Inventories T

Inventories T

Tabb, George E. Jr. Collection, 1153 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection consists of letter books (1863) kept by Col. William Banksdale Tabb, Commander, 59th VA Inf. Reg., CSA and "The Complete Journal of Emily (Emma) Miller Tabb," July 15, 1899 to April 9, 1900. The letter books were transcribed and indexed. The journal were transcribed and edited by George E. Tabb, Jr.
(1 box) Last updated 2/04.

Tailor’s Account Book, 396 WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains an account book kept by an unidentified tailor of Winchester, Virginia. (1 box) Last updated 02/03.

Taylor Hotel Collection, 1145 THL,
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains reports and news articles from 1859 to the present concerning the historic Taylor Hotel in Winchester, Virginia. Articles will cover the many uses of this building and its renovation.
(1 box) Last updated 10/15.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Located at 129 North Loudoun Street, the first hotel located at the site was opened by Edward McGuire in 1755. After McGuire’s death, the property was sold to Bushrod Taylor who constructed the Taylor Hotel, which opened its doors for business around 1836 and closed in 1911 when it was sold to the J. G. McCrory Company. They operated a dime store, and a movie theater there until 1995. Since then variety of businesses, none of which lasted long, have operated on the site. After sitting vacant for several years, the building’s roof collapsed in 2007. Several organizations have united with plans for the building’s renovation, but funding has been slow. In its hay-day during the mid-19th Century, the Taylor Hotel was considered the finest hotel in the area, and among its guests were Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, Stephen A. Douglas, Stonewall Jackson, and several Union generals.

Teen Age Club (TAC) Collection, 1675 THL
Scope and Content:
The collection contains the scrapbook of the TAC (Teen Age Club) of Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia. The scrapbook has a variety of pictures, newspaper articles, letters, and memorabilia from the club dating from the late 1950s to the late 1960s.
(1 box) Last updated 08/09.
Biographical/Historical: The Teen Age Club was founded in 1958 in conjunction with the newly completed War Memorial Building at Jim Barnett Park. The club offered a variety of social activities for Winchester and Frederick County teenagers. It was know as the TAC Club.

Thorne, Charles Collection, 1537 WFCHS
Scope and Content:
This collection is comprised of two books designed and written by graphics artist Charles R. Thorne of Winchester, VA.
(1 box) Last updated 09/04.
Biographical/Historical: Charles Thorne is a resident of Winchester, VA.

Thrasher, Joel Collection, 1579 THL,
Scope and Content:
This collection contains genealogical material pertaining to the Thrasher, Kerby, and Lines families. The material covers from 1710 to 1957 and was compiled by Joel Thrasher, c. 2000. The material was printed from a Family Tree Maker file.
(1 box) Last updated 09/04.
Biographical/Historical: Richard Thrasher was born about 1710 in Sussex, England, and died in 1768 in Frederick County, VA.

Tire Fire Collection, 1362 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection contains copies of the numerous reports, test results, recommendations, and actions taken to contain and modify the pollution engendered by the Rhinehart Tire Fire. The collection contains administrative record files, endangerment assessment, remedial investigation report, community relations plan, and news clippings.
(2 boxes) Last updated 11/05.
Biographical/Historical: On October 31, 1983, a fire began in a dump owned by Mr. Paul Rhinehart in Winchester, VA. The dump contained 5 million or more tires and the resultant smoke and tire combustion caused considerable air pollution and threatened a major pollution of nearby streams, which ultimately fed into the Potomac River, the Washington, D.C. water supply. It took several years for the Environmental Protection Agency to satisfactorily resolve the problem by containing the fire run-off and neutralizing the toxicity.

Tischler, Allan Collection, 208 WFCHS/THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains extensive information about the American Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Diaries, maps, corps information of both of the CSA and the USA, African Americans in the war, photographs and microfilm are included. Many of the records are categorized by state and military leader. Included are news articles about the war in general, the Valley Campaign of 1864, and certain battles. Drafts of Mr. Tischler’s book, The History of the Harper’s Ferry Expedition…, are part of this collection.
(13 boxes) Last updated 09/16.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Allan L. Tischler is a resident of Winchester, VA, and active in American Civil War research. Author of The History of the Harpers Ferry Expedition--September 14-15, 1862, published in 1993, he continues writing on Civil War battles and events in the Valley.

Triplett, Ralph Collection, 297 WFCHS
Scope and Content: 
 This collection contains an article by Ralph Triplett about Bee Tree Cuts and three books on Back Creek Valley of Frederick County, Virginia ; books two and three appear not to have been published.  There are also three books on Hampshire County, WV Cemeteries, including numerous hand-written entries collected after the original publication (1974-1978). 
Biographical/Historical: Ralph Triplett (1898-1984)  was a long-time resident of Frederick County, VA, and the author of several books on genealogy, including Cemeteries of Hampshire County, W. Va., Early Births, Western Frederick County, Virginia, Eastern Hampshire County, West Virginia (with Grace Kelso), Early Marriages, Western Frederick County, Virginia, Eastern Hampshire County, West Virginia (with Grace Kelso), Frederick County Historical Series: A History of Upper Back Creek Valley, and Frederick County Virginia Obituaries. All of these books are available in the Stewart Bell, Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library. Triplett died in Gore, VA on May 24, 1984 and is buried Bethel Cemetery in Gore. 

Top of Virginia Regional Chamber Records, 516 WFCHS/THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains information relating to the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber, including promotional literature, annual reports, calendars, membership rosters, business information, and the Chamber’s history. The chamber also prints a newsletter and many of the issues are in the collection. The Top of Virginia Regional Chamber includes Winchester, Frederick County, and Clarke County, Virginia.
(6 boxes) Last updated 11/15.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The Winchester-Frederick County Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1917 to promote businesses and prosperity in Winchester and Frederick County, VA. In 2007, the chamber added Clarke County, VA and changed its name to the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber. For nearly 100 years, the chamber has worked with city and county governments, local businesses, schools, and health and safety facilities to promote Winchester, Frederick County (and Clarke County since 2007), VA to the United States and around the world.

Trout, Issac and Jacob Papers, 1212 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection contains business and personal correspondence (1825-1869), ledgers (1821-1872), demand notes (1831-1860), and an indenture (1823) concerning the Trout Family of Front Royal, VA. Also included is a paper entitled, "Issac and Jacob Trout Papers" (1992) by Connie Conte and other miscellaneous papers.
(1 box) Last updated 03/04.
Biographical/Historical: Issac (b. 1790) and Jacob (b. 1792) were two of nine children born to Philip Trout, a wheelwright in Front Royal, VA. When Philip Trout died in 1812, Issac and Jacob ran the factory on Chester Street. In 1830, Issac married Araminta Pagett and had six children, four of whom died in infancy. The brothers had a successful wagon building business, which received orders from as far away as Florida. Issac died in 1873 at the age of 83 and Jacob died in 1853 at

Trussel, Elizabeth Lucas Sheetz Little Collection, 1001 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection includes application forms for the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Daughters of the American Revolution, as well as genealogical information on the Osbourne, Mackenzie/McKinny, Rush, Lucas, and Koontz/Coontz/Cooch families.
(1 box) Last updated 01/13.
Biographical/Historical: Elizabeth S. Lucas Sheetz Little Trussell was born September 1, 1911 at Elmwood Farm in Shepherdstown, WV, and was daughter of Rion and Cora Osbourn Lucas. She taught in Frederick County, and then worked as a clerk for the Frederick County School Board for 40 years, retiring in 1974. She was married to Harold C. Sheetz Jr. (d. 1974), Henry M. Little (d. 1984), and Robert L. Trussell (d. 1989). She died on June 6, 2010 at the age of 98.

Tucker, Henry St. George Family Collection, 1477 THL/WFCHS
Scope and Content:
This collection contains copies of speeches given, articles written by and about Henry St. George Tucker III and John Randolph Tucker, two prominent members of Virginia and Maryland governments. (1 box) Last updated 05/14.
Biographical/Historical: Henry St. George Tucker III was born in Winchester, VA on April 5, 1853 to John Randolph Tucker and Laura Holmes Powell. He attended school in Richmond and Middleburg, VA. He graduated from Washington & Lee Law School in 1876 and started his law practice in Staunton, VA. In 1889, he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives (1889-1897). From 1897-1902, he was a professor of constitutional law at Washington & Lee and then became dean of the law school at Columbia University, now George Washington University. Tucker returned as a Member of the House of Representatives and remained there until his death on July 23, 1932. He is buried in the Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Lexington, VA. Tucker married Henrietta Preston Johnston on Oct. 25, 1877 and had seven children.
Henry St George Tucker I (1780-1848)
3rd Son: John Randolph Tucker (1823-1897) – son: George St. George Tucker III
5th Son: Henry St. George Tucker II (1828-1863) (1853-1932)

Tucker, J. R. and Conrad, R. Y. Law Firm, 401 WFCHS  See Conrad and Tucker Law Firm.

Turner Ashby Camp #22 of Confederate Veterans Papers, 302 WFCHS
Scope and Content: This collection contains the records of the Turner Ashby Camp #22 of Confederate Veterans of Winchester, VA. The records cover every facet of the group’s operations including membership rolls at the local and national levels; correspondence; orders; reports; list of companies from Frederick County, VA; minutes; rosters; membership applications; Roll of the Dead (1893-1902); and other miscellaneous papers.
The papers also include extensive primary source material from the court-martial of Pvt. James Miller, 12th Virginia Cavalry who was executed for shooting his company commander, Captain Henderson in 1861. (16 boxes) Last updated 08/11. Digitized April 16, 2007.

Turner Ashby Camp Guard Records, 1604 WFCHS
Scope and Content:
This collection contains three applications to the Turner Ashby Camp Guard, an attendance roll from 1899, Treasurer’s Report for Nov. 1895 to May 1896, and a committee on uniform report from April 20, 1896.
(1 box) Last updated 05/06.
Biographical/Historical: The Turner Ashby Camp Guard was an organization for the Sons of Confederate veterans. It did not last long.

Turner Ashby Society Collection, 1542 THL
Scope and Content:
The Turner Ashby Society Collection contains the society’s newsletters published in Richmond, VV. The Tom Telegraph covers the years 1996-2003.
(1 box) Last updated 09/04.
Biographical/Historical: The Turner Ashby Society was incorporated in the fall of 1996 to study the life of Turner Ashby. The organization dissolved on December 31, 2003.

Turner, Ellsworth Collection, 204 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains material relating to local black history including articles, news clippings and photos.  Most of the information pertains to the 20th Century; however, some dates back to the Civil War. The material is divided in half with the first part being biographical sketches of 34 people and the second half, information on organizations, schools, churches, and other establishments of the local black community.   
(3 boxes)  Last updated 7/16.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Ellsworth Turner was a Winchester, Virginia resident, who compiled the information for this collection.

2020 Vision Project Records, 1235 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection contains reports from the various committees, which made up the 2020 Vision Project of Winchester and Frederick County, VA. Among these reports is the final report of the project.
(1 box) Last updated 10/08.
Biographical/Historical: In 1989, the Winchester City and the Frederick County Board of Supervisors appointed over 150 citizens to help with the 2020 Vision Project. The goal of this project was to make recommendations to allow the community to grow and maintain its high quality of life. Fifteen different economic and social areas were studied over a 2-year period.

Tylor, Dola S. Collection, 63 WFCHS (1781-1931)
Scope and Content: This collection contains indexes and associated lists of births, deaths, and wills recorded from the original Winchester City court records. Also included are genealogical materials on Frederick County families, muster rolls and questionnaires of Civil War regiments, and other miscellaneous materials including marriages from the "Journal of Dr. Alexander Balmain."
(3 boxes) Last updated 04/07.
Biographical/Historical: Dola S. Tylor was born in the Swiss Colony of Gruetli, TN in 1915. She graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Accounting. In 1977, she retired from the U.S. Army Communications Command-Japan and moved to Virginia when her husband transferred to the Middle East Division, Corps of Engineers in Winchester, VA. She has been a volunteer in the Handley Regional Library (now Stewart Bell Jr.) Archives since 1979.

Tyson, Richard Family Bible, 1078 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection is comprised of the Richard Tyson Family Bible, which includes marriages, births and deaths of the Tyson family from 1860 to 1920.
(1 box) Last updated 1/04.
Biographical/Historical: Richard L. Tyson was born to Sherrod and Elizabeth Tyson on March 22, 1835. Tyson married Margaret L. [Turngge] on January 12, 1860, and had at least two children.