The Last Apprentice by Delaney

The Last Apprentice, Joseph Delaney  (Apprentices, Supernatural) 

1. Revenge of the Witch                       
2. The Curse of the Bane                      
3. Night of the Soul Stealer                
4. Attack of the Fiend                              
5. Wrath of the Bloodeye                       
6. Clash of the Demons
7. Rise of the Huntress
8. Rage of the Fallen
9. Grimalkin, the Witch Assassin
10. Lure of the Dead
11. Slither
12. I Am Alice
13. Fury of the Seventh Son

Companion Titles
A Coven of Witches
The Spook’s Tale
The Spook’s Bestiary
The Spook’s Revenge

Originally published in Great Britain as The Wardstone Chronicles with different titles (aka Spook series)