American Girls

American Girl Today

Chrissa [by Mary Casanova]
1. Chrissa
2. Chrissa Stands Strong

Isabelle [by Laurence Yep]
1. Isabelle
2. Designs by Isabelle
3. To the Stars

Jess [by Mary Casanova]
1. Jess

Kailey [by Amy Goldman Koss]
1. Kailey

Kanani [by Lisa Yee]
. Aloha, Kanani
2. Good Job, Kanani

Lanie [by Jane Kurtz]
1. Lanie
2. Lanie’s Real Adventures

Lindsey [by Chryssa Atkinson]
1. Lindsey

Marisol  - [by Gary Soto]
1. Marisol

McKenna [by Mary Casanova]
1. McKenna
2. McKenna Ready to Fly

Mia [by Laurence Yep]
1. Mia
2. Bravo, Mia

Nicki [by Ann Howard Creel]
1. Nicki
2. Thanks to Nicki

Saige [by Jesse Haas]
1. Saige
2. Saige Paints the Sky

Addy [by Connie Porter]

1.Meet Addy
2.Addy Learns a Lesson
3.Addy’s Surprise
4. Happy Birthday, Addy 
5. Addy Saves the Day
6. Changes for Addy

Caroline [by Kathleen Ernst]
1. Meet Caroline
2. Caroline’s Secret Message
3. A Surprise for Caroline
4. Caroline Takes a Chance
5. Caroline’s Battle
6. Changes for Caroline

Cécile [by Denise Lewis Patrick]
[by Sarah Masters Buckey]

1. Meet Marie-Grace
2. Meet Cécile
3. Marie-Grace and the  
4. Troubles for Cécile
5. Marie-Grace Makes a   
6. Cécile’s Gift

Elizabeth [by Valerie Tripp]
1. Very Funny Elizabeth! [a Felicity book]

Emily [by Valerie Tripp]
1. Brave Emily [a Molly book]

Felicity [by Valerie Tripp]
1.Meet Felicity
2.Felicity Learns a Lesson
3.Felicity’s Surprise
4. Happy Birthday, Felicity!
5.Felicity Saves the Day
6.Changes for Felicity

American Girls

Ivy [by Lisa Yee]
1. Good Luck, Ivy [a Julie book]

Josefina [by Valerie Tripp]]
1.Meet Josefina
2.Josefina Learns a Lesson
3.Josefina’s Surprise
4. Happy Birthday, Josefina
5. Josefina Saves the Day
6. Changes for Josephina

Julie [by Megan McDonald]
1. Meet Julie
2. Julie Tells Her Story
3. Happy New Year, Julie
4. Julie and the Facts
5. Julie’s Journey
6. Changes for Julie

Kaya [by Janet Shaw]
1.Meet Kaya
2.Kaya’s Escape
3.Kaya’s Hero
4.Kaya and the Lone Dog
5.Kaya Shows the Way
6.Changes for Kaya

Kirsten [by Janet Shaw]
1.Meet Kirsten
2.Kirsten Learns a Lesson
3.Kirsten’s Surprise
4. Happy Birthday, Kirsten!
5.Kirsten Saves the Day
6.Changes for Kirsten

Kit [by Valerie Tripp]

1. Meet Kit
2. Kit Learns a Lesson
3. Kit’s Surprise
4. Happy Birthday, Kit!
5. Kit Saves the Day
6. Changes for Kit

Molly [by Valerie Tripp]
1. Meet Molly
2. Molly Learns a Lesson
3. Molly’s Surprise
4. Happy Birthday, Molly!
5. Molly Saves the Day
6. Changes for Molly

Nellie [by Valerie Tripp]
1. Nellie’s Promise [a Samantha book]

Rebecca [by Jacqueline D. Greene]
1. Meet Rebecca
2. Rebecca and Ana
3. Candlelight for Rebecca
4. Rebecca and the Movies
5. Rebecca to the Rescue
6. Changes for Rebecca

Ruthie [by Valerie Tripp]
1. Really Truly Ruthie [a Kit book]

Samantha [by Susan S. Adler]
1. Meet Samantha
2. Samantha Learns a Lesson
3. Samantha’s Surprise
4. Happy Birthday, Samantha!
5. Samantha Saves the Day
6. Changes for Samantha