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July Events July
Reinstating Evening Hours 7/1/2017
Adult Summer Reading Prizes 7/1/2017
Closed for Independence Day 7/4/2017
Garden Talk: Water Wise Gardening 7/8/2017
Solar Energy for Homes and Businesses 7/13/2017
Garden Talk: Swat, Spray, Squash, or Smile? 7/15/2017
August Events August
August Book Drop-Off 8/5/2017
Garden Talk: Save Seeds 8/12/2017
eBook Workshops 8/14 & 8/16
Author Julia Keller 8/30/2017
Bus Trip to the National Book Festival 9/2/2017
Closed for Labor Day 9/4/2017
Genealogy Bus Trip 10/4/2017


Community Health Forum Resources and Presentations Part 1 Part 2
Resource List  
Community Health 101: How Do We Measure Up and What Can We Do About It?    
Obesity and Inactivity: Impact on Community Health and What We Can Do About It?
Community Mental Health: It's Not Someone Else's Problem
Living and Dying With Our Choices: Community Impact of Risk Behaviors and Narcotics
Local Community Water Systems: Keeping Them Safe