluse farm plat and floor plans, and a codicil to Ann Cary Jones’s will. (1 box) Last updated 02/03.

Note: All correspondence has been transcribed. It is available in that form for researchers' use. For additional information about the family, see the itemized list that accompanies this inventory. Researchers may wish to consult Defend the Valley: A Shenandoah Family in the Civil War, by Margaretta Barton Colt (New York: Orion Books, 1994), call number 975.5 COL in the Archives Reading Room.

Jones, Arthur G. Woolen Mill Collection, 884 WFCHS
Scope and Content:
This collection is the court transcript of embezzlement of Arthur G. Jones Woolen Mill funds by Arthur G. Jones who was president of the company, located in Winchester, VA, USA.
(1 box) Last updated 09/03.
Biographical/Historical: Arthur G. Jones bought the mill in 1925. At that time, Chicago Wool Company owned half the stock. In 1929, Jones and the treasurer of the company, Max Krol, were indicted for taking over $4,000 from mill funds for private use. Found guilty, Jones served time in prison, as did Krol. The A. J. Woolen Company was bankrupt. A. J. Woolen Company and the Chicago Wool Company reorganized as the Winchester Woolen Company in 1931.

Jones, Francis B. Family Collection, 1037 WFCHS
Scope and Content: The Francis B. Jones Family Collection is comprised of correspondence, news articles, speeches, scrapbooks, rare books, a map, family materials, and other material from the 18th and19th centuries on the lives of Francis B Jones, his family, and his descendants. Items of interest are the records and correspondence of the family’s American patriarch, Gabriel Jones, genealogical information of the Jones, Randolph, Clark, Chipley, Marshall, Boling, Rutherford, Peyton, and Cary families. Also of interest are souvenir post cards from Appomattox, VA surrender grounds, letters from Jones to his family during the Civil War which include his part in the famous Shenandoah Valley Campaign under General Stonewall Jackson, and a color map of New Market Battlefield, May 15, 1864.published 1912.
(5 boxes) Last updated 04/09.
Biographical/Historical: Major Francis B. Jones was born in 1827 in Frederick Co., VA to William S. and Ann C. Jones. A direct descendant of Shenandoah Valley pioneer and lawyer Gabriel Jones, Francis B. Jones was a farmer and Confederate soldier with the 2nd VA Infantry. He married Susan P. H. Clark on August 31, 1853. He was wounded at the Battle of Gaines Mill on June 27, 1862 and died on July 9, 1862. He was buried in Stonewall Cemetery, Winchester, VA.

Jones, Mark K. Collection, 1267 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection contains the Gore Elementary School yearbooks from 1965-1966; 1968-1971. The elementary school is part of the Frederick County Public School, VA.
(1 box) Last updated 02/13.
Biographical/Historical: Mark K. Jones is the grandson of local historian Ralph Triplett. Currently lives in Fredericksburg, VA.

Jordan Springs Collection, 885 WFCHS
Scope and Content: This collection contains articles, copies of newspaper clippings, photographs and miscellaneous items detailing the evolution of Jordan’s White Sulphur Springs. Jordan Springs is located in Stephenson, VA, USA and was a popular retreat for many out of town visitors. (1 box) Last updated 03/10.
Biographical/Historical: The Jordan’s White Sulphur Springs resort was opened in the early 1800s by Branch Jordan. His nephew Edwin C. Jordan expanded it in 1885, and again in 1893. The latest of these had ceased to be operated as a spa by 1951, and was used for various purposes after that time.

Junior Century Club Collection, 1623 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection contains program books for the Junior Century Club. Program books contain membership lists, dates, and subjects for the club’s programs. They cover the years from 1935 through 1964.
(1 box) Last updated 10/07.
Biographical/Historical: The Junior Century Club is a women’s social club, which was established in 1932 in Winchester, Virginia. Members present papers on a wide variety of topics and take turns hosting the monthly meetings.

Kearney, Donald W. Collection, 285 WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The collection includes information regarding the Frye families of Frederick and Shenandoah counties in Virginia. The collection specifically contains indexes and deeds as wells as researched and written information of the lives and backstories of the Frye Families.
(1 box) Last updated 11/15
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The research and writing of Donald W. Kearney comprise this collection of the Frye families. The research was written 1974-1988. The individual pieces range from “Germantown Origins: A Clarification of European Chronology” and “Northern Neck Land Grant Procedure” to “The Fry(e)s of Cedar Creek: Frye Fort.”

Keckley, Belle Papers, 1462 WFCHS
Scope and Content:
This collection is comprised of material from the American Revolutionary War through the American Civil War. Among the papers are miscellaneous receipts, promissory notes, oath of allegiance and fidelity (1777), correspondence (1855-1896), Civil War civilian passes (1860-1863), and a brochure from the Bryant and Stratten Business College (1883-1884).
(1 box) Last updated 07/04.
Biographical/Historical: Belle Keckley was a Winchester, VA resident.

Kent Street Presbyterian Church Collection, 701 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection contains two treasurer’s books, one with few entries from 1836 through 1901 and one with extensive information from 1847 through 1867 of the Kent Street Presbyterian Church in Winchester, VA. A list of members’ names is included. An undated pew rental chart is also a part of this collection. (1 box) Last updated 06/03.
Biographical/Historical: A group of members from the Old Stone Church (built ca. 1788) withdrew from that congregation and bought the lot at the northeast corner of Kent and Boscawen Streets on November 15, 1825. The church was erected in 1827. During the time he was in Winchester, General Stonewall Jackson worshipped at Kent Street. He and Mrs. Jackson lived for a part of the winter of 1861-62 with Dr. and Mrs. James Robert Graham at the Kent Street Church Manse, 319 N. Braddock St. Although the Kent Street and Old Stone Congregations reunited in 1834, they again split in 1838 with a group becoming the Loudoun Street Church. On March 22, 1900, the Kent Street and Loudoun Street congregations merged and the Kent Street property was sold. (The congregation is now First Presbyterian Church –See 1135 THL)

Kercheval, Samuel Records, 405 WFCHS
These records contain two account books kept by Samuel Kercheval of Frederick County, Virginia. The earlier book dates from 1786 to 1790 and the later from 1788 to 1816.
(1 box) Last updated 02/03.

Kern, William Bentley Collection, 226 WFCHS
This collection includes Lt. Col. Kern’s speech of 1942 to the 6th Armored Infantry on the eve the invasion of North Africa. Lt. Kern is a graduate of Handley High School, Winchester, Virginia. He spent his career in the military with extensive service during World War II in North Africa and Europe, as well as during the Korean conflict. (1 file-oversized) Last updated 12/02.

Kerns, Wilmer Collection, 214 THL
This genealogy collection contains photocopies of news articles from the West Virginia Advocate (1983-1992), copies of several Frederick County road petitions, a record book for Nelson’s Chapel, and documents concerning the Grove families, John Parish, John Wolford, the Doctors McGuire, and the account book of Aaron Kerns. Articles cover families back to the 18th & 19th centuries. 
HISTORICAL/BIOGRAPHICAL: Dr. Kerns is a well-respected genealogist and historian of the Lower Shenandoah Valley, and the author of four books concerning Fredrick County, VA and Hampshire County, WV. Shanholtzer History and Allied Family Roots of Hampshire County, W. Va., and Frederick County, Va. (929.2 Ker), Frederick County, Virginia: Settlement and Some First Families on Back Creek Valley, 1730-1830 (975.599 Fre), Historic Records of Old Frederick and Hampshire Counties, Virginia, Volumes I and II (975.599 Fre), Kerns Family Roots in Virginia, (929.2 KER 2011), and Old Frederick County, Virginia Historical Series, Volume I and II (975.599 Fre), and Kerns Family Roots in Virginia (929.2 Ker). Nelson’s Chapel, also known as the Railroad Union Sabbath School, was a United Brethren in Christ Church that was located near Cross Junction. The record book included in the collection is the only record of the church’s existence. This collection also contains a list of charter members, a brief history by Wilmer L. Kerns, a list of members when the chapel was reorganized in 1908, and a list of members in 1918.

Kerr, John Papers, 174 WFCHS
Scope and Content: This collection contains the business papers of John Kerr (1797-1855), Frederick County, VA cabinetmaker. His will and estate settlement inventory are included. Other family names surnames mentioned in the collection are Miller, Zirkle, and Henkel. The time period covered in this collection is approximately 1851 to 1912. (1 box) Last updated 05/2011.

Biographical/Historical: Born in England in 1797, John Kerr was naturalized in 1855 in Frederick County Court. He had already been established as a cabinet-maker in Winchester, where he resided with his wife Emeline Gainslen (1809-1870). The couple had no children, but Kerr left his place of business on the northeast corner of Loudoun and Boscawen Streets for the benefit of "the poor white children of Winchester," which provided the funds for the school built in his name. The former school, presently known as the John Kerr Building, stands at the corner of Cork and Cameron Streets.

Kiefer, Geraldine Collection, 1736 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The collection contains material and ephemera of the Civil War and Civil War era events. The collection includes prints, engravings and sketches of Civil War battles originally published in Harper’s Weekly and Frank Leslie’s Illustrated, as well as full volumes of both publications, paper currency, travel brochures for Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley, sheet music, post cards, The New York Herald newspaper and maps of the Winchester-Frederick County area. The primary time period spans 1861-1865, although the majority of this material is reprinted sketches and engravings. Many of the post cards, catalogues and brochures are from the 1930s. (7 boxes) Last Updated 12/16
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Geraldine Kiefer is a Shenandoah University Professor of Art History and she is eager to share the sources of her artwork with the Handley Library. Geraldine is a contributing essayist for a book on the Valley Road in Virginia, therefore much of the material contained within the collection contributes to the research of the book. Kiefer also has a keen interest in mapmaking. She has devoted much time to the research of antique maps as well as those of the 19th century. Kiefer is working on an ongoing map series in Iceland.

King Hiram Lodge # 53 Free and Accepted Masons’ Records, 1631 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The collection contains minutes, awards, certificates, articles, and ephemera pertaining to the King Hiram Lodge # 53 Free and Accepted Masons of Winchester, Virginia.  The lodge was located 418 N. Kent Street in 1976. The collection also includes minutes, correspondence, and treasury reports for Apple Blossom Chapter #196 of Eastern Star, Winchester, VA    
(3 boxes) Last updated 09/16. 
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: In 1885 a group of Brethren petitioned the Grand Lodge to establish a Black Masonic Lodge in Winchester, Virginia. On May 17, 1886, a warrant was granted to George Stephenson, R. Page Hall, and Preston S. Smith along with 11 Master Masons. The King Hiram Lodge # 53 was organized and meetings held. In 1946, the few remaining members reorganized. New members from surrounding counties were initiated, and old members returned. The reorganization was a huge success. They moved into their new quarters in 1976. A successful building fund drive paid it off in 1993. The lodge ceased having meeting in 2004, and officially closed in 2014. The last four members of the lodge donated $53,000 to the Fremont Street Nursery in 2014. Apple Blossom Chapter #196 of the Eastern Star is an auxiliary of the King Hiram Lodge. 

Kinney, Bentley Collection, 1614 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection is comprised of notes and news articles concerning local history, focusing on Winchester Memorial Hospital, which became the Winchester Medical Center in 1989.
(3 boxes) Last updated 08/06.
Biographical/Historical: Bentley Kinney was born in Winchester on July 22, 1917, and died on September 24, 1982.  He was active in the arts, theatre, and enjoyed researching and writing local history.

Kirby, John Collection, 384 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The collection contains four long-playing albums, album covers, and news articles concerning the life and career of band leader and jazz bassist John Kirby of Winchester, VA. 
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: John Kirby, a renowned jazz musician and band leader of the mid 20th Century, was born and raised in Winchester, VA. Originally trained on the trombone by Douglas School principal Powell Gibson, Kirby became known as one of the most accomplished string bass performers in the USA at the height of his career. Kirby performed with such jazz greats as Benny Goodman and Billie Holiday, and his band, the John Kirby Sextets, performed at New York City’s Onyx Club for many years. Kirby died in 1952 from complications stemming from diabetes.

Kirk, Shelby Jean Collection, 1577 WFCHS
Scope and Content:
The Collection consists of six large, loose-leaf notebooks, the contents of which are a printed genealogy of the Boxwell Family from England to America as compiled by Shelby Jean Kirk. Sources used via the Internet include, www.findagrave, www.HeritageQuest, and Other sources include the Kurtz Funeral Home Collection 985 WFCHS and the Winchester Star archives at the Handley Regional Library Steward Bell Archives. Date gathered includes Family Group Sheets and identification of lineal descendants from the 1700s to the mid-1900s in some cases.  6 Notebooks Last updated 01/2013
Biographical/Historical: Shelby Jean Kirk prepared this collection on the Boxwell family out of family interest. She is a local resident and genealogical researcher. The Boxwell family lived in the Frederick County Area in the early 1700s and descendants y remain in the area today.

Kirkland, Charles H. Collection, 611 WFCHS
Scope and Content:
This collection contains two related sections, which list and name many architectural structures in Winchester, VA. It is made up of pictures along with a brief history, location, ownership, etc. Lindsay Kirkland is the donor of this collection
(1 box) Last updated 08/06.
Biographical/Historical: Lindsay Kirkland is the donor of this collection. He was a surveyor in the Winchester area.

Klein-Little Family Collection, 861 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of several genealogies concerning the Little (Klein), Oldacre, and Ritenour families.
(1 box) Last updated 03/04.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The Little family (also known as Klein) emigrated from Mannheim, Baden (Zweibreckt), Germany in 1749 to York, PA, USA to Frederick County, VA where they joined with the Ritenour and Oldaker families and migrated to Fayette and Greene Counties, OH.

Kline, H. B. Brothers Records, 324 WFCHS
Kline’s Mill is located southeast of Stephens City in Frederick County, VA. Jacob Klein and his son Anthony built it in 1794. This collection contains mainly receipts and commodity orders, along with handwritten business notes addressed to the H.B. Kline Bros. of Winchester, VA, dated during the late 1890s. . (1 box) Last updated 02/03.

Knee, Walter H. Collection, 245 WFCHS
Scope and Content:
This collection contains two land deeds, a grant, and a note from the late 18th and early 19th Centuries concerning land purchases by the Swisher Family of Frederick, later Hampshire and Hardy County, VA. Two of the deeds are for land surveyed by George Washington, and one is signed by Lord Fairfax.
(1 map case folder) Last updated 03/12.
Biographical/Historical: Valentine Swisher was an early settler in western Frederick (eventually part of Hampshire and Hardy) County, VA. Swisher was a veteran of the Lord Dunmore War and the American Revolution. He had three children, Nicholas, Catherine, and Valentine Jr. Walter H. Knee is a long time resident of Winchester, VA.

Knights of Pythias Records Collection, 1106 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection is comprised of ledger books, VA convention proceedings, attendance, and expense records of the Knights of Pythias with some loose papers and pamphlets. These records span from the late 1800s to the late 1900s.
(1 box) Last updated 2/04.
Biographical/Historical: Knights of Pythias was a fraternal organization established in the 19th century.

Kohne, William Papers, 1457 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection is comprised of an account book (1897-1924) and a 2-part diary (1909-1944) kept by William Kohne of West Virginia. Part 1 of the diary contains genealogical information on the Kohne and Teets families.
(1 box) Last updated 07/04.
Biographical/Historical: William [Erasmus] Kohne lived in Lower Cove, near Lost River in Hardy County, West Virginia.

Korean War Collection, 1447 WFCHS/THL
Scope and Content:
This collection is comprised of service records and photographs of men and women of the Winchester-Frederick County area, who served in the Korean War. Also included are news articles; reminiscences; and ephemera of the Korean War.
(1 box) Last updated 12/13
Biographical/Historical: The Korean War was a military struggle fought on the Korean Peninsula from June 1950 to July 1953. The conflict began as a war between North and South Korea, which later included the United States and 19 other nations. The U.S. and the United Nations came to the aid of South Korea to prevent the communist invasion.

Kowalski, Francis and Helen Collection, 1339 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains receipts of local Winchester bottling businesses along with souvenir material from the Apple Blossom Festival, including: mugs/glasses, pins, festival brochures and programs. Also included is an expansive collection of postcards relating to local Winchester events, scenery, and historical sites.
(3 boxes) Last Updated: 03/16
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Francis and Helen Kowalski were local business owners, they also resided within Winchester. Francis Kowalski was very involved in Winchester events, clubs and activities. He was a member of the Winchester Moose Lodge #1283 and Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church. Kowalski served for 20 years in the United States Navy and served during the Korean conflict. After his retirement from the Navy, he became an LPN at both the Winchester Medical Center and Winchester Memorial Hospital. Much of what is contained within this collection is from Francis Kowalski’s own collection. He was born in 1928 and died January 4, 2016.

Kurtz, Anthony & Company Records, 389 WFCHS
This collection contains one account book showing business transactions from July 10, 1805 through July 12, 1809 for the general merchandise store Anthony Kurtz and Company. Shows purchases of supplies from other businesses. (1 box) Last updated 02/03.

Kurtz Funeral Home Records, 985 WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection is comprised of the account books from Kurtz Funeral and Furniture business and papers of the George Kurtz family. The accounts date from 1867 to 1948. The collection includes a typed abstract, which can be photocopied. The records give an approximate date of death for many Winchester, VA (USA) residents. Also included is an account of the Valley Campaign, written by Capt. George W. Kurtz, ca. 1900. An index is available upon request in the Archives Room.
NOTE: Record books cannot be photocopied. They may be examined. Abstracts of records in Box 10 may be photocopied.
(13 boxes) Last updated 02/16.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Kurtz Funeral and Furniture Store was established in 1868 and was located at 2-4 N. Cameron Street. Kurtz Funeral and Furniture business was established in 1868 as the first post-Civil War business in Winchester, VA. The business was started by Capt. George W. Kurtz at the Kerr building, but moved it later to the Cameron Street location in 1877 until his death in 1926. Garland R. Quarles stated that the business became one of the largest and best known such organizations in northern Virginia.