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Handley Regional Library/Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

Rakestraw, David Collection, 1565 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection is a compilation of genealogical information on people living in Winchester and Frederick County, VA, gathered by Mr. David P. Rakestraw. The Overacre/Overaker Family is the focus of the research. A genealogical report concerning Isaac Hoff is also included. The collection contains transcriptions of deeds, order books, and census records. Revolutionary War Military Records of George Overacre are also included.
(1 box) Digitized 2007 Last updated 01/10.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Mr. David P. Rakestraw of Blue Ridge, Georgia, now of Daytona Beach, Florida, donated this collection. The Overacre/Overaker family lived in Frederick County, VA, from 1779 and began moving to Mississippi in 1802. Some of the Mississippi records are also included.

Rea, Samuel Records, 1733 WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains two account books kept by Samuel Rea, a local merchant of Winchester. The account book contains names of customers and class rosters and grades from an unknown school.  (1 box and last updated 02/03, DIGITIZED 03/07)
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Samuel Rea was a resident of Winchester, Virginia and was born around 1755. He was a general merchant on North Loudon Street and died in 1858, aged 83. The lot is approximately at 173 N Loudoun Street.

Redland Church Records, 332 THL
The Redland United Methodist Church Records collection contains birth and marriage records for certain local churches in the Baltimore Conference. This collection is recorded on microfilm. (1 box) Last updated 06/12.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Founded 1832, Redland United Methodist Church serves the people of Whitacre, Virginia and surrounding area. The church is located on Route 522 North, northwest of Winchester, VA.

Rees, Jonah L. Collection, 370 WFCHS
The Jonah L. Rees Collection contains genealogical material, essays, and a scrapbook concerning the Rees family. Also included is a notebook with diary entries, birth, death, and marriage information for other families.
(1 box) Last updated 1/07.

Refuge United Methodist Church Records, #1650 THL
The collection contains the records of Refuge United Methodist Church along with its sister church Fairview United Methodist Church, both of Frederick County, VA. Included in the collection are Sunday School records, monthly church council minutes, membership directories, and state conference records dating from the early 20th Century to the early 21st Century.
(7 boxes) Last updated 12/08.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Refuge United Methodist Church was founded in 1889 after a bush meeting held by Rev. Frank A. Strother, the pastor of the Winchester Circuit at the time and a great founder of Methodist churches in the area, including both Refuge, and Relief United Methodist Church. The Refuge congregation met in a one-room school house near the site of the original bush meeting place until 1920 when the current church was built. The congregation today has over 100 members. Fairview Methodist Church was founded in 1867 by David Harris, the junior pastor of the Winchester Circuit. Originally a log cabin church, Fairview’s modern structure was completed in 1891 with the help of Strother. The church today has a membership of over 100.

Reynolds, T. Guy Jr. Collection, 1199 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of correspondence, personal records, and genealogical materials concerning the Reynolds family of Virginia, including wills, tax records, and other court records.
(1 box) Last updated 03/07.
 BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: T. Guy Reynolds is the donor of this material and a Martinsburg, WV resident.

Rice, Dorothy McCann Collection, 1390 WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection is comprised of certificates, news clippings, poetry, and a scrapbook focusing mainly on World War II.
(1 box) Last updated 06/10.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Dorothy McCann Rice compiled this collection. She volunteered with the Winchester, VA Chapter of the American Red Cross at the beginning of World War II and served on the board of directors for 30 years and as deputy treasurer for 49 years.

Richards, Boyd R. & Company Records, 406 WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains a shipping ledger for Dan Wuille & Company, 1927-1932, by their agents Boyd R. Richards & Company of Winchester, Virginia. The ledger records the shipments of apples mostly by railroad and steamship to Europe.
(1 box) Last updated 02/03.

Richards, L. Adolph Collection, 922 THL
This collection is comprised of booklets and articles by L. Adolph Richards of Winchester, VA, USA, concerning area history.
(1 box) Last updated Oct 2016.

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICALL. Adolph Richards was born March 30, 1878 at Frye’s Fort in Shenandoah Co., VA to Augustine B. and Josephine Hennestone Richards. Richards attended the Opequon School and later the John Kerr School, graduating in 1895. He attended the University of Virginia and George Washington University. He received his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in Mathematics. He spent 50 years in Washington, DC, serving the U.S. Naval Observatory, U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, and the U.S. Geologic Survey. When he moved to Winchester, he continued to teach mathematics and science to Army and Navy officers and persons preparing for Civil Service Exams. He also was known as a local historian and compiled four volumes of historical sketches on the local area. Richards died on Sept. 23, 1958, and is buried in Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, VA.

Ridgeway, Emma Collection, 134 WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: Emma Ridgeway was a resident of Winchester, Virginia, and an active member of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and the Daughters of the American Revolution. The collection is comprised of correspondence, membership rosters, reports, death notices, and materials pertaining to the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and the Daughters of the American Revolution. (3 boxes) Last updated 09/02.

Ridgeway, Trish and Harry Collection, 1716 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains various Handley High School graduation items from 1927 belonging to Eloise Caldwell. Also contained within the collection are items pertaining to conventions of the Christian Endeavor Union, dating 1931-1935.
(1 box) Last updated 12/15
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Eloise Caldwell was a local citizen of Winchester, Virginia and graduated from Handley High School in 1927. She was very active in the Christian Endeavors Union and gave a series of speeches at a convention in Pennsylvania in 1934.

Ridings, Mariah E. Papers, 137 THL (MMF)
This collection contains the letters from Brevet Captain Eri Davidson Woodbury, Company B, 1st Vermont Cavalry to Mariah E. Ridings and two of her daughters from 1887 to 1916. Also included in the collection are two news article concerning the accidental wounding of Mariah E. Ridings by a sergeant in Captain Woodbury’s company on January 11, 1865.
(MMF folder) Last updated 01/13.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Brevet Captain Eri Davidson Woodbury was serving as commander of Company B, 1st Vermont Cavalry on January 11, 1865 when a sergeant in his company accidentally discharged his carbine, wounding Mariah Ridings who was in a nearly house. Immediately after the shooting, Woodbury entered the house and gave aid to Mrs. Ridings as well as summoning a surgeon from his regiment. After the war, Woodbury, who was awarded the Medal of Honor for bravery at the Battle of Cedar Creek, became superintendant of a military academy in Cheshire, Connecticut. He was married to Emma M. McChesney. Woodbury died on April 14, 1928 and is buried in Saint Peters Church Cemetery in Cheshire, Connecticut.
Mariah E. Funkhouser, who was born on October 14, 1829, married John W. Ridings on January 10, 1850. In 1852 the couple bought a home along Middle Road near Stephens City, VA. It was at this home, while standing behind her kitchen door, that Mrs. Ridings was accidentally shot by a sergeant from Woodbury’s company. Ridings died on May 4, 1891 and is buried in Greenhill Cemetery in Stephens City, VA.

Ritter, Ben Collection, 12 THL
This collection is comprised of materials concerning the Civil War, genealogy, and local history covering 1742 to present. The Civil War files include Virginia unit rosters, death notices, and diaries; a burial listing of Civil War veteran-age men for counties in the Shenandoah Valley is also included. The collection includes genealogical information of several local families and the local historical files cover Shenandoah Valley places and items. 
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Ben Ritter is a historian for the Winchester/Frederick County area and is a native of Winchester, VA. 

Robare, Mary Collection, 59 THL
The collection contains a group of articles concerning historic Quakers and their textiles, and information on the family history of the Lupton Family and the Pidgeon Family
Last updated 06/12.
BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL: Mary Robare was raised in New York City where she worked on Broadway and in television commercials. In 1989, she moved to Winchester, VA where she was employed at Shenandoah University as a dance instructor and choreographer. Work in the theater fostered a great appreciation in her for craft and design. This interest led to several articles on quilting, particularly as it relates to the Quaker community.

Robinson, Charles L. Papers, 1762 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains material of the Robinson family from 1855-1954. The Robinson family bible record has information regarding births, deaths, and marriages of the Robinson family. Also contained in the collection is correspondence to Mrs. C.L. Robinson and the Beam family. Magazine articles featuring Dorothy (Dotty) Robinson can be found as well, along with the journals of R.M. Beam spanning from January 1919 to September 1920.
Last Updated 11/16
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The Robinson family whose information is contained within the collection was originally from Fortville, IN. C.L. Robinson founded an ice and storage business in Fairmont, WV and expanded to Winchester, VA in 1901 with the C.L. Ice and Cold Storage Corporation. Robinson was the first to build an apple cold storage plant in Winchester in 1905. Many of the members of the Robinson family attended Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. Harry Delmer Robinson and Charles Arthur Robinson, sons of C.L Robinson, both attended Dickinson in the 1910s and 1920s and were heavily involved in campus activities. Harry Delmer and Charles Arthur also served in WWI after registering for the draft. Dorothy (Dotty) Anne, born June 5, 1923, was the daughter and oldest child of Reba and Charles, who met during their time at Dickinson College. They married in 1921 and moved back to Frederick County, VA soon thereafter. Dotty attended Handley High School in Winchester and then went on to Dickinson College. She graduated from Dickinson in 1945. After moving to New York City, she attended Katie Gibbs School and was offered a job at Ladies Home Journal where she would go on to become beauty editor. She passed away December 1, 2013 in Winchester, VA.        

Robinson, C. L. Ice and Cold Storage Records, 1470 THL
This collection contains two ledgers, two minute books, and two folders of loose papers from the C.L. Robinson Ice and Cold Storage Corporation. One ledger is from 1928 to 1942 and the other is from 1920 to 1930. One minute book is from 1911-1922, and the other is from 1924 to 1957. The loose papers were found in both minute books.
(2 boxes) Last updated 05/12.
BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL: Charles L. Robinson was a native of Fortville, IN and was born on January 1, 1855 to Francis H. and Rebecca Jane Robinson. C.L. Robinson developed businesses in ice and coal in Fairmont, WV. He bought the ice plant of W.H. Palmer of Winchester in 1901 to take advantage of the growing apple industry in Frederick County. He rebuilt the plant in 1902, and in 1905 erected the first apple cold storage plant. He later built another ice and cold storage plant in Charles Town, WV in 1908 and acquired the Berryville Ice and Refrigerating Co. in 1917. He died on April 1, 1922 at his residence in 118 North Market St., the same street of his first Winchester ice plant, after suffering from a long, terminal illness

Robinson, Mrs. Delmar H. Sr. Collection, 640 WFCHS
This collection contains Army papers and news clippings of Lt. Eugene Carroll during World War I. It also contains genealogical notes of the Eddy family and a muster roll of the Illinois Mounted Volunteers dated May 26, 1832. Also contained in this collection are genealogical notes of the Powell family including Civil War, pension, and bible records.
(1 box) Last updated 06/07.

Rock Enon Springs Records, 1303 THL
This collection is comprised of a register used at Rock Enon Springs Resort, Frederick County, VA, USA, from June 1, 1887 to August 14, 1920.
(1 box) Last updated 01/13. DIGITIZED 02/07.
BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL: Rock Enon Springs Resort is located 18 miles west of Winchester on Rt. 683. The resort is built up around a mineral water spring and was originally called Capper Springs after John Capper, an early settler. In 1856, William Marker bought the property and built a hotel. The resort contained six kinds of springs on the 942 acres of property. During the 1800s, it became very popular as a place for people to heal various ailments, soaking in the spring’s waters. The resort survived the Civil War and continued to draw Virginia’s elite. It changed owners several times until, in 1919, it was purchased by Fred Glaize Sr. and Lee Herrellin who tore down several buildings and the original wing. The resort continued to lose business until 1945 when the Glaize Family sold the resort to the Boy Scouts who now use it as a summer camp.

Rodes, David Collection, 415 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains correspondence, genealogies, biographies, and other personal papers pertaining to David Rodes and the Rodes family of Virginia. Born in 1795, Rodes served in the Virginia State Militia, rising from ensign to brigadier general. He died in 1862.
(1 box) Last updated 02/03.

Rometo, Kenneth J. Collection, 1620 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains a reproduction of the battle flag of the 33rd Virginia Infantry, CSA.
(1 box) Last updated 12/15.
BIOGRPAHICAL.HISTORICAL:  Robert F. Pitcock, an ancestor of Kenneth J. Rometo, served in the 33rd Virginia Infantry and died at the Battle of Gettysburg.
Kenneth J. Rometo researches the Pitcock/Pidcock family of the Lower Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. He is a Professor of Education at Argosy University, Sarasota, FL.

Rouss, Charles Broadway Collection, 304 WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains articles, correspondence, and biographies pertaining to Charles B. Rouss including his will and obituary. An inventory is available. (2 boxes) Last updated 02/2016.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Charles Broadway Rouss was born to Peter H. Rouss and Belinda Baltzell near Woodville, MD on February 11, 1836. In 1841 his family moved to Berkeley County, WV and in 1849 purchased a farm called Runnymeade. He attended school at Winchester Academy. In 1851 Rouss took a job with Jacob Senseny in his general store, and remained there until 1854 when, at age 18, he opened his own store. His business was an instant success, and by 1854 he was doing $1,000 per week. On August 26, 1856, he married Margaret Keenan and had three children. In 1862, he moved his business to Richmond. During the Civil War he left his business and joined the 12th Virginia Cavalry and also lost his entire fortune. In 1866, he went to New York and continued to go deeper into debt until 1875 when he was imprisoned for it. Success later found Rouss as he opened a chain of retail stores in 1890 and published the “Rouss Auction Trade Journal”. Rouss gave generously to Winchester and other towns and relief projects during his life. He died on March 3, 1902.

Rouss Fire Company Records Collection, 1459 THL/WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection is composed primarily of official reports, correspondence, rolls, and histories of Rouss Fire Company of Winchester, VA. Included are documents from predecessor organizations, the Union Fire Company, Rouss Hook & Ladder Company, as well as some information on the Relief Hook & Ladder Company, the Cumberland Valley Fireman’s Association formed in 1902 and other Winchester Fire companies.(5 boxes) Last updated 04/16.
BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL: The Winchester, Virginia Company had its beginnings prior to 1789 and was known as the Union Fire Company. In 1889, the name was changed to the Union Steam Fire Company No. 2, which sponsored the Union Cornet Band organized in 1882.
The company began honoring Charles Broadway Rouss (1836-1902) with an annual dinner on February 11, 1894 and in 1899 changed the company’s name to the Rouss Hook and Ladder Company, Inc. because of his generous contributions. Relief Hook & Ladder Co. formed July 1, 1876. In 1894, the group was reorganized and changed their name to the Rouss Hook & Ladder Company of Winchester. In 1917, they consolidated their operation with the Charley Rouss Fire Company.

Royston, Donald R. Collection, 1529 THL
This collection contains genealogical information on the Peter Royston family, covering 1776 to present, as compiled by Donald R. Royston, 2002. It includes endnotes and an index. The collection includes information about the descendants of George Mason and about the Green Hill Cemetery in Berryville, VA.
(1 box) Last updated 08/16. DIGITIZED 05/07.
BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL: Peter Royston was born in Virginia in 1776 and died in Clarke County, VA in 1856. He married Ann Anderson in 1801 in Frederick County, VA. They had nine children.

Runion, Richard L. Collection, 1690 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains a variety of items related to the Northern Shenandoah Valley in the 18th and 19th Century, including voter records, reports on the public schools, the German Reformed Church, and several copies of an 18th Century Woodstock, VA newspaper.
(1 box) Last updated 4/16.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Richard L. Runion is a long-time resident of Winchester-Frederick County, VA

Russell, David Papers, 393 WFCHS
This collection contains one account book kept by chairmaker, David Russell of Winchester, Virginia.
(1 box) Last updated 02/07.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: David Russell, father of William Greenway Russell, was married to Hannah Greenway and was the son of Richard Russell of Pennsylvania. David Russell came to Winchester in 1785 and lived at 49 S. Loudoun Street.

Russell, F. Stanley Letters, 490 THL
This collection contains correspondences of F. Stanley Russell to his parents, sister and cousin during his service in the Civil War until his death in May 1864. He served in Company H, Thirteenth VA Regiment, CSA. Also included in this collection are letters and reports from William W. Hayden and Annie Russell Hack.
(1 box) Last updated 12/08.
BIOGRAPHICAL/ HISTORICAL: F. Stanley enlisted in Company H, Thirteenth Virginia Infantry in Winchester, VA. just one week after the firing on Fort Sumter and served with the regiment until his death at the Battle of Spotsylvania in May, 1864. The Civil War letters of F. Stanley Russell, including those in this collection, appear in the book The Letters of F. Stanley Russell - The Movements of Company H, Thirteenth Virginia Regiment, Confederate States Army, 1861-1864, edited by Douglas Carroll, Paul M. Harrod Company, Baltimore, April 1963, available in the Archives Reading Room, call number 973.782 R91.

Russell, James Family Collection, 863 THL
This collection contains hand-written receipts and letters from the 1830s through the 1900s concerning Russell family members of Winchester, VA.
(1 box) Last updated 03/04.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: James B. Russell was born in Winchester, VA on Sept. 5, 1841 to Isaac and Eliza Baker Russell. At age 16, he was holding public office as a deputy sheriff of Frederick County. During the Civil War, he served on the staff of General Ramseur of North Carolina. He also served Gen. Pegram and Gen. James A. Walker as part of their staff. Upon return to Winchester, he started a dry goods business with his brother Isaac W. Russell with a large establishment on North Loudoun St. Their business was called James B. Russell and Brothers. In 1889, he retired from the business to pursue interests in finance, insurance, and farming. He also helped organize the Union Bank of Winchester in 1870 and served on its board of directors for 62 years. Russell had married Mary Elizabeth Hackney on Dec. 19, 1867 and had four children. Russell died on March 19, 1932 and was buried at Mt. Hebron Cemetery in Winchester, VA.

Russell, John Singleton Papers, 286 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of personal correspondence to John S. Russell, officer on the staff of Col. John S. Mosby. It includes letters from John S. Mosby, newspaper articles, and flyers concerning Mosby. John S. Russell, 1841-1932, lived in Clarke County, Virginia.
(1 box) Last updated 08/09.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: John Singleton Russell was born on March 13, 1841, to Michael and Nancy Russell. He married Harriet Collins. Russell served the Confederacy during the entire Civil War serving part of that time as an officer on the staff of Col. John S. Mosby. Serving as commanding officer of Company C of the 43rd Virginia Battalion, he earned the reputation of being a fearless and daring assistant to Col. Mosby. After the war, he returned to the Northern Shenandoah Valley. Russell died on Feb. 21, 1932 and is buried near Berryville, VA.

Russell, Tillie Collection, 1551 WFCHS
This collection contains a photo of Tillie Russell and a lace-edged handkerchief with her name written in ink. The photo and handkerchief are housed together in a display box. The photo is from the C. Fred Barr Studio, Winchester, VA.
(1 box) Last updated 12/06.
BIOGRA[HICAL/HISTORICAL: Miss Tillie Russell was a young woman of Winchester, VA, when she became the subject of a painting by Oregon Wilson called "Woman’s Devotion; or, a Night on the Battlefield." In 1864, Miss Russell went to the aid of a young confederate soldier on the battlefield after a skirmish between Ramseur and Averell. Nearby many soldiers were dead or near death. She saved the soldier’s life by holding him in her arms all night as she sat on the battlefield. Miss Tillie Russell was the daughter of Isaac and Eliza Russell. She had two brothers and two sisters. She died on March 1, 1897.

Russell, William G. Collection, 1017 THL
This collection is comprised of a scrapbook of news articles by William G. Russell, primarily from The Winchester Star. The articles pertain to people and events of Winchester, VA, USA.
(1 box) Last updated 12/03. 
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: William Greenway Russell was born in Winchester, VA on October 5, 1800 to David Russell and Hannah Greenway. Before the Civil War, Russell was in the mercantile business with his brother, Isaac. He was treasurer of the city of Winchester and a member of city Council for several terms. In 1876, the Winchester News printed an article by Russell entitled, "What I Know About Winchester." These recollections were later printed in a book form in 1953. Russell married Catherine Wolfe and had six children. Russell died on January 31, 1891 and is buried in Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, VA.

Rutherford, Robert Collection, 571 THL
This collection is comprised of a scrapbook detailing the history of Robert Rutherford, the Rutherford family, and the Kendall Family.
(1 box) Last updated 03/13. DIGITIZED 02/07.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Robert Rutherford was born in 1728 and married Mary D’Aubigne Howe in 1763. He served in the French and Indian War and was the organizer of Rutherford’s Rangers. He settled in Winchester, VA, building a stone house on S. Loudoun Street. He was a member of the House of Burgesses from Frederick County, 1766-1772; the State Senate, 1776-1791; the Revolutionary Virginia Convention, 1775-1776; and served in the U.S. House of Representatives, 1795-1797. About 1791, he moved to Flowering Springs and died there in 1803. He is buried in an unmarked grave.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church Collection, (formerly Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church), 1468 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of materials found in the cornerstone of Sacred Heart church in Winchester, VA, when the stone was recovered as the congregation moved to a new location. Among these materials are early newspapers (1870), photographs, early coin and paper money (1776-1866), broadside for Old valley Marble Yard (1867) and other materials pertaining to the cornerstone laying (1870). Also included is a Sacred Heart Academy Dedication Booklet, Sept. 22, 1957. There is a list of the burials at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Cemetery, compiled Oct. 2011.
(2 boxes) Last updated 11/11.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The cornerstone for the first Sacred Heart Catholic Church was laid in 1870 at 407 S. Loudoun Street. There are now over 800 families in the congregation. In 1989, a new church building and rectory were built at 1717 Amherst St. next to the Sacred Heart Academy.

St. John’s Lutheran Church, 1617 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection includes histories, clippings, ledgers, rolls, and photo prints documenting the history of St. John's Lutheran Church and its early connection to the Gravel Springs pastorate.
(1 box) Last updated 10/15.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The congregation was established in 1796, though some evidence indicates that a Lutheran congregation met on the present church site long before that date. Christian Streit (1749-1812) was an early pastor. The church was formerly known as the Old Furnace Church, Furnace Church, Taylor Furnace Church, and Valley Taylor Furnace Church. In 1851, the congregation joined with Bethel, Gravel Springs, and St. James congregations to form the Gravel Springs Lutheran Parish.

St. Paul African Methodist-Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church Records, 552 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains a claim, deeds, newsletters, bulletins, notes and photographs pertaining to the St. Paul’s African Methodist Episcopal Church of Winchester, VA.
St. Paul was organized in 1867 in the home of Randolph and Katherine Martin. The church is located at 428 N. Loudoun Street, where it was first erected in 1887.  The initial land purchase was from Mr. Josh Barnett.  In February 1986, the Winchester Historical Society recognized it as a historical site. St. Paul AME celebrated their 150th Anniversary in February, 2017.

St. Stephens CME Church Records, 549 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection consists of a deed for land purchased by the St. Stephens Colored Methodist Church South on the east side of Chase Alley, Winchester, VA, Sept. 20, 1928. The current name of the church is St. Stephens CME Church. Last updated 01/19/2011.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The congregation continues to meet, but has moved to another Winchester location, 202 Maple Street.

St. Thomas Episcopal Church Collection, 721 THL
This collection is comprised of a history of St. Thomas Episcopal Church of Middletown, VA, articles of incorporation (1967), Parish Register from 1880 to 1932, and a vestry book from 1838. (1 box) Last updated 00/03.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Originally built as a house of worship for Episcopalians living in Middletown, VA and the surrounding area known as Vaucluse, St. Thomas Church was built in 1834 by C.B. Hite of Belle Grove and his neighbors in the architectural style of York Cathedral in North Yorkshire, England. The first service was held in 1836 on its completion. During the Civil War, the church served as a hospital, while its members worshipped at Grace Methodist Church in town. When Sheridan tore through the Shenandoah Valley, he and his troops ran the sick and disabled Confederates out of the church hospital. The Union troops burned the pews and shutters and knocked out the windows. When they were finished, only the four walls of the church were standing. A group of dedicated members rebuilt the small church, financing it themselves.
    Services were held regularly until 1930, then they became irregular until 1945. Finally in 1946, the church was closed and abandoned. In 1967 the name was changed to St. Thomas Chapel and became an inter-faith church. The new organization restored the building, laying new floor, replacing the Gothic windows, and refinishing the old pews. They restored the original organ and installed central heating and electricity. Later, the bell tower and steeple were restored. St. Thomas is now a registered Virginia Historical Landmark and registered as one of the National Historical Place.

Sarah Zane Volunteer Fire Company Collection, 440 WFCHS
This collection contains two brief histories of the Sarah Zane Fire Company, news clippings, and several items relating to the fire company such as ribbons and medallions.
(1 box) Last updated 12/11.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The Sarah Zane Fire Company, the oldest fire company in the history of Winchester, was founded in 1840 and named for it first benefactor Sarah Zane. Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA Sarah was the sister of Isaac Zane Jr. Although from Philadelphia, Sarah Zane spent a great deal of her life as a resident of Winchester, VA managing Isaac’s estate in the area after his death. She died in 1821 and in her will left Winchester the money to buy a fire engine and hose. The Sarah Zane Fire Company, which was located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Fairfax Lane and North Loudoun St. ceased operations in the 1980s.

Sargent, Virginia Collection, 921 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of materials pertaining to the Braddock Street United Methodist Church and the Junior Century Club in Winchester, VA, USA. The materials consist of a church bulletin and directories; yearbooks for the J.C.C., 1946-1980; membership lists, 1932-1983; news clippings; photograph album; and other miscellaneous materials.
(1 box) Last updated 11/03.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Virginia Bean Sargent was born in Roanoke, VA. She received her bachelor’s degree in education from Madison College. After college, she moved to Winchester to teach third grade at John Kerr Elementary School. She taught third grade for 22 years until 1957 when she became principal of John Kerr Elementary School. Sargent retired in 1976.

Savage Family Collection, 325 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The Savage Family Collection contains an album from Shenandoah Valley Academy, 1880-1882, Lycurgus Ezekial’s prison release conditions, oath of allegiance to the Confederacy, and information regarding the L. E. Savage Sons Distillery, which was located in Kernstown, VA. Also included are materials regarding Natalie Savage Carlson, noted author of books for children. (1 box) Last updated 08/11.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL:  alie Savage Carlson was born in Kernstown, VA on October 3, 1906, the daughter of Joseph Hamilton Savage. Her father owned and operated a distillery in Kernstown near the Opequon Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Carlson was writer of children’s books, and was awarded the Newberry Award in 1959 for her book The Family Under the Bridge. She was married to a career naval officer. Carlson died on September 23, 1997 and is buried in Rhode Island.

Scrapbooks Collection, 844 WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection is comprised of several scrapbooks, which contain local history articles, poems, news clippings, and other miscellaneous items concerning the Winchester, VA (USA) area and people and national issues.                                        
(4 boxes) Last updated 12/15.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Various scrapbooks by various collectors from the19th and 20th centuries.

See, Hazel T. Collection, 364 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The Hazel T. See Collection is comprised of genealogical material, Shenandoah Valley history articles, and correspondence. This material refers to the Crim, Sevier, Tidler, Coontz, Wendle, Windle, Wickes, and Young families covering 1907 to 1989. Hazel T. See compiled the collection. (1 box) Last updated 02/03.

Seevers, George W. Account Book, 394 WFCHS
This collection contains the account book of George W. Seevers, born 1796, who took over the Taylor Hotel when Bushrod Taylor died. Seevers was also the mayor of Winchester from 1843 to 1847 and an officer at Farmer's Bank of Virginia in Winchester. Recorded are miscellaneous accounts of dry goods, mail, and boarding fees and a list of servants.
(1 box) Last updated 02/07.
BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL: George W. Seevers was born in 1796. On October 10, 1831, he married Ann McKendlis. When Bushrod Taylor died in 1847, George W. Seevers took over the Taylor Hotel. Seevers was also mayor of Winchester from 1843-1847 and an officer at Farmer’s Bank of Virginia in Winchester. He died in 1869.

Sencindiver, Lucille Collection, 1451 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of a scrapbook (1930-1980) containing photographs, news clippings related to family events, births, marriages, and deaths of the Sencindiver and other related families in Winchester, VA area.
(1 box) Last updated 02/07.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Lucille Sencindiver was born on October 25, 1915 in Harrisonburg, VA to David Hott and Esther Virginia Yeakley Sencindiver. In 1934, she graduated from Handley High School, Winchester, VA. She was secretary and treasurer for Winchester and Western Railroad for 15 years. In 1977, she retired fro the building department of National Fruit Product Co. Ms. Sencindiver died on October 22, 1994, and was buried in Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, VA.

Shawneeland Sanitary District Records, 1644 THL
The collection contains correspondence and other files of the Shawneeland Sanitary District including newspaper clippings, miscellaneous advertisements and announcements, deeds of sales, and records dating from 1955- present.(3 cartons, four linear feet) Last updated 06/16
HISTORICAL/BIOGRAPHICAL: : Shawneeland, which was founded by Don Lamborne (1917-2002) in 1955 as a resort, was originally a 7,000 acres land development at the foot of Great North Mountain in western Frederick County that included 3,000 lots. Over the years, the development evolved from a resort to a subdivision where residents lived all year long. This change made it necessary for the permanent residents to provide basic services for the maintenance of the property. In 1987, the Shawneeland Sanitary District was formed to administer the property. The commission’s work has been considered a great success by the residents.

Sheet Music Collection, 1600 THL/WFCHS
The collection contains sheet music written by Mary Earl, Grant Clark, Howard E. Rogers, Charles K. Harris and Winchester, VA residents Agnes Bell and Mary Hack. “Down in the Vale of Shenandoah”, written by Charles K. Harris, was published in 1904. “Mid the Green Fields of Virginia”, written by Charles K. Harris, reached number 2 on the 1899 Billboard chart. “Apple of the Valley”, written by Agnes Bell and Mary Hack, was published in 1911 in Winchester, VA. The collection also contains a copy of “Dixie’s Land” by Daniel D. Emmett (1859). Also found is “From Valley Forge to France,” by Mary Earl and “If He Can Fight Like He Can Love—Good Night Germany!” by Grant Clark and Howard E. Rogers.  (1 box) Last updated 03/17. 
Charles K. Harris was born in Poughkeepsie, NY on May 1, 1867. By the 1880s, he was writing and publishing songs. He was the first secretary of ASCAP, formed in 1914, to protect composers and publishers and ensure their compensation. He was known as the “King of the Tear Jerkers.” Harris died on December 22, 1930 in New York City. Dan Emmett is responsible for the creation of the Virginia Minstrels group, the first official minstrel group to operate within the United States. He also penned the wildly successful song “Dixie’s Land” that would go on to be held in high esteem in the Southern United States throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century. Mary Earl lived 1862-1932. She wrote the piece titled “From Valley Forge To France” during the First World War, 1914-1918. The piece written and published by Grant Clark and Howard E. Rogers pertains to WWI as well and was released in 1918.

Agnes Bell and Mary Hack were residents of Winchester, VA., but little else is known of them. 

Shenandoah Area Council BSA Collection, 372 THL/WFCHS

SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains books, magazines, pamphlets, correspondence, reports, speeches, and other miscellaneous materials concerning the Shenandoah Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America (1918-1979), Winchester, VA.
(3 boxes) Last updated 02/11.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: A local council of the Boy Scouts of America was organized in Winchester, VA in 1915. This council was comprised of three troops. In 1928, the Shenandoah Area Council was formed and assumed responsibility for the program in the northern Shenandoah counties and the panhandle of West Virginia. Council headquarters was located in Winchester, VA.

Shenandoah County Butcher Records, 383 WFCHS
The Shenandoah County Butcher Records collection contains one account book belonging to an unidentified butcher working in Woodstock and Edinburg, Shenandoah County, VA.
(1 box) Last updated 02/07.

Shenandoah Valley Academy Records, 121 THL/WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The Shenandoah Valley Academy Collection contains catalogs, yearbooks, printed materials, and photographs of cadets, activities, and the physical plant.
(3 boxes) 01/13.

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The Shenandoah Valley Academy, a preparatory school for young men, succeeded the Winchester Academy, one of the oldest boys’ schools in the U.S., which was chartered by the Burgesses of Virginia in 1785. The Winchester Academy closed in 1861 with students and faculty alike joining the Confederate forces. In 1865, after reorganization, the trustees changed the name to the Shenandoah Valley Academy. It operated at various locations in Winchester until 1939 when it closed for financial reasons. The trustees sold part of the property to pay obligations and deeded the rest to the Frederick County School Board.

Shenandoah Valley Agricultural Society Collection, 752
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection includes a list of 1885 shareholders, and treasurers’ accounts, which contain lists of members. Fair records and premium lists for several years between 1856 and 1931 are included together with a survey of land bought from Glaize. (1 box) Last updated 04/15.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The Valley Agricultural Society held a fair as early as 1856 in Winchester, VA. Members could obtain access to the fair by showing their stock certificate. Later, the name was changed to Shenandoah Valley Agricultural Society.

Shenandoah Valley Genealogical Society Collection, 1550 THL
This collection contains the minutes, newsletters, board meeting agendas, bylaws, and publicity material pertaining to the Shenandoah Valley Genealogical Society headquartered in Winchester, VA.
(2 boxes) Last updated 12/13.
BIOGRPAHICAL/HISTORICAL: The Shenandoah Valley Genealogical Society had its first meeting on November 5, 2003, and has been hosting society meetings, as well as conferences, ever since. The purpose of the Society shall be to encourage the affiliation of persons interested in the pursuit of their ancestral heritage and to promote fellowship and cooperation among them and to stimulate and provide instruction in the use of genealogical research methodology and adherence to standards of accuracy and thoroughness in genealogical research.

Shenandoah Valley Regional Studies Seminar Collection, 1238 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection is comprised of scholarly papers written on various subjects concerning the Shenandoah Valley, VA.
(1 box) Last updated 07/10.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Shenandoah Valley Studies Seminar was a consortium of colleges and universities in the Shenandoah Valley. They sponsored monthly forums and the presentation of papers on Valley topics.

Shenandoah Valley Military Records, 575 THL/WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains lists and general information of military units of the Shenandoah Valley during the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and beyond. Also included is information on the Continental Morgan Guards including when they served at Charlestown during the Brown Raid and trial in 1859. (Civil War records are available in Civil War Collection 1610.)    
(2 boxes) Last updated 08/2016.

Shenandoah Valley Tapestry Records, 1749 WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains a collective history of the Shenandoah Valley Tapestry from the early inspiration for the project through the planning process. Also included is information on historic buildings located in the Winchester/Frederick County area along with the minutes of the meetings, news articles about the project and the ceremony for its dedication, and programs created. (1 box) Last Updated 04/16
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The project entitled, “The Shenandoah Valley Tapestry, A Journey Through Time” began as a result of the book, Defend the Valley by Margaretta Barton Colt. The work provides an intimate view of the Civil War in the Valley through the letters and private papers of the Barton and Jones families: two prominent families of Winchester, Virginia. The book then inspired a painting, commissioned by Margaretta Barton Colt and created by Page Huff Dillon, entitled “Winchester & Frederick County Virginia.” Thus began the incentive to create a community-based narrative of the Valley through needlework.
The Winchester Chapter of the Embroiders’ Guild of America (WEGA), the Multicultural Club Collage (MCC) of Frederick County, VA, the Handley Regional Library, the Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society, and the Kernstown Battlefield Association worked together to create the Tapestry project. The Tapestry will employ the inspirations of both Margaretta Barton Colt and Page Huff Dillon to create a Tapestry containing a true voice and history of the Shenandoah Valley. Through a collective effort of the community of the Winchester/Frederick County area, the Tapestry is continuing to make excellent progress. Everyone and anyone is encouraged to contribute to the Tapestry by adding even just one stitch, making it a truly community driven project. 

Shenandoah Valley Writers Guild Collection, 1516 THL
This collection contains ephemera and a directory of the Shenandoah Valley Writers Guild of the Shenandoah Valley, VA, from 1987 to 1988. It also contains the Shenandoah Valley Writers Guild Showcase for 1981 to 1997, excluding 1984, 1986, and 1991.
(1 box) Last updated 09/04.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The guild was organized in 1977 to provide professional stimulus, community recognition, and social contact for anyone interested in writing, particularly those residents of the 7-county service district of Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) in Middletown, VA, and the neighboring counties of West Virginia and Maryland. Originally an alumni group for the creative writing classes offered at LFCC, membership was open to the public. The guild is no longer active.

Shiloh Baptist Church Records, 553 THL, 

SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains six deeds from 1889, 1911, and 1916 for the Primitive Baptist Denomination and Shiloh Baptist Church, established by the African-American community in Winchester, VA. Last updated 02/2011.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The first edifice of Shiloh Baptist Church, then known as the Old Church, was built in 1888 on land purchased from Mrs. Marie Edmund. This lot was later purchased and the church was replaced by an ice plant. The current church structure, built in 1911, is located in the 500 block of N. Kent Street. It was obtained from a former Winchester resident, Mrs. Ada Jackson of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Shultz, Michael R. Collection, 1122 WFCHS
This collection contains correspondence written to or by Mildred Pangle and Clarence Glaize during the 1930s and miscellaneous items that belonged to Glaize.
(1 box) Last updated 03/13.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Michael R. Shultz is a resident of Winchester, VA

Shumate, Tilman Account Book, 395 WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains the account book of Tilman Shumate who was a dispenser of general merchandise in Frederick County, VA. Included is the settlement of his estate, June 1847. (1 box) Last updated 02/03.

Sibert and Denny Records, 685 THL
This collection is comprised of a ledger book, 1901-1915, recording the accounts of Winchester, VA residents with Sibert and Denny Jewelers.
(1 box) Last updated 05/2012.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Sibert and Denny Jewelers was located at 145 N. Loudoun Street, Winchester, VA. James W. Sibert and Robert A. Denny owned this business. According to Winchester, VA, City Directories, they were in business from approximately 1898/99 until 1917. After Sibert died Mifflin Clowe Sr. became Denny’s partner, and when Denny died in 1917, the store was renamed Clowe Jewelry Store.

Sibert, J. William Collection, 200 THL
The J. William Sibert collection contains a scrapbook of photographs taken in Winchester, VA during the Victory Parade after World War I. Collection also contains one short news article about local veterans (nurses, soldiers, etc.) of WWI who received medals. (1 box) Last updated 05/2012.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: J. William Sibert was born on April 6, 1863 to James W. and Arabella Hooper Sibert. During Woodrow Wilson’ administration Sibert served as postmaster for Winchester, Virginia. A member of the Sarah Zane Fire Company, he served as fire chief of Winchester for 30 years. Sibert died on July 19, 1939 and is buried in Mount Hebron Cemetery.

Singleton, Washington G. Papers, 171 WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains business correspondence and financial records for W.G. Singleton, Attorney of the U.S. for the Western District of Virginia for President Andrew Jackson.
Note: Correspondence is addressed to Singleton from other people including family members. However, the bulk regards matters before him in his official capacities as U.S. Attorney and Clerk of the Superior Court. The papers cover 1829-1866.
(4 boxes) Last updated 03/10.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Washington G. Singleton, son of Joshua Singleton and Nancy Wynne, was born ca. 1798 in Virginia. He married Maria Antoinette Waite on April 26, 1823. Admitted to the practice of law in 1828, he was appointed Attorney for the U.S. for the Western District of Virginia by President Andrew Jackson in 1834. He served in that office until 1842. In 1858, Singleton became Clerk of the Superior Court of the Chancery in 1858. After the court adjourned on September 5, 1864, the court met at Singleton’s home on Cork Street. He and Maria had eight children, all born in Winchester. He continued to practice law until his death in 1866.

Sirbaugh, Loretta K. Collection, 1384 WFCHS
This collection contains memorabilia from Loretta Sirbaugh’s life including a pictorial directory, 1981, and a list of people who have been members of Braddock Street United Methodist Church; an official program from Dwight D. Eisenhower’s presidential inauguration, 1953; marriage certificate of Uriah Fletcher and Sarah E. White, 1850; articles and programs from Handley High School, 1930 and 1957; and correspondence and other articles of Verlus (Rod)) Sirbaugh.
(1 box) Last updated 06/04.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Loretta K. Sirbaugh is the donor of this collection and a Fredericksburg, VA resident.

Skellenger, Phineas Collection, 1500 WFCHS
This collection contains letters home written by Pvt. Phineas H. Skellenger during the American Civil War, letters from Skellenger’s unit (15th N.M. Vol. Inf.) to newspapers, and published letters written by members of this unit.
(1 box) Last updated 08/04.

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Phineas Skellenger fought during the Civil War in the 15th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, Company F, 1st N.J. Brigade, 1st Division, 6th Corps. It is believed that he died on June 27, 1864. Sgt. William MacKenzie Thompson served in Co. G of the 15th. Sgt. Paul Kuhl served in Co. A of the same regiment. Other authors of letters included are L. A. Voorhees and Jack MacKenzie.

Sloat, Maggie Chrisman Papers, 1475 WFCHS
This collection is comprised mainly of correspondence from John I. Sloat to Maggie Olivia Crisman, both of Winchester, VA, 1895-1903. John Sloat married Maggie Crisman on February 22, 1899, in Winchester by Reverend Sam G. Cox. Correspondence covers the time period before and after the marriage. Sloat established The Winchester Evening Star in 1896. Several years later, he sold it to Richard E. Byrd and Scott Hansbrough. Sloat was a founder of the Commercial and Savings Bank in 1916.
(1 box) Last updated 08/04.

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL Maggie Crisman Sloat was the recipient of the correspondence in this collection. Mrs. Margaret Olivia Sloat died February 11, 1954 in Augusta Co., VA. She is buried in Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, VA.

Smith, Ernie and Helen Collection, 496WFCHS
The collection contains correspondence, a 1943 edition of "The Virginia All-Wool", and other programs, and other memorabilia collected by Ernie and Helen Smith.
(1 box) Last updated 10/10.
Biographical/Historical: Ernie and Helen Smith are residents of Winchester, VA. Mr. Smith was a World War II veteran.

Smith, George M. Collection, 991 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains materials from various churches in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and West Virginia, USA, articles on Shenandoah Valley history, survey books, diaries, correspondence, and other materials concerning early German and Lutheran settlers in the Valley.
(9 boxes) Last updated 11/10.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: George Morris Smith was born in 1923 in Buffalo, NY, and died in 2000 in Melbourne, FL. Although Smith started out as a degreed, ordained minister, he spent nearly 20 years as an historian. After graduating from Susquehanna University in 1944 and Philadelphia Lutheran Seminary in 1947, he held assistant pastorates in Flushing, NY and Philadelphia. From 1949 to 1967, he served as the pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Strasburg (Shenandoah County), VA. He left the ministry to pursue a master’s degree in history at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA, which he completed in 1970. He began his new career with the National Trust for Historical Preservation. Later, he became the Administrator of Properties for Belle Grove Plantation in Middletown (Frederick County), VA; Woodlawn Plantation in Alexandria (Fairfax County), VA; and James Madison’s home in Montpelier (Orange County), VA. George Smith retired in 1989 to Indialantic, FL, where he lived until his death in 2000. He was buried at Mount Hebron Cemetery in Winchester (Frederick County), VA.

Smith, Margarette Collection, 1511 THL
This collection contains a paperbound book titled John C Armitage, a paper beauty book highlighting Black and White Company’s products—souvenirs from Little Mountain School, 1910-1911; "The Book of Presidents" from Washington to Hoover; "Narratives of Pious Children" with Redbud Sunday School inscribed in front cover; and a souvenir folder of Black and White photos of Winchester, VA, ca. 1920.
(1 box) Last updated 02/06.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The collection is a gift from Margarette (Mrs. Alson) Smith of Winchester, VA.

Snapp, Milton Collection, 1568 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains extensive genealogical notes, correspondence, and photographs regarding the Snapp family collected by Milton Snapp of Rockville, MD. The photographs are filed within the photograph files. Also included are Snapp military records from the French and Indian War through the Civil War. (9 boxes) Last updated 06/016. DIGITIZED 05/07.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The donor, Milton Snapp, now lives in Daytona Beach, FL.

Sommers, Brother James Collection, 360 THL
The Brother James Sommers Collection contains addresses presented and articles written by Brother James on historic men and events of the Civil War with a particular emphasis on Battle of Cool Springs (July 17-18, 1864). (1 box) Last updated 12/11
BIOGRPAHICAL/HISTORICAL: Brother James Sommers (1922-2011) lived at the Holy Cross Abbey near Berryville, VA which is the site of the Battle of Cool Springs. He delivered these addresses between 1973 and 1977. He moved to Washington D. C. after his retirement. He died on December 4, 2011 and is buried at the Holy Cross Abbey Cemetery in Clarke County, VA.

Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1567, Turner Ashby Records, 1666 # THL
The collection contains newspaper clipping, and newsletters of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1567.
(1 box) Last updated 01/09.
BIOGRAPHICAL/RECORDS: The current Turner Ashby SCV camp is the re-chartered United Confederate Veteran camp that existed in Winchester, VA from 1891 to 1943. The current camp was founded in 1991, and still exist today.

Sound Archives Collection, 1656 THL/WFCHS
This collection includes a variety of long-playing albums and CDs of music and musicians associated with the Shenandoah Valley during the late 20th Century and early 21st Century (1 box) Last updated 08/08.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Artist includes Patsy Cline, Ryan Buck, Blossom Dearie, John McCutcheon, Madeline McNeil, Mike Eddington, Matt Hahn, Seth Austen, and Bobby "B" Blue.

South End Fire Company Records, 1284 THL or WFCHS
This collection includes news clipping, photographs, programs, and records regarding the history, buildings, and business of the South End Fire Company. Also included are reports of fires covered, equipment, membership, and two photogravures, which were used from printing photographs.
(6 box) Last updated 04/16.

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The South End Fire Company was called the South End Hose Company. The first building, completed and occupied on Sept 27, 1897, was enlarged in 1907. Until 1922 hoses were pulled by hand but in March of that year a combination chemical and hose apparatus was purchased. A new structure replaced the small, 2-room building in 1930. On August 26, 1949, the company was officially incorporated. A new building on Monmouth Street was dedicated on April 12, 1959.

Spanish-American War Collection, 1698 WFCHS
This collection contains the charter of the Colonel James C. Baker Camp, United Spanish War Veterans as well as autographs cards famous veterans, and news articles on local veterans.
( 1 box) Last updated 03/12.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The United Spanish War Veterans was organized in 1904 from three smaller veterans groups. The organization consisted of veterans from Spanish-American War (1898-9), Philippine-American War (1899-1902), and the Chinese Relief Expedition (1900-1). It existed until 1992 when the last veteran, Nathan C. Cook passed away. Colonel James C. Baker (1851-1917), for whom the Winchester, VA camp is named, was the commander of the Second Virginia Volunteer Infantry during the Spanish-American War. He was a Shenandoah County lawyer who also practiced in Winchester and Frederick County. The camp, which was organized on January 11, 1935, had members from Winchester, Frederick County, and Clarke County.

Sperry, A.P. Collection, 1409 WFCHS
This collection contains a commissary ledger from the American Civil War, 1861-1865. Entries date from Sept. 25, 1862 to Oct. 31 1862 with one entry for Oct. 31, 1863 and detail supplies to troops stationed at Winchester, VA, disbursements. It also includes information on Union prisoners; hospitals; wagon trains; prisoners in jail. Entries also include forage and supplies brought from local sources. Also contained in the collection are clippings of published poetry of Alexander Sperry in the back of the ledger date from 1853 to1871 and are interspersed with announcements of his wedding to Annie M. Green of New York City before the Civil War; and poetry readings after the Civil War in Glaizeview, VA; Baltimore, MD Raleigh and Greensborough, NC,
(1 box) Last updated 06/04.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Alexander Perry Sperry, from Greensborough, NC, was a captain in the Army of the Confederate States of America.

Sperry, Edward Account Books, 633 THL
This collection is comprised of 4 account books from 1838 to 1913 (not consecutive) and a ledger book from 1850 to 1856, all kept by Edward Sperry. These books include names of patrons and their accounts with Edward Sperry’s Middletown, VA business. Sperry was the keeper of the account books. (2 boxes) Last updated 05/03.

Sperry, Jacob Family Papers, 817 THL
This collection consists of Jacob Sperry’s will dated 1807, Catherine Elizabeth Sperry’s will dated 1847, indentures between John Lantz and Jacob Sperry dated 1779, and the family record in German of Jacob and Elizabeth Sperry, 1790-1805. Jacob Sperry was a resident of Winchester, VA, USA.
(1 box) Last updated 04/14. DIGITIZED 02/07.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Jacob Sperry was the son of Nicholas Sperry He was a member of Daniel Morgan’s Virginia Riflemen, also known as the "Dutch Mess"and participated in the attack on Quebec with Morgan in 1775 where he was captured. Jacob married Catherine Elizabeth Lauck. Jacob Sperry died in 1808 and is buried in Mount Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, VA.

Sperry, Kate Papers, 1578 WFCHS/THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains the diary of Kate Sperry, a teenaged girl who lived in downtown Winchester, VA during the Civil War. The diary begins on July 13, 1861 and ends on December 14, 1864. In addition to the Sperry diary, the collection also contains research material, friendship book, genealogical data, correspondence, and other miscellaneous items concerning Sperry and her husband Dr. Enoch Hunt. (1 Box) last updated 07/11
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Kate Sperry was born May 1, 1843 to Warden Warren Sperry and Mary Virginia Van Lear. She was a Winchester, Virginia resident until her marriage in 1864 to Dr. Enoch Hunt, a surgeon in the 2nd Miss. Regt, CSA . They moved to Mississippi at the close of the Civil War. Kate Sperry died on October 22, 1886 and is buried in Ripley, Mississippi.

Spout Spring Records Collection, 1655 WFCHS]
The collection contains the account book of the business transactions of Daniel T. Wood, the owner of the Spout Spring Mill, between April, 1889-February, 1915. (1 box) Last updated 08/08.
BIOGRAHICAL/HISTORICAL: Daniel T. Wood inherited the Spout Spring property, including the mill, from his father Isaac Wood upon his death in 1855. Wood lived at the estate, which he renamed Millbank, until his death in 1915. Because of his loyalty to the Union and his membership in the Society of Friends, the mill was spared by the Union army during the Valley Campaign of 1864. After Wood’s death, his two unmarried daughters, Clara and Mary Wood, lived at the estate until Mary’s death in 1959.

Spring Mills Records, 400 WFCHS
Scope and Content:
This collection contains an account book, correspondence, and ledgers, relating to Spring Mills business in Winchester, VA.
(2 boxes) Last updated 11/11.
Biographical/Historical: This mill was located near the confluence of Town Run and Abram’s Delight and was erected by the Hollingsworth family shortly after the Revolution. A very prosperous mill, it was run for many years during the 19th Century by David Hollingsworth. Around 1870, he sold the mill to Ober and Sons who used it as a fertilizer factory under the management of U. L. Dorsey. In 1884 it was operated by E. R. Thatcher and John V. Tavenner for the manufacture of butter. The plant shortly fell into disuse and was sold to the City of Winchester in 1890 who used it to supply water the city.

Steele Brothers Records, 1571 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection contains two ledgers of a business, probably that of a general store, known as "Steele Bros." The ledgers show debits and credits for various persons and entities for the period of March 1873 to Feb. 1878. Many individual accounts show balances carried forward from (or to) previous (subsequent) volumes. Extrapolation suggests this business began approximately in 1867.
(1 box) Last updated 09/04.
Biographical/Historical: The Opequon, Frederick County, VA records show three brothers, Mager W., Milton B., and John M. Steele engaged in merchandise selling a range of goods from staples such as potatoes and butter, to clothing, coal oil, planks, and unspecified merchandise.

Stephens City, Virginia Records, 560 WFCHS/THL
Scope and Content:
This collection contains copies of deeds, wills, land grants, surveys, etc., relating to the history of Stephens City. Also included are more recent city records.(3 boxes) Last updated 02/2008
Biographical/Historical: Peter Stephens built the first home in Stephens City in 1732. In 1758, his son Lewis applied to the Virginia General Assembly to establish the town as Stephensburg. As the town grew, it became known as Newtown. The name was officially changed to Stephens City in April 1880. The town was settled mostly by Germans. One of the main trades of the town was wagon making.

Stephens City United Methodist Church Collection, 1709 WFCHS
Scope and Content:
This collection contains church directories, news articles, and histories of the Stephens City United Methodist Church, Stephens City, Virginia. It also contains a directory and short history of the Orrick Chapel. Stephens City United Methodist Church is located on the northwest corner of Main and Locust St. Orrick Chapel in located at 5310 Mulberry Street, Stephens City, VA.
(1 box) Last updated 07/13.
Biographical/Historical: In 1775, two traveling ministers preached the first Methodist sermon in the history of the Shenandoah Valley in Stephens City. Shortly afterwards, a Methodist "society" was established in the Valley town, and by 1778 had blossomed into what is today the Stephens City United Methodist Church. The church also founded and operated an African-American Methodist Church named for famed Methodist minister Robert Orrick.

Stickley, Benjamin Papers, 305 WFCHS
Scope and Content:
This collection contains records of the 136th Virginia Militia, 1828-1847. Personal correspondence is included. The collection also contains information about both of the Strasburg and Woodstock fire companies.
(1 box) Last updated 01/07.
Biographical/Historical: Benjamin Stickley was born on May 27, 1806. He became a farmer and was married to Elizabeth Stickley. He was captain of the 1st Battalion and 136th Regiment of the Virginia Militia in 1837, 1838, and 1842. Stickley died on August 5, 1853, of consumption. He was buried in Stickley Cemetery in Shenandoah County, Virginia.

Stimmel, Sylva Ann Lemley Collection, 1708 WFCHS
Scope and Content:
This collection is comprised of genealogical materials on the Headley, Grigsby, Broy, Lemley, Stimmel, Sandy, Bruden, Helsley, Wright and Hepner Families. It also contains Obituaries, Marriage Announcements and Newsletters. Dates from 1720’s – 1990’s.
(4 boxes) Last updated: 02/27/13.
Biographical/Historical: Sylva Ann Lemley is the compiler and donor of this collection. She died in nursing home at 75 of age. Lemley resided in Stephen City, VA and was retired as a Supervisor with Bell Atlantic. She was Past Regent of the Fort Loudon Chapter of the D.A.R. She died on December 9, 2001 and is buried in Mount Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, VA.

Stone House Foundation Collection, 1704 THL
This collection contains the newsletters (2003-present), brochures, and correspondence from the Stone House Foundation, Stephens City, VA. It also contains news clippings, an essay published by the foundation which accompanied their display on religious books from Newtown, VA, and articles about the wagon making industry. (1 box) Last Updated 12/11
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The Stone House Foundation is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization founded in 1990 by Mildred Lee Grove. Named for the stone house built in the 1760s in what is today Stephens City, VA. The foundation’s goal is to educate children, residents, and visitors on the history and culture of Stephens City, formerly known as Newtown,  and the surrounding area. The foundation also strives to promote the preservation of architecture, and the material culture of the region. The foundation is currently headquartered at the Newtown History Center in downtown Stephens City.  For more information see their website at:

Stonewall Cemetery Records, 500 WFCHS
This collection contains histories, solicitations, news articles, and papers relating to the Stonewall Cemetery. The Ladies Memorial Association established Stonewall Cemetery for Confederate soldiers in 1866. (1 box) Last updated 04/09.

Stonewall School Collection, 1530 WFCHS
Scope and Content:
This collection contains material collected and published by the Stonewall School Reunion Committee. Copies of Stonewall News for the years 1942-1946 are included with 1990 Stonewall Alumni comments. The collection also includes five scrapbooks that contain photographs, newspaper clippings, and notes relating to Stonewall School.
(5 boxes) Last updated 09/04.
Biographical/Historical: Stonewall High School opened its doors to students in 1941. It was the fifth high school in Frederick County, VA. The school is located on U.S. Route 11 approximately four miles from the West Virginia state line. The first commencement and baccalaureate exercise was held on May 30, 1943. Twelve seniors received diplomas. When James Wood High School opened in the fall of 1950, Stonewall became an elementary school.

Streit, Christian Diary, 836 WFCHS
Scope and Content:
This collection includes several transcripts and typescripts of the diary of Rev. Christian Streit, who was an 18th century Lutheran minister in Winchester, VA, USA. The diary, translated from German into English, covers the years from 1785 to 1788. Some transcripts include an index. The collection also contains a biographical sketch of Rev. Christian Streit, a report of marriages performed from Oct. 5, 1725 to Sept. 24, 1786, and letters written in 1831 by Susan Streit, his third wife. The diary is in the collection of the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.
(1 box) Last updated 03/10.
Biographical/Historical: Christian Streit was born on June 7, 1749, in New Jersey. He was the grandson of Swiss immigrants who came to New York. He graduated from the Academy and College in Philadelphia and took theological home study with Henry M. Muhlenberg and Provost Wrangel. He was ordained in 1770 and served with the 8th Virginia Regiment from 1776 to 1777. Streit took on the pastorate of Winchester in July 1785 serving Winchester, Strasburg, and Woodstock, VA. He remained at his post until his death on March 10, 1812.

Strother, David Hunter Collection, 300 THL/WFCHS
Scope and Content: The collection contains David Hunter Strother’s "Personal Recollections of the War by a Virginian," published in Harper’s Weekly on Sept. 1866, Oct. 1866, and April 1868. A copy of an address given by Gen. Strother on July 4, 1876, is also included. A letter written by Mrs. Edmund Lee in 1864 berating him for burning her house is also included. Articles and information of an exhibit about D.H. Strother’s artistic career are included. (1 box) Last updated 01/2012.
Biographical/Historical: David Hunter Strother was born in Martinsburg, WV, Sept. 16, 1816, being the son of Colonel John Strother, who was the proprietor for many years of the Berkeley Springs Hotel. He studied art in Europe and New York and in 1853 began to contribute to Harper’s Magazine under the signature "Porte Crayon." During the Civil War, he served under Major-General David Hunter and became Colonel of the Third West Virginia Cavalry. He was breveted Brig. General in 1865. He died of pneumonia on Thursday, March 8, 1888, and was buried at Green Hill Cemetery in Martinsburg, WV.

Stuart, Betty Meade Collection, 1665 # THL
Scope and Content:
The collection contains four scrapbooks with feature news clippings from the 1930s, 1940s, 1980s, and the1990s as well as news articles concerning the local events in of Clarke County, White Post, and Boyce during the 1990s. The news articles were published in the Clarke Courier, The Winchester Star, the Northern Virginia Daily, The Washington Post, and the Baltimore Sun, 1980 – 2003.
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Biographical/Historical: Betty Meade Stuart was a life long resident of White Post in Clarke County, VA, and was the descendant of one of the first settlers in the county. She was born on October 15, 1920, and passed away at the age of eighty-five on April 14, 2006.

Sullivan, Algernon Sidney Collection, 231 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Collection contains Bible records, genealogical notes, memo books, scrapbooks, correspondence, and other papers primarily pertaining to the Sullivan, Hammond, Burnett, and Hutchinson families.
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BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Algernon Sydney Sullivan was born on April 5, 1826, to Jeremiah Sullivan and Charlotte Rudesel Cutler in Madison, IN. At age 17, he was admitted to Hanover College, Hanover, IN, then to Miami University of Ohio receiving his degree in 1845. In 1851, he married Mary Slocum Groesbeck, who passed away the same year. In December 1856, he married his second wife Mary Mildred Hammond of Winchester, VA. He went on to be a beloved and distinguished lawyer and member of the New York Bar Association. He was also a member of several clubs and organizations. Sullivan died suddenly of illness on Dec. 4, 1887, in New York City.
Mary Mildred Hammond Sullivan, the daughter of Sarah A. Taylor and George W. Hammond, grew up in Winchester, VA. After marrying Algernon S. Sullivan, she moved to New York with him where a chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) was named after her. She became widely known and appreciated in the field of public philanthropy. Among her long list of accomplishments, she became a member of a committee of women who saw to the needs of southern prisoners in New York; she became one of the managing bodies of the Nursery and Child’s Hospital; she assisted with an annual charity ball held in New York and was involved in several other charities. Early in the Handley Regional Library’s development, Mary Mildred Sullivan and her son, George H. Sullivan, donated prints, engravings, and books to the library’s holdings. They also established the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Memorial Trust, which continually provides funds to purchase books for the library.

Sutton, Linda Morrison Collection, 1607 WFCHS

SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains genealogy material pertaining to the Clatterbuck, Cullers, and Cole families. Additional material traces the descendants of Jean Delon, Joseph Noel and Nicholas Strausbach. Information (typescript) tracing the ownership of Spring Hill Farm in Frederick County, VA is also included.
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BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Linda Morrison Sutton was born in Warren County, VA in 1918. She was married to Robert L. Sutton and had two sons, James and William. She lived and worked in Winchester, VA most of her life until she retired and moved to Harrisonburg, VA where she died in 2006. Sutton was the author of "History of the Cole, Dillon, Martin Families of Adams County, PA" and "The Cole, Clatterbuck, Cullers Families of Frederick and Page Counties, VA."

Swanson , Mary Elizabeth Trenary Collection, 456 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection includes certificates, correspondence to and from Kathleen McCartney, identification cards, and a funeral book and program for the aforementioned Miss McCartney. There are also certificates and identification cards for Jack Swanson and Jack G. Swanson Barbershop.
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BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Mary Elizabeth “Libby” Swanson was born January 13, 1921 in Clarke County, VA, and was the daughter of Marshall Hackley Trenary and Mary Lee Trenary. She worked as a branch manager with F&M until age 65, and was a part-time teller at BB&T until age 86. The mayor of Winchester proclaimed the day of her 80th birthday to be “Libby Swanson Day.” She married Jack Swanson on April 24, 1948, and died on September 8, 2011 at the age of 90. She was a good friend of Kathleen McCartney.
    Jack G. Swanson was born in 1920 to Ernest and Grace Swanson. During World War II, he was an Army sergeant at Camp Shelby, MI. He owned and operated Swanson’s Barber Shop until his retirement in 1995 after 45 years. He died December 16, 2007 at the age of 87.
    Kathleen McCartney was born July 19, 1893 in Newcastle, and was daughter to Lee Jackson and Virginia Firestone McCartney. A sister, Claire Ferger, predeceased her. McCartney was a private piano teacher after retiring from John Handley High School in 1965. She died on September 28, 1985 at the age of 91.

Swayne, John Collection, 1073 THL
This collection is comprised of a ledger, Nov. 1815-April 1817, belonging to John Swayne who sold general merchandise in Alexandria, VA.
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BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: John Swayne was a general merchandiser in Alexandria, VA during the early 1800s.