Youth Volunteers & TAB

Want to volunteer at the library?  Here's what we're looking for:

 Two (2) or three (3) available hours per week
 Be a rising sixth grader or older
 Alphabetizing skills for shelving
 Ability to work with the public, especially with children
 Comfortable knowledge of computers
 Knowledge of some children’s books and authors
 Interest in displays or puppets or book collection

Here's what you might do at the library: (Scroll down for the volunteer application)

Shelving Assistant

• Straighten displays and pick up items scattered around
• Shelve JE picture books
• Shelve audios, videos, DVDs and CDs
• Shelf read special collections to ensure proper order

Computer Assistant

• Assist users to sign-in
• Help users bring up educational programs
• Help users search for materials at the PAC
• Provide basic trouble-shooting
• Provide entries for Youth Services Blog

Display Assistant

• Cut materials for programs and displays
• Stamp bookmarks
• Pull books for displays and programs
• Create bulletin board displays

Collection Assistant

• Search for items to assist in processing
• Pull books for inventory or weeding activities

Teen Advisory Board

• Attend meetings and offer input on program ideas
• Demonstrate leadership abilities
• Recommend materials for purchase and collection updates
• Plan programs for middle and high school students
• Assist with programs offered to middle and high schoolers


• Set up puppet stage
• Set up sound equipment
• Practice with the puppets (approximately 30 min. each week)
• Present puppet singing skits during storytime sessions
• Take puppets to circulation areas to interact with waiting children
• Disassemble puppet stage and sound equipment
• Place puppets and equipment in storage

Program Assistant

• Set up area for programs
• Restore area after programs
• Assist presenters with programs
• Assist with crowd-control and keep aisles open
• Hand out program flyers/color sheets at programs


Fill out a volunteer application

Youth Volunteer Guidelines

Keep to your schedule
Sign in, so that we have a record of your arrival
Wear your nametag
Let your supervisor know that you have signed in
Please ask if you need more information about your task
Check with your supervisor before leaving
Sign out at the end of your shift

Be a responsible volunteer:

Always be on time
Call if a schedule change is needed
(869-9000 ext. 215 for Bowman)
(662-9041 ext. 16 for Handley)
Be prepared to work
Follow the dress code
Interact with the children
Let a librarian know if you need a break

Working with small children:

Tell the children your name
Be friendl
Be positive
Smile a lot!
Always be kind and patient


Please, no food or drink in the public area of the library
Please keep snacks contained until your break

Bowman Library Volunteer Assignments

Handley Library Volunteer Assignments