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Lalley, Ann Dudley Field Collection, 1543 # WFCHS
Scope and Content: This collection contains a variety of Confederate currency for Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Also included in the collection are Confederate notes. These notes range in amounts from 5 cents to $100.
(1 box) Last updated 07/09.
Biographical/Historical: Ann Dudley Field Lalley donated the currency to the archives from her collection.

Land Records and Surveys, 1126 WFCHS
Scope and Content: This collection contains deeds, surveys, and abstracts of deeds for Winchester, Fredrick County, and surrounding areas from 1765 -1926..
(1 box) Last updated 03/10.
Historical: Frederick County was created by an act of the Virginia House of Burgesses on November 11, 1738. The county was, however, was not formally organized until five years later when the county court met for the first time on November 11, 1743.. Winchester, founded by Colonel James Wood, became the county seat in 1744. Since its founding, Frederick County has been divided into 12 counties, including seven that are now part of West Virginia. The Virginia counties include Warren, Page, Shenandoah, Frederick, and Clarke. The West Virginia counties are Hardy, Morgan, Berkeley, Jefferson, Mineral, Hampshire, and Grant.

Larrick, Rollin Family Collection, 1489 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection contains miscellaneous business receipts of Homer and Nelson Dry Goods from 1840 to 1859, incomplete. Also included is genealogical material pertaining to the Larrick, Sine, and Whiting-Carlyle-Burwell, Brill, and Orndorff families. Rollin David Larrick compiled the genealogies.
(3 boxes) Last updated 12/11.
Biographical/Historical: Rollin Larrick donated this collection.

Layton Family Collection, 228 THL
Scope and Content:
The Layton Family Collection contains news clippings, correspondence and writings by William W. Layton, Mary Layton, and Benjamin Layton, regarding African-American history and the Civil Rights Movement.
(1 box) Last updated 12/07.
Biographical/Historical: William Wendell Layton was born in 1915. He graduated from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania in 1937, received his master’s degree from Fisk University in Nashville, TN, worked for the Urban League for 16 years, and served with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and later with the U.S. Federal Reserve Board. He resided in Washington, DC, and Millwood, Clarke County, VA. William W. Layton died on Sept. 12, 2007, at age 92.

Leatherman, John Collection, 688 THL
Scope and Content:
The John Leatherman Collection contains five old books, three of which are written in German and two are bibles. A copy of The Olive Branch, a book of the early 1800s, was written to alarm the reader to unethical methods practiced by the U.S. government. (2 boxes) Last updated 06/03.
Biographical/Historical: John Leatherman was a resident of Winchester, VA.

Lee, Mrs. Hugh Collection, 1182 WFCHS (Mary Greenhow Lee)
Scope and Content:
This collection contains a typescript of a diary from the Civil War, 1861-1865. The diary covers the period from March 11, 1862 to November 17, 1865 in daily entries. There are no entries for September 1-2, 1862 and November 9-16, 1865. The diary contains a detailed account of Winchester (VA) during the Civil War, 1861-1865, including major battles and Union occupation of the town. The diary notes Mrs. Lee’s dedication to the Confederate cause, along with frank estimates of Confederate leaders.
(2 boxes) Last updated 02/12.
Biographical/Historical: Mary Charlton Greenhow Lee (1819-1907), daughter of Robert Greenhow (1800-1854) and Mary Jane Charlton Greenhow, was born in Richmond, VA and in 1843 married Hugh Holmes Lee (d. 1856), a Winchester, VA lawyer. She had no children. Studiously disobeying every edict of the Union generals in charge of the forces occupying Winchester, she was finally exiled by Philip Sheridan (1831-1888), in February, 1865. She never returned to Winchester. Finally settling in Baltimore, MD, she became active in community and church work.

Lee, Robert E. Collection, 1055 THL/WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This small collection contains ephemera about General Lee. Focus is on his service in the Confederate Army.
(1 box) Last updated 12/15.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Robert Edward lee was born at Stratford” in Westmoreland Co., VA on January 19, 1807. He was the son of Henry “Light Horse Harry” and Ann Hill Carter, In 1825, Lee gained an appointment to West Point and graduated in 1829. On June 30, 1830, he married Mary Ann Randolph Custis. Lee fought with decoration in the Mexican War as a captain of engineers. In 1852 as a Colonel, Lee was appointed superintendent of West Point’s Military Academy, serving in that capacity from 1857 to 1861. Lee was a commissioned lieutenant colonel of the 2nd cavalry. At the beginning of the Civil War in April of 1861, Lee resigned his commission with the U.S. Army to fight for the Confederate States Army. He was accepted into the Regular CSA on May 14 1861 as a brigadier general. General Lee became commander of the Army of Northern Virginia in 1862.

Lemley, E. M. Records, 1637 THL
Scope and Content: This collection is comprised of two account books showing business transactions from 1902 to 1931. The entries for the first book are believed to be for Fancy Groceries Confectionary in Stephens City, VA with E.L. Lemley being the proprietor. Edgar Lemley is the contact person listed on the store receipts attached inside the back cover of the book. The second book is a ledger book of unknown origin, though it may have some association with the business of the proprietor of the first account book in this collection. The transactions in the second book are primarily the purchases of clothing and fabric, although some food items were also sold. The transactions span a wider range of time (1902-1931) than the first book. Most of the customers were from the Opequon District – Stephens City area as was discovered via the census data. The patrons are primarily women. It is also noted in the ledger book two that some patrons were allowed to work for the business to repay debts (see Miss Gertrude Jenkins on pg. 594, and Mr. Palmer on pg. 386 – "paid for work"). Last updated: 03/18
BIOGRAPHICAL/Historical: E. L. Lemley was the storekeeper and employer of Fancy Grocery Confectionary in Stephens City, VA. The wife of Edgar Lemley was named Annie, and they had one son listed in the 1920 census. Edgar Lemley was born in 1866 and died in 1942 Lemley’s name was spelled "Lemely" by the census taker.

Lewis, Colonel W. D. Papers, 573 WFCHS
Scope and Content:
The Colonel W.D. Lewis Papers are an assortment of military reports and correspondences from 1862. Col. Lewis, who was a member of the Federal Army, 110th Penn., received these letters and reports while he was serving as post commander of Winchester, VA, during the federal occupation between March and May 1862. This collection contains material on local Civil War history, such as Col. Lewis’s report on a skirmish near Winchester, VA. Lewis was relieved of his command on April 18, 1862. (1 box) Last updated 02/2011.
Biographical/Historical: Col. William D. Lewis of the 110th Pennsylvania was the post commander of Winchester, VA during the federal occupation between March and May of 1862. Lewis was relieved of his command on April 18, 1862

Lewis, John G. Collection, 142 WFCHS]
Scope and Content:
This collection contains notes, news clippings, and correspondence pertaining to various historic properties in Winchester and a few in Frederick County, VA.
(3 boxes) Last updated 4/2008.
Biographical/Historical: John G. Lewis has been active in the field of architectural history since the Korean War. He has gathered information in Frederick, Clarke, and Loudoun counties and the city of Winchester. Lewis was born in Richmond, VA, and attended high school in Leesburg, VA. He moved to Winchester in 1980.

Light, Mary Jane Collection, 236 WFCHS
Scope and Content: This collection contains several private publications of a literary society that existed in Frederick County, VA during the last years of the 19th Century and early 20th Century. The three publications are in manuscript form and are entitled The Crescent, The Social Evening, and The White Star. Also in the collection are four account books, a sales ledger, an IOU and receipt, correspondence, an essay, three diaries, and an autograph book, all from the same time period as the literary society publications. There are also several minute records and brochures concerning the Society of Friends in both Hopewell, VA and Baltimore, MD, including minute entries and a memorandum concerning the rebuilding of the Hopewell Meeting House in 1910.
(3 boxes) Last updated 07/13.
Biographical/Historical: Mary Jane Light was a long-time member of the Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society, and was the society’s Vice-President for many years. A former history teacher, Light self-published the book, Vista of the Valley, as a teaching tool for young people studying the history of the Shenandoah Valley. Light received several awards from various organizations for her service to Winchester and Frederick County history, and the 2003 Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society Journal was dedicated to her for her many years of service to the community and the historical society. Light passed away on January 12, 2012 at the age of 92.

Lord Fairfax Area Food Bank Collection, 1495 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection consists of newspaper articles related to the Lord Fairfax Area Food Bank in Winchester, VA, from 1988 to the present.
(1 box) Last updated 11/06.
Biographical/Historical: Lord Fairfax Area Food Bank, which began in 1988, is the Winchester, VA branch of the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, Inc. network, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Lord Fairfax Area Branch is located at 1802 Robert Street, Winchester, VA. Blue Ridge started on November 23, 1981, with 35 member agencies. Since then, they have distributed over 25,000,000 pounds of food locally to member agencies for free distribution to those in need. Winchester, VA. Branches are located in Verona, Winchester, Charlottesville, and Lynchburg. The Bank’s service area includes 25 counties and 9 major cities in Northwestern Virginia.

Lord Fairfax Garden Club Records, 1466 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection contains history, constitution, bylaws, and scrapbooks of the Lord Fairfax Garden Club.
(1 box) Last updated 07/04.
Biographical/Historical: The Lord Fairfax Garden Club was chartered in November 1947 with 18 members. The club has been active since that time and benefited the community with a beautification project and anti-litter campaigns.

Lord Fairfax Interchurch Council Records, 176 THL
Scope and Content: This collection contains papers, reports, planning documents, and financial reports for the Lord Fairfax Interchurch Council, covering 1972 to 1981.
Biographical/Historical: The Lord Fairfax Interchurch Council is an ecumenical association of Christian churches located in the northern district of Virginia. It was established in 1974 for the purpose of bringing the efforts of local churches to bear the problems of the humanity of the area. (1 box) Last updated 03/2011.

Lovett, Harry and Lee Papers, 1671 WFCHS
Scope and Content:
The collection contains the personal and professional papers of Harry and Lee Lovett, including records from the Lovett Brothers Shoe Store, Attorney Lee Lovett, the Lovett Building, as well as papers on their civic and family life.
(1 box) Last updated 04/09.
Biographical/Historical: Harry Lovett founded and operated the Lovett Brothers Shoe Store at 165 N. Loudoun Street for 60 years. His wife, Lee Lovett, was the first female attorney in Winchester, and had her office in the building adjacent to the Lovett Brothers Shoe Store. The Lovetts were heavily involved in local civic activities, including the March of Dime, American Cancer Society, Rotary Club, Salvation Army, and the Northern Virginia Mental Health Association. Harry Lovett was also a 32nd degree Mason and a member of the Scottish Rite and the Shrine Acca Temple. Both passed away in 1987 and are buried in Baltimore.

Loving, Monty Collection, 1621 THL
This collection contains genealogical material pertaining to the Loving, Pangle, Stover, and Stickley families. In addition, there is a typescript title "Winchester Isaac Walton Club, Inc.—The First 25 Years" and copy of U.S.A. Hospital Department Register for Strasburg General Hospital and York Hospital during the Civil War, 1862.
(1 box) Last updated 03/07.

Lupton, David W. Collection, 56 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The David W. Lupton Collection is made up of various Lupton family Bible records and issues of The Luptonian, a genealogical publication on the Lupton family, which covers the years 1974 to 1992. Also contained in the collection are biographical materials.
(1 box) Last updated 07/07.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: David W. Lupton was born on Oct. 12, 1934, in Madison, Wisconsin, to Hugh S. Lupton Jr. and Mildred B. Hathaway Lupton. Lupton has married twice, first to Judith Larson (1955-1971) and second to Dorothy R. Ruland. He received a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Wisconsin, an M.S. in Entomology, and an M.S. in Library Science from the University of Miami. During his life he worked for several university libraries as a project assistant, librarian, teaching assistant, and professor. He resided with his wife in Fort Collins, Colorado. David W. Lupton was the editor of The Luptonian.

Lupton, Helena Knight Family Collection, 1077 WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains family Bible records for Hollingsworth, Janney, and Knight families, as well as general records concerning the Lupton family and their activities and home “Shadyside,” 1849-1944, in Martinsburg, WV.
(5 boxes) Last updated 11/15.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Helena Knight Lupton was born in Virginia on August 8, 1896, to Bassam M. and Charlotte Knight. The 1900 U.S. census lists her living with her family at 212 W. Water Street, Winchester, VA. She married James McSherry Lupton on December 27, 1923. She died on December 1, 1992, and is buried in Mt. Hebron Cemetery.

Lupton, Susan E. and Lucinda, Papers, 1767 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains two journals/friendship albums belonging to Susan E. and Lucinda Lupton. The journals were kept from 1848-1897 and contain inscriptions, verse, signatures, newspaper clippings/obituaries, and serve as a sort of scrapbook for local events. The items are unique as they provide an intimate glimpse into the lives of those living in the Shenandoah Valley during the second half of the 19th century.
(1 box) Last Updated 01/2017
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Susan and Lucinda Lupton were born in Frederick County, Virginia in 1822 and 1828, respectively. They were the daughters of John Lupton and Mary Ann Williams of Frederick County, Virginia. Susan began her journal in 1855 at the age of 33 and it concluded with her death in 1897 at age 74. Lucinda began her journal in 1848 at the age of 20 and ended it in 1892 when she was 64. Susan Lupton died in 1897 and is buried in Mt. Hebron Cemetery in Winchester, VA. Lucinda Lupton died in 1906 at the age of 78.

Luttrell, Scott Collection, 603 THL/WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection is made up of account and record books for the Kronk and Shaver families, the German Baptist Brethren Church, and Shockeysville United Methodist Church, all located in Shenandoah and Frederick counties of VA. The time period of the account books is from 1787 to 1966. An estate inventory and Shaver family correspondence are also included.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Scott Luttrell is the donor of this collection and a Stephenson, VA resident.

MacCallum, Ian Crawford and Lucille Papers, 1431 WFCHS
Scope and Content: This collection is comprised of notes, sketches, architectural renderings, and miscellaneous papers of Ian Crawford MacCallum. These materials pertain to structure in Winchester and Frederick County, VA; West Virginia; Maryland; Washington, D.C.; and other Shenandoah Valley counties
(3 boxes) Last updated 07/04.
Biographical/Historical: Jan Crawford MacCallum was an architect and artist who worked in the Winchester, VA area in the 1930s and 1940s.

Macedonia Baptist Church Records, 548 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection is comprised of two large land deeds belonging to the Macedonia Baptist church, an Afro-American church. One deed is for the church lot and the other is the deed of sale. Both are dated June 17, 1909. Property was purchased but there are no records regarding the operation of the church. Last updated 01/19/2011.
Biographical/Historical: Trustees for the Macedonia Baptist Church were Alex Robinson, C. H. Johnson and Harry Willis. Property was purchased but there are no records regarding the operation of the church.

Macky, Robert Records, 1752 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT:  This collection holds a ledger belonging to Dr. Robert Macky, a physician who practiced medicine in the area in and around Winchester and Frederick County, Virginia. The ledger contains records of treatment and the sale of medicines to patients between the years 1796 to 1808. The ledger includes the names of individuals and families living in the area and possibly the names of enslaved people belonging to particular households.  Information about location is listed with some of the names. The names of other area doctors consulted in the course of treatment are also included. In addition to providing information about residents of the Winchester area the ledger also shows the state of medical treatment in this period.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Dr. Robert Macky (1737-1814) was a Scotsman by birth and is thought to have been a Quaker. He came to Virginia from Pennsylvania. He served over a year during the Revolutionary War as the surgeon in the 11th VA Regiment of Foot in 1776. Dr. Macky served under various commanders but most noteworthy was Colonel Daniel Morgan. He was also personal physician to Thomas Lord Fairfax. 

MacKay-Smith, Alexander Collection, 562 THL

The Alexander MacKay-Smith Collection lists names, pedigrees, and owners of horses in northern Virginia. The subject of most of the data is the availability of the horse for stud service. Some information concerns mares and their pedigrees. A court suit, Taylor vs. Parker, detailing the management of a racehorse, is included.
Biographical/Historical:Alexander MacKay-Smith, born in 1904 and died in 1998, was an avid horseman, serving as Master of Foxhounds for the Blue Ridge Hunt for two decades. He wrote several books on this subject. He was active in showing horses, steeplechase racing and participating in field hunt competitions. He founded the National Sporting Library in Middleburg in 1974. (2 boxes) Last updated 04/03.

Maddox, Libby Bywaters Collection, 1595 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection contains Glaize family correspondence of Frederick County, Virginia, for the years 1854 to 1859, 1860, 1867 to 1877, and 1888 to 1908.
(1 box) Last updated 08/05.
Biographical/Historical: Several of the letters are addressed to Miss Harriet Glaize, Gainesboro, Frederick County, VA.

Mann, John United Methodist Church Records. See John Mann United Methodist Church Records

Marbert, Lois Collection, 990 WFCHS
Scope and Content:
This collection contains genealogical information on the Scrivener, Elliott, and Pope families of Frederick County, Virginia. A notebook of alphabetized obituaries and funeral cards for the years 1876 through 1953 is included. The obituaries were compiled by Edgar W. Carper.
(1 box) Last updated 08/05.
Biographical/Historical: Edgar W. Carper (1865-1954) lived in Frederick County and Winchester, Virginia, during his entire life. He collected the information in the notebook. Lois Carper Marbert, granddaughter of Edgar W. Carper, compiled the obituary information in the notebook.

Market Street United Methodist Church Records, 238 THL/WFCHS
Scope and Content: The Market Street United Methodist Church Records contain books kept by the church on marriages, baptisms, probationers, members, and pastors. It also contains minutes to the Ladies’ Aid Society meetings and several other miscellaneous items.
(3 Boxes) Last updated10/15. DIGITIZED 06/07.
Biographical/Historical: Methodism was established in 1772 in Winchester, VA. Market St. United Methodist Church dates its beginnings to 1789. From 1792 to the present, there have been three church buildings of the Market Street Methodist Church in Winchester, VA. As a result of increasing membership in the church, the second church was built in 1818. The third and present church was started on Sept. 21, 1853, and completed and dedicated on May 20, 1855. Shortly after its completion, a schism in the membership erupted over the seating of girls who were students at the Valley Female Institute. As a result some thirty members of the church withdrew and established another Methodist church known as the Braddock Street Methodist Church. These records contain information about members from both the black and white communities. The Civil War erupted in 1861 and the church building suffered at the hands of the occupying Union troops through being used as a military hospital. It experienced financial problems during the post-Civil War period. However, since the hard days of the Reconstruction period, Market St. United Methodist Church has continued to prosper.

Martin, Donald J. Collection, 453 THL
The Donald J. Martin Collection contains county records including wills, deeds, and land records for Culpeper, Essex, King, and Queen Counties. Also included with this collection are genealogy records for the Dulaney-Furlong, Menefee-James, Roberts, Russell, Sims-Butler, and Tucker-Scott families of Virginia. This information was compiled by Donald J. Martin. (1 box) Last updated 02/03.

Martinsburg & Winchester Turnpike Company Records, 407 WFCHS
This collection contains account books, treasurer’s records, stock certificates, and other miscellaneous papers concerning the construction of the Martinsburg and Winchester Turnpike. The Turnpike, a macadamized road from Martinsburg, WV to Winchester, VA was conceived in 1834, built in 1849, and in business as late as 1879. Now part of Route 11, it is called the Martinsburg Pike. (1 box) Last updated 02/03.

Maslaney, Nicholas Collection, 1496 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection contains slides and photographs taken at Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival for the years 1971, 1976-1979, 1981-1987, 1991-2002.
(1 box) Last updated 03/06.
Biographical/Historical: The Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival is held in Winchester, Virginia. It began as a 1-day festival in 1924 and has been held annually since, except between 1942 and 1945 during World War II.

Massey, Farley Collection, 1464 THL/WFCHS,
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains a miscellany of Winchester, VA subjects, such as Apple Blossom Festival catalogs, programs from local plays, a copy of a presentation to the Century Club (1980) by Ruth Farley Massey, various school papers, an autobiography of William P. Massey, etc. Also included in the collection are the records Of Camp Rim Rock from 1949-1966, and genealogical information of Ruth Farley Massey’s family. These papers are from the early to mid-1900s. The collection also contains personal items relating to Ms. Massey’s life through 2015. The collection also contains items concerning Ridgewood Orchards and the Shenandoah Candy Company.  (7 boxes) Last updated (08/2016).
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Ruth Farley Massey was born and raised in Winchester, VA. She graduated from Sargent College of Boston University in physical therapy and practiced in hospitals in Detroit and Cleveland. She joined the Girl Scouts of America, and owned and ran Camp Rim Rock at Yellow Spring, WV. She earned a master’s degree from James Madison University in South Pacific anthropology and advanced archaeological method. She then became director of residents of St. Catherine’s School in Richmond, VA. After she retired to Winchester, VA, she became active in the community as a board member of the local chapter of the American Red Cross and was a founding board member of the Blue Ridge Hospice. Shenandoah Candy Company, which was owned by the Massey Family, operated from 1948-1994, and was located on West Amherst Street, Winchester, VA.

McCabe, Susan L. Collection, 1721 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains genealogical information on several families of Winchester and Frederick County, Virginia (check this inventory of the names of these families) all of which were researched by local genealogist Susan L. McCabe.
(5 boxes) Last updated 09/16.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Susan McCabe is a long time resident of Winchester-Frederick County. She is the co- author, along with Nancy Delaney-Painter, of Index to Burials in Frederick County, Virginia, and was part of the Shenandoah Valley Genealogical Society Publication Committee which published Burials of Grace Lutheran and German Reformed Churches within Mount Hebron Cemetery of Winchester, Virginia. She has also published, Freedom by Deed, an index to emancipation records in the deed books of Winchester and Frederick County.

McDonald, Tommy Collection, 1426 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains genealogical material 64 Winchester/Frederick County families as well as information on local Black history. See inventory for the list of families.
(10 boxes), Last Updated 01/15
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Tommy McDonald was born in 1942 to Alfred O. and Dorothy McDonald. A 1961 graduate of James Wood High School, McDonald served in the United State Nave before taking a job with Federal Mogul as a fork lifter operator. He married Verna Leight on July 19, 1966. The couple were lifelong member of Sunnyside Presbyterian Church. McDonald, who retired from Federal Mogul in 2006, was a passionate genealogist for most of his life. McDonald died on May 4, 2009 and is buried at Green Hill Cemetery in Berryville, Virginia.

McGuire, Hunter Holmes Collection, 956 WFCHS/THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The collection contains addresses and articles that were made by or about Hunter H. McGuire of Winchester and Richmond, VA, USA.
(1 box) Last updated 02/17.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Hunter Holmes McGuire was born Oct. 11, 1835, in Winchester, VA, the son of Dr. Hugh H. McGuire and Ann Eliza Moss McGuire. He was the oldest of eight children. McGuire attended Winchester Academy, Winchester Medical College, and Jefferson Medical College, completing his medical degree at the Medical College of Virginia. He taught at Winchester Medical Academy, the University of Pennsylvania, and Tulane University. He returned home to fight with the Second Virginia Regiment at the outbreak of the Civil War. In May 1861, McGuire was detached to Stonewall Jackson as Medical Director of the Army of the Shenandoah where he became Jackson’s constant companion. McGuire introduced many reforms in economy and humanity to the medical service of the Confederate Army. During the Civil War, McGuire convinced Jackson to allow Union doctors who were prisoners to be paroled to attend casualties. This idea was later practiced by both North and South and was later adopted by the American Red Cross in 1864. After the war, McGuire moved to Richmond where he became chair of surgery at the Medical College of Virginia. Garland R. Quarles stated “from that time until his death, McGuire was the foremost leader of medical progress in Virginia and in the nation. On Dec. 19, 1866, Dr. McGuire married Mary Stuart and had nine children. Hunter Holmes McGuire founded St. Luke’s Hospital and Training School for Nurses, helped found the Medical Society of Virginia, and in 1896 served as president of the American Medical Association. McGuire died on Sept. 19, 1900.

McVicar, Charles William Papers, 1514 WFCHS
Scope and Content:
This collection contains correspondence, diaries, account books, and various records of Charles William McVicar and his family. The diaries and correspondence are from the time of the Civil War, including wartime letters to his sister celebrated journalist for several local newspapers, Kate McVicar.
(3 boxes) Last updated 07/13.
Biographical/Historical: Charles William McVicar was born on May 2, 1841, in Winchester, VA His parents were John McVicar and Catherine Thatcher McVicar. Charles married Amanda Melissa Lewis in 1869. They had six children. Charles W. McVicar served in Chew’s Battery, Stewart’s Horse Artillery of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. After the Civil War, the McVicars established a carriage-making shop across the street from their home at the north end of Winchester near the intersection of Cameron and Loudoun Sts. About 1904, a fire destroyed the carriage shop, and Charles moved to Newport News, VA, to work for the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company. He died in 1906 and is buried at Mt. Hebron Cemetery in Winchester, VA.

McVicar, Kate Collection, 1018 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection was kept by Kate McVicar of Winchester, VA, and contains five large scrapbooks filled with newspaper articles and pictures, along with other short, published articles from a variety of sources. The subjects covered are heavily in the liberal arts fields, and the articles she wrote often include the history and her opinions of local historical events.
(4 boxes) Last updated 06/13.
Biographical/Historical: Mary Katherine McVicar (Kate) was born in Winchester, VA, in 1843 to John McVicar and Catherine Thatcher. Kate McVicar spent her life writing for The Winchester Journal and then for The Winchester Times, both newspapers of Winchester, VA, under the name "Nemo." She was widely read as her articles pertained to historical accounts and general criticism. With the establishment of The Winchester Evening Star, she had a weekly column and continued to write for them for 24 years. Kate McVicar never married. She died on February 12, 1920, and was buried in Mt. Hebron Cemetery in Winchester, VA.

Meaney, Peter Collection, 666 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The collection contains the research notes of Father Peter Joseph Meaney for his book Civil War Engagement at Cool Springs, July 18, 1864. The material includes copies of original documents, notes on Father Meaney’s research on the battle, maps that were for research and some originals that appear in the book, articles on the battle written by Brother James Sommers, and photographs of the battlefield taken by Father Meaney. (2 boxes) Last updated 11/10.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Father Peter Meaney took his vows in 1949, and was ordained to the priesthood in 1951 at St. Mary’s Abbey. After his ordination he earned an M.A. in theology from Catholic University. Father Meaney’s primary interests were teaching and coaching track, and he spent almost his entire career doing both at Delbarton School, Morristown, NJ. He was also deeply interested in the Civil War, and wrote the only definitive history of the Battle of Cool Springs. Father Meaney died in 2006.

Media Collection, 1306 THL
VHS Tapes are Stored off-site. DVDs are available at the Archives for researcher’s use.
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains DVDs of community events and local cable programs in Winchester and Frederick County, Virginia, USA. Earlier videotapes have been converted into DVDs.

Melvin, Albert E. Collection, 680 THL
Scope and Content:
The Albert E. Melvin Collection contains membership and account information about the Fairfax Club of Winchester, Virginia, for 1905 through 1917. (1 box) Last updated 06/03.
Biographical/Historical: The Fairfax Club was a social club in Winchester, Virginia, between 1905 and the 1930s. Its first president was T.B. Patton. It was located for a while over the post office, then on West Water Street near the corner of Braddock, then at 135 N. Braddock.
Dr. Walter D. Myers was a dentist in Winchester, Virginia, between 1906 and 1966. He was secretary/treasurer of the Fairfax Club during its later years.

Merchandise Account Book, 1641 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection contains an account book for a store that sold a variety of items from coffee to grain between 1838 and1839. The name of the store and the proprietor are unknown but most of the customers listed were either from Frederick County, VA or the surrounding area.
Last updated 11/10.
Biographical/Historical: The account book was for a store, probably in Frederick County, VA that sold products to customers in or near Frederick County, VA between 1838 and 1839.

Middle East Wars Collection, 1660 THL
Scope and Content:
The collection contains the photographs, oral histories, news articles, and other information about the service of Winchester-Frederick County, Virginia service men and women in Middle Eastern military operations from the 1970s to present. (1 box) Last updated 07/13.

Middletown Heritage Society Collection, 1622 THL
Scope and Content: This collection contains material relating to Middletown, VA, including 1938, 1941, and 1948 yearbooks for Middletown High School and a news article about World War II Middletown Aircraft and Warning Station. Minutes and ephemera for the Middletown Homemakers Club, also known as Middletown Extension Homemakers Club, also known as Middletown Home Demonstration Club, are included. The collection also contains twentieth century records from the Grace Methodist Church and genealogical material relating to the Robert Rogers Brown family. These materials are on long-term loan from the Middletown Heritage Society.
Last updated 09/16.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The Middletown Heritage Society formed in February 1999 after four of its members attended a public hearing for a grant request by the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation and Belle Grove Plantation to build trails connecting the battlefield and plantation on U.S. 11, south of Middletown. The heritage society’s mission is “to gather and communicate historical information about Middletown and its surrounding areas to promote the preservation of and education on Middletown’s heritage.” Among the society’s short-term goals is to record oral histories of Middletown’s senior citizens and to place stationary town guides throughout Middletown to help visitors locate historical sites. Long-term goals include securing and storing documents and memorabilia, assisting in preserving town records on microfilm, and identifying historical houses by number or with a plaque.

Middletown Scrapbook Collection, 1673 WFCHS
Scope and Content:
This collection contains a scrapbook of photographs of unidentified people and scenes from in or near Middletown, VA. The photographs were probably taken during the late 19th to the middle of the 20th Century.
(1 box) Last updated 11/10
Biographical/Historical: Middletown, VA founded around 1796 by Dr. Peter Senseny, and was known for many years as Senseny Town. The small community is located about 15 miles south of Winchester, VA and was famous for its manufacture of clocks and watchers for many years. Today the town of about 1,600 residents is the home of several historic sites, including Belle Grove Plantation, and Cedar Creek battlefield.

Middletown, VA Collection, 1499 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection contains materials concerning Middletown, VA. Some notable items in the collection are an account book dated from January 2, 1806 to June 29, 1806 with an index and a list of lots assigned stockholders by the Middletown Land and Improvement Co. and drawing of lots, July 2 and 3, 1890, Middletown, VA. Also included are the forms prepared by the Middletown Heritage Society in 2003 to register Middletown Historic District with the National Register of Historic Places.
(1 box) Last updated 08/04.
Biographical/Historical: Middletown, originally known as Senseny Town, was chartered on May 4, 1796, by Dr. Peter Senseny. The name was changed to Middletown because it was located mid-way between Stephens City and Strasburg. It is located south of Winchester, VA on US Route 11, also known as the Great Wagon Road.

Milburn, Jacqueline Collection, 1606 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection contains transcribed Chancery Court cases (1849-1859) for Isaac vs. Peter Dick, Dick Heirs vs. Dick Heirs, and Evan Berry, etc. vs. Joseph Berry Dec’d. from Frederick County, Virginia. Chancery Court Records, 1824.
(1 box) Last updated 05/06.
Biographical/Historical: These Chancery Court records were transcribed by Jacqueline Milburn, a resident of Clarke County, VA.

Miller and Anderson Collection, 1618 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection contains correspondence, account books, and catalogs for Miller and Anderson Plumbing and Heating, a business in Winchester, VA.
(1 box) Last updated 07/06.
Biographical/Historical: Miller and Anderson Plumbing and Heating started business in 1911. Their office was at 19 E. Boscawen Street, Winchester, VA. They moved to 22 S. Loudoun Street in 1991. In addition to heating and plumbing fixtures, they sold appliances. Miller and Anderson sold the first television in Winchester in 1946. The appliance division was sold to Spicher’s Appliances in 1991.

Miller, Bettie Collection, 1295 WFCHS]
Scope and Content:
This collection contains an album with photographs, clippings of poems from newspapers, a lock of hair, sprig of flowers and handwritten poems. There is also a newspaper clipping of a photograph of Mrs. Burr Harrison.
(1 box) Last updated 3/04.
Biographical/Historical: Bettie Miller was born Catherine Elizabeth Miller on May 20, 1837. She was the daughter of Abraham Miller and Rebecca Schultz. She married William S. Miller, December 1855. She died September 8, 1895.

Miller, Godfrey Family Correspondence , 1274 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection consists of correspondences to Godfrey S. Miller from Nan Miller, C.P. Krunth, his niece and his mother from 1853 to 1857. Collection consists of 29 letters and 11 envelopes. (1 folder) Last updated 8/ 2015
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL:  Godfrey S. Miller was married to Marianne, whom he called Nan.

Miller, Godfrey Family Collection, 301 WFCHS
Scope and Content: The Godfrey Miller Family Collection includes scrapbooks, correspondence, account and business papers, school books, receipts, and other memorabilia concerning the Godfrey Miller family from 1786 to 1938. The diary of Margaretta Miller, daughter of Godfrey S. Miller and Marianna Sperry Miller, contains information on the effects of the Civil War on the civilian population.
(18 boxes) Last updated 05/14.
Biographical/Historical: Godfrey Miller was born at Gruena, Germany on May 6, 1730, son of John Miller and Dorothea Hoehl. Little is known of his childhood, but by age 19 he was a member of the stocking weavers guild. After spending about six years in Berne, Switzerland, and Lyons, France, he joined his brothers Samuel and Gottlieb in London. Joining a company of framework knitters with his brothers, Godfrey arrived in Philadelphia on November 1, 1763, bringing two stocking looms with him. He settled in Winchester and married Anna Maria Kurtz on August 8, 1766, and they had nine children between 1771 and 1793. He continued in the weaving business, and by 1788 was also listed as an apothecary. Godfrey Miller died on December 12, 1803, and was buried in the Lutheran Cemetery, part of Mt. Hebron Cemetery, in Winchester.
    Godfrey Miller II was born on March 3, 1786, to Godfrey and Anna Maria Miller in Winchester. He worked in his father?s apothecary shop and learned to weave. His father died when he was 17. When he came of age, Godfrey and his brother Peter purchased a lot at 107 N. Loudoun and operated a dry-goods store. That store became the Miller Drug Store, which continued operations well into the twentieth century. In 1815, Godfrey married Catherine Elizabeth Schultz, and they gave birth to eleven children.
    Margaretta (Gettie) Miller (1850-1938), born in Winchester, was the daughter of Godfrey S. Miller and Marianna Sperry Miller. Margaretta was the great-granddaughter of Godfrey, the immigrant, through William S., third generation; John, second generation.

Miller, J. P. Family Papers, 1728 WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains family papers and miscellaneous items of the Miller family including journals, diplomas, scrapbooks, photo albums, sales receipts and various Handley High School items. The Millers are a family who has held residence in Winchester, VA for some time, therefore their family papers are important to providing information relating to the history of the city. Some information regarding the Henkel family is included as well. A Roanoke College Yearbook from 1899 is also housed within this collection.
(3 boxes and last date updated 11/15)
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Joseph P. Miller was born November 22, 1980 and died December 18, 1968 at the age of 78. Mr. Miller married Edith Hicks in 1916 and had two children, Joseph R. Miller and Mrs. Mary Miller Wolfe. He was the owner and operator of Miller’s Dry Goods Store in Winchester, Virginia. After WWII began, he got work at the Post Office. Miller worked at the Post Office for 36 years before retiring. Some notable accomplishments include being treasurer of the Godfrey Miller Board and one of the original board members of the Winchester Hiram Lodge # 21. Joseph P. Miller is buried at Mt. Hebron Cemetery.  

Miller, James A. Collection, 1421 WFCHS
Scope and Content: The James A. Miller Collection contains material from both the Miller and the Henkel families. The first part of the collection contains letters from Abram Shultz Miller to Julia Virginia Miller from 1861 to 1864 describing events, battles, and troop movement during the Civil War. There are also other miscellaneous papers concerning Abram S. Miller, including his marriage license to Virginia Henkel and post war correspondences. This extensive collection contains many writings of Dr. James Miller touching on Valley history and medicine in Winchester, VA. The second part of the collection is concerned with the Henkel family including correspondences of Solomon Henkel, Samuel Henkel, Paul Henkel, Casper Henkel, and Henkel family records. A highlight of this part of the collection is the group of biographical sketches of Paul Henkel. The collection is concerned with miscellaneous papers and writings of Dr. Miller, Miller family Bibles, and publishings from Solomon Henkel Press of New Market, VA. Also, items associated with this collection are in the map cases and photo collection associated.
(13 boxes) Last updated 07/04.

Miller, Marianna Collection, 1271 THL
Scope and Content:
The collection contains an album of photographs in a leather binder. The photographs are of people and buildings in Winchester, VA. The photographs were produced using the cyanotype process.
(1 box) Last updated 07/05.
Biographical/Historical: Marianna Miller, the photographer, lived from 1861 to 1933. She was a lifelong resident of Winchester, VA.

Miller, Vicki Marks Collection, 1515 THL
This collection contains the genealogy records and correspondence of Alexander Marks compiled by Penelope Ann (Lowman) and Vicki Lynn (Marks) Miller. It includes biographical sketches of family members and copies of estate settlement records, photographs, military records, and marriage, death, and census records covering a period from approximately 1750 to 1987.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The patriarch of this collection, Alexander Marks, came to Newtown (now known as Stephen’s City), VA from Powell Valley, Kentucky. He was a blacksmith in the community. Alexander married Sarah Mytinger in Frederick County, VA on April 17, 1819.

Miller, William and Virginia Collection, 133 WFCHS
Scope and Content: This collection a variety of items on local history, with an emphasis on local businesses. (1 box) Last updated 10/10.
Biographical/Historical: William Miller (1927-2009)was born in Ohio, and later moved to Winchester, VA He married Virginia Miller in 1968. He worked as an accountant and as an auditor with the Virginia Department of Taxation. Although born in Oklahoma, Virginia Miller (1924-2004) was a life long resident of Winchester, Virginia and had an avid interest in local history. A member of the Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society, she was the author of several books on local history.

Millwood Station Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company #21, Inc. Records, 1731 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection includes the news articles, records and scrapbooks regarding Winchester Volunteer Rescue and Millwood Station Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company #21, Inc. dating from 1957 to the present. 
(3 boxes) Last updated 12/15.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL:   From its initial birth in 1958, the Winchester Volunteer Rescue Squad was established to provide rescue services to Winchester, Frederick County and other counties expanding into West Virginia. The charter members included 25-30 people and continued to expand to roughly 100 members in the 1980s. The rescue squad had moved locations three times before it formally changed its name and purpose in April of 1998. The Winchester Volunteer Rescue Squad adopted the name Millwood Station Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company #21, Incorporated and became Virginia’s first Rescue Squad Volunteer Association member to become a fire and rescue company.  In January of 2004, the company relocated for a fourth time to its current location at 250 Costello Drive, Winchester, Virginia, 22602, where it continues to serve the Winchester and Frederick County areas.

Milton, John S. Collection, 1467 THL
Scope and Content: This collection is comprised of an account book kept by John S. Milton from October 1842 to January 1849 documenting business transactions with people in Winchester and Strasburg, VA.
(1 box) Last updated 07/04.
Biographical/Historical: John S. Milton was the recorder of this account book, which pertains to his general merchandise business in Winchester and Strasburg, VA.

Mitchell, Ann Marthena Clevenger Collection, 1677 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection contains genealogical information on the Shyrock, Hieskell, Samsel, Lemley, Trussell, and Guard families, including Daughters of the American Revolution applications, family charts, deeds, correspondence, and other miscellaneous materials.
(1 box) Last updated 09/09.
Biographical/Historical: Ann Marthena Clevenger Mitchell, a resident of Strasburg, Virginia, compiled the information contained in this collection.

Mitchell, Connie Jean Casilear Collection, 1630 WFCHS
Scope and Content: 
This collection contains the notes of Connie Jean Casilear Mitchell, concerning her research about people and places in the area. Information on the people, places, and historic events include Frederick County, Warren County, Clarke County, and Loudoun County, VA as well as parts of the West Virginia Panhandle. The collection includes new clipping, articles, diaries, and book excerpts in addition to notes on over 200 area families. 
Biographical/Historical: Connie Jean Casilear Mitchell is a professional genealogist and a resident of Frederick County, VA.

Morgan, Daniel Collection, 170 WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains biographical articles, copies of legal documents, articles and correspondence about the controversy caused by the city of Cowpens, SC, USA, when an attempt was made to move Revolutionary War General Daniel Morgan’s remains from Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, VA to Cowpens. Items regarding the cemetery monument are also included.
(3 boxes) Last updated 5/2012.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: It appears that General Daniel Morgan was born in 1736 in Junction, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, of Welsh ancestry. He moved to Virginia ca. 1754 and worked for Robert Burwell as a teamster and as foreman at a sawmill. He joined Braddock’s Army on the march to Ft. Duquesne, and following the defeat, he served in Captain Ashby’s company to protect the Virginia frontier against French and Indian raids. In 1775, he led a company of Winchester riflemen to join forces with General George Washington. Morgan was distinguished for bravery at Quebec, Saratoga, and Cowpens Revolutionary War Battles. He also participated in the Whiskey Insurrection in 1794. In 1797, he served one term in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1797 to 1799. Daniel Morgan died in Winchester on July 6, 1802.

Morith, Thomas E. Collection, 1724 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains genealogical information on the Barbee, Burroughs, Hedges, Daugherty, Reade, Mullikin, Shields, and Smith/Smythe families.  Information was compiled by Thomas E. Morith. 
(1 box and last date updated 05/15)
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Thomas E. Morith is a resident of Winchester, VA.

Morris, Mary Thomason Collection, 434 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection includes genealogical material of the Thomas Barrow line of the Barrow family, the Morris and Thomason families including Thomasson notebooks, "Some Virginia Marriage Records" from 1700-1850, and some Kentucky Marriage Records 1792-1819. Much of the material is indexed.
(1 box) Last updated 08/06.

Morrow, Dale W. Collection, 1154 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The collection contains genealogical information on Joseph Morrow of Summit Point, WV as well as multiple guides to biographies in Illinois and Indiana with connections to Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. All work within the collection was compiled by Dale W. Morrow.
(1 Box) Last updated: 02/16
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Dale W. Morrow is a genealogical researcher who works to compile guides to biographies and family genealogy information.

Morton, Oren Frederick Papers, 572 WFCHS
Scope and Content: This collection contains handwritten research notes of Oren Frederic Morton, the author of numerous county histories of the Shenandoah Valley and West Virginia.
(1 box) Last updated 04/10.
Biographical/Historical: Oren Frederic Morton (1857-1926) wrote county histories of Bath, Allegheny, Rockbridge, and Highland County, VA, He also wrote a history of Pendleton County, WV. During the early 1920s the Kiwanis Club of Winchester, VA commissioned Morton to write a book on Winchester. This book, his last, was published in 1925. He is buried at Mount Hebron Cemetery in Winchester, VA.

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Collection, 1715 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains news articles relating to the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church as well as directories of the church and its members.
(1 box) Last Updated: 09/2016
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Mt. Carmel Baptist Church was originally organized in 1866 by Rev. Nathan Cook Brackett, the first pastor of the church. The initial meeting happened at 15th ½ South Loudoun Street however other meeting locations expanded to include the Frederick County Courthouse and the Presbyterian Church at East Piccadilly. The first official church site was located on the corner of Braddock and Leicester Street. The African-American congregation used the building on this lot from 1869-1890 until it was destroyed in a fire. A new church location and building were acquired and built June 17, 1916. The Mt. Carmel Baptist Church continues to grow and is still an active part of the Winchester/Frederick County area.  

Mt. Hebron Cemetery Records, 84 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains news articles relating to the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church as well as directories of the church and its members.
Last Updated: 10/2016
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Mount Hebron Cemetery, located on E. Boscawen Street in Winchester, Virginia, was incorporated in 1844. The cemetery first started as two cemeteries of the local Lutheran and German Reformed Churches with land donated by Lord Fairfax. Soon after the end of the Civil War, Stonewall Confederate Cemetery was included on these grounds. Mt. Hebron now covers 55 acres and has become the burial site of Winchester’s general population. Many graves have been reburied to this location.

Mt. Hebron E.U.B. Collection, 1582 THL
Scope and Content:
The collection contains the ledger of Mt. Hebron Church and Sabbath School of Triplett, VA. The ledger has been transcribed.
(1 box) Last updated 10/04.
Biographical/Historical: Mt. Hebron Church is located on U.S. Route 522 North at Little Isaac Creek Crossing in Triplett (Frederick County), VA, just past the turn-off for local Route 127. The cornerstone at the left front of the building states "Mount Hebron U.B. Church, November 3, 1910." There is a cemetery near it. The church is no longer active.

Mountain Falls Fulling Mill Collection, 1070 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection is comprised of a master’s thesis by Cassandra Faye Richards entitled, "The Fulling Mill at Mountain Falls, VA—An Ethnographic History" (1987). This paper discusses the fulling (a finishing process for wool) mill in Mountain Falls, VA and the community associated with and using it during the 18th and 19th centuries.
(1 box) Last updated 1/04.
Bibliography: The Mountain Falls Fulling Mill was located on Duck Run, a tributary of Cedar Creek. The land for it was purchased in April 1772 by Henry Richards, but the mill itself may not have been built until 1809. The mill operated until the 1930s and was torn down in 1985.

Muse, Charles K. Collection, 1533 THL
Scope and Content:
This collection contains genealogy material covering the descendants of John Muse of Virginia, 1600s to the present. It was researched by Mariane Muse, 1930-1965, and edited, compiled, and indexed by Roz McLelland, November 1990.
(1 box) Last updated 09/04.
Biographical/Historical: John Muse was born in England and lived in Old Rappahannock County, VA in the late 17th Century. His descendants moved into Frederick and Clarke Counties by the 19th Century.

Mulvey, Mary Lou Collection, 1602 WFCHS
Scope and Content: This collection contains several booklets about the City of Winchester, Virginia from the early 20th Century, and the 1913-1914 Catalogue of the Fort Loudoun seminary.. It also contains two copies of a program to celebrate the birthday of Charles B. Rouss, dated Feb. 10, 1900. Most of the collection concerns genealogical information, correspondence, the service record, and a manuscript (photocopy) of the Journal of Captain Edmund Lee Hoffman covering the years 1862 to 1882, mostly in Berkeley County, WV. The journal contains extensive details describing farming including prices, harvest times, and weather. Also included are several pages of a roster and promotion information for the 15th West Virginia Infantry with a note stating that the book had been captured at Martinsburg in 1864 and given to E.L. Hoffman.
(1 box) Last updated 08/09. DIGITIZED 04/07.
Biographical/Historical: Mary Lou Mulvey is a resident of Winchester, Virginia, and compiled the contents of this collection. Edmond Lee Hoffman was born ca. 1839 in Berkeley County, WV (VA). He was a lifelong farmer in that county. He enlisted at Martinsburg in 1861 in Company D, 2nd Virginia Infantry, was wounded at the Battle of Kernstown, and paroled at Winchester, VA, on April 24, 1865. Hoffman died at his home on September 27, 1904, and was buried at Green Hill Cemetery in Martinsburg, WV (VA). He was survived by his wife and several children.

Mutual Assurance Society Records, 248 WFCHS
The Mutual Assurance Society Records collection contains insurance policies (1746-1838) to dwellings in Winchester, VA and Frederick County, VA, which include policyholder’s names.
Street names, house numbers, and county boundaries have changed since the time of these records. The addresses in this inventory are approximate modern equivalents to the location of insured properties. Buildings on a nearby street may be included on a policy.
Most of the documents in this collection are the Form of the Declarations for Assurance, in which an owner applying for insurance describes property and attests to its use and value. Some are actual policies or revaluations, which have their own numbers but refer to earlier Declaration numbers or policy numbers. Occasionally there is a duplication of numbering. (2 boxes) Last updated 07/09).

Myers, John H. Records, 390 WFCHS
This collection contains one account book kept by John H. Myers from 1848. Also included is a certificate presented to John Myers from Governor Byrd to become the Virginia representative to U.S. Good Roads Association, 1927.
(1 box) Last updated 02/03.