Youth Volunteers & TAB

Want to volunteer at the library?  Here's what we're looking for:

 Two (2) or three (3) available hours per week
 Be a rising sixth grader or older
 Alphabetizing skills for shelving
 Ability to work with the public, especially with children
 Comfortable knowledge of computers
 Knowledge of some children’s books and authors
 Interest in displays or puppets or book collection

Here's what you might do at the library: (Scroll down for the volunteer application)

Shelving Assistant

• Straighten displays and pick up items scattered around
• Shelve JE picture books

• Shelve audios, videos, DVDs and CDs
• Shelf read special collections to ensure proper order

Computer Assistant

• Assist users to sign-in
• Help users bring up educational programs
• Help users search for materials at the PAC
• Provide basic trouble-shooting
• Provide entries for Youth Services Blog

Collection Assistant

• Search for items to assist in processing
• Pull books for inventory or weeding activities

Display Assistant

• Cut materials for programs and displays
• Stamp bookmarks
• Pull books for displays and programs
• Create bulletin board displays

Teen Advisory Board

• Attend meetings and offer input on program ideas
• Demonstrate leadership abilities
• Recommend materials for purchase and collection updates
• Plan programs for middle and high school students
• Assist with programs offered to middle and high schoolers


• Set up puppet stage
• Set up sound equipment
• Practice with the puppets (approximately 30 min. each week)
• Present puppet singing skits during storytime sessions
• Take puppets to circulation areas to interact with waiting children
• Disassemble puppet stage and sound equipment
• Place puppets and equipment in storage

Program Assistant

• Set up area for programs
• Restore area after programs
• Assist presenters with programs
• Assist with crowd-control and keep aisles open
• Hand out program flyers/color sheets at programs


Fill out a volunteer application

Youth Volunteer Guidelines

  • Keep to your schedule
  • Sign in, so that we have a record of your arrival
  • Wear your nametag
  • Let your supervisor know that you have signed in
  • Please ask if you need more information about your task
  • Check with your supervisor before leaving
  • Sign out at the end of your shift

Be a responsible volunteer:

  • Always be on time
  • Call if a schedule change is needed
  • (869-9000 ext. 215 for Bowman)
  • (662-9041 ext. 16 for Handley)
  • Be prepared to work
  • Follow the dress code
  • Interact with the children
  • Let a librarian know if you need a break


  • Please, no food or drink in the public area of the library
  • Please keep snacks contained until your break

Working with small children:

  • Tell the children your name
  • Be friendl
  • Be positive
  • Smile a lot!
  • Always be kind and patient

Fill out a volunteer application

Bowman Library Volunteer Assignments

Handley Library Volunteer Assignments