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Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room
Handley Regional Library
inchester-Frederick County Historical Society

Haines, John Collection 735 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The collection contains several articles by John Haines, as well as articles on various subjects by other authors. There are also materials relating to the genealogy of the Bumgardner, Elosses, Fagan, and Haines family, as well as a 19th Century Bible which had been owned by Mary Elosses. (2 boxes) Last updated 06/08.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: John Haines is a native of Winchester, VA.

Hall, Elaine Walker Collection, 5 WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains articles, memorabilia, and photographs of the Brill, Spaid and Walker families in the late 19th and early 20th centuries from West VA and PA. Elaine Walker Hall, a descendant of these families, compiled this material. The collection also contains items on the Winchester and Wardensville Railroad as well as World War II.
(1 box) Last updated 01/16.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Born on September 6, 1924 in Pennsylvania, and was  the executive director of the Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society from 1981 until her retirement in 1989. Hall was also an avid genealogist, and an active member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She died on January 30, 2003 and is buried at Mount Hebron Cemetery.

Hamill, Giles C. Records, 387 WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains one account book of Giles C. Hamill, a tanner in Jefferson County, WV, and Warren County, VA. The account book covers from 1844 to 1859.(1 box) Last updated 01/07.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL Giles C. Hamill was a tanner during the 19th century in Jefferson County and Ninevah, Warren County.

Hampshire Furnace Records, 542 THL
The Hampshire Furnace Records collection is comprised of a day book, which lists customer accounts for the Hampshire Furnace on Middle Ridge in Hampshire County, VA, 1812-1820.
(1 box) Last updated 11/10.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Hampshire Furnace was built sometime in the late 1700s near Middle Ridge by Edward McCarty. It was located 12 miles south of Romney, WV.

Handicaps Unlimited of Shenandoah Valley Collection, 1097 THL
This collection contains newsletters of the Handicaps Unlimited of Shenandoah Valley (HUSV) 198101988 (incomplete).
(1 box) Last updated 1/04.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: HUSV started in 1980. Its purpose was to provide information about living with handicaps. The organization helped sponsor Shenandoah Valley Independent Living center. In 1988, HUSV disbanded as its members decided Shenandoah Valley Independent Living Center was carrying on the programs. The group is now called Access Independence.

Handley Board of Trustees Collection, 864 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains information pertaining to the probation of John Handley?s will. It includes court cases challenging the bequests in favor of establishing educational institutions in Winchester, VA (USA) and also information concerning the responsible body for administering the bequests, the Handley Board of Trustees. (1 box) Last updated 12/10.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL The Handley Board of Trustees was established February 7, 1896, by the Winchester City Council. The Board was chartered "to carry out the purpose of Judge Handley?s will as it relates to the City of Winchester; ?to superintend and direct the custody and investment of the fund? resulting from the said will."

Handley Regional Library Records, 138 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The collection contains material, plats, survey, DVDs, and news clippings relating to the Handley Regional Library. 

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The Handley Library is named for Judge John Handley (1835-1895). When Judge Handley died, he left a bequest to the city of Winchester (Virginia) to erect a “public library.” The Handley Library opened in 1913. An addition to the building opened to the public in 1979. The Handley Library was renovated in 2001. Also in 1979, the library became a regional library when Frederick County and then Clarke County joined the system. The library in Clarke County was a privately run facility until it became part of the library system. In 2001, the Mary Jane and James L. Bowman Library opened in Stephens City, (Frederick County). This library is named in memory of James and Mary Jane Bowman. Mr. Bowman made his donation in 1999 to honor his wife, Mary Jane, a well-known nurse and community supporter, who died in 1991. James L. Bowman died in December 2001.

Handley, John Collection, 522 THL
The John Handley Collection contains the dispersal of Judge Handley?s estate and the subsequent 100th anniversary celebration, although there are a few personal items and biographical sketches. Of particular interest is a handwritten opinion by Judge Handley in a case he adjudicated in September 1875.
(4 boxes) Last updated 02/13.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL Handley was born in Ireland in 1835, became a U.S. citizen in New York in 1856, and eventually moved to Scranton, PA where he practiced law. He began visiting Winchester, VA, in 1869. When John Handley died in 1895, he was buried in Mt. Hebron Cemetery in Winchester and left what eventually amounted to over a million dollars to the City of Winchester for education of the poor and $250,000 for a public library.

Handley, John High School Records, 145 WFCHS/THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT The collection contains memorabilia from classes, student newspapers, and correspondence on construction, blueprints, and history of the school by former student, Kenneth W. Rose and a history of Handley Football(1919-2012) by Sam McCall. Sam McCall also prepared a history of Handley Basketball (1923 – 2013). The collection also contains numerous items about other school, and alumni activities.
(4 boxes) Last updated 09/16.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: John Handley High School was built with money from the estate of Judge John Handley (1835-1895). The cornerstone was laid June 13, 1923, and the school was opened in September 1923. Handley High was a primary example of the use of private endowment funds to supplement tax money in support of public education.

Handley, William B. Collection, 1531 THL
This collection contains genealogy material of William Handley?s descendants and allied families. These booklets were researched, prepared, and indexed by William B. Handley, c. 2002. Digitized 02/07.
(1 box) Last updated 12/07.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: William Handley immigrated to Augusta County, VA from Pennsylvania, "late from Ireland" between 1740 and 1750.

Happy Retreat Records Collection, 915 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains an account book with entries from 1815 through 1832. The book entries indicate that a trading store may have been the user.
(1 box) Last updated 11/10.

Hardesty, Lucy Collection, 1460 WFCHS
This collection contains correspondence between clients and Lucy Hardesty and Pearl Ritenour regarding genealogical research. Also included are Frederick County birth (1853-1897) and death (1853-1897) records (also on microfilm) and personal memorabilia of Lucy Hardesty and Pearl Ritenour.
(59 boxes) Last updated 04/07.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Lucy Ritenour Hardesty was born on May 6, 1911, in Winchester, VA, the daughter of Pearl Weaver and Daniel W. Ritenour. She was self-employed and a member of Duncan Memorial Methodist Church, Valley Glass Hoppers, and the Ft. Loudoun Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.). On June 11, 1938, she married Douglas F. Hardesty. Lucy Hardesty died on March 23, 1997, and is buried in Mt. Hebron Cemetery.

Harris, David Papers, 1206 THL
This collection contains business accounts for Harris & Keller Grocery Store in Middletown, VA during the last half of the 19th Century, as well as business papers of Danner & Newman of Woodstock, VA. Genealogies for Danner and Harris families are included together with papers regarding the M.E. Church and its construction in Middletown.
(1 box) Last updated 03/04.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: David Harris, joint owner of the store was also the minister at the M.E. Church in Middletown during ca. 1870-1890. He married twice, to sisters, the daughters of Jacob Danner II, whose father Jacob Danner had married a daughter of Senseney, founder of Middletown. David Harris?s son, Carlton Danner Harris, and grandson, Carlton M. Harris, were also Methodist ministers. David Harris?s son-in-law Edward Sperry ran the store until it burned. The property was donated to the fire department, which occupies it at present.

Harrison, Burr P. Papers, 167 WFCHS
Scope and Content:
This collection is comprised of historical and genealogical information on the Harrison family including correspondence, political papers and speeches, and other miscellaneous material. Also included are nine scrapbooks (1916-1963) concerning the political careers of Burr P. Harrison and his father, Thomas W. Harrison.
(1 box) Last updated 01/06.

Hartman and Bowly's Records, 1627 THL
This collection contains a ledger for Hartman and Bowly. The ledger for April 9, 1856, through October 7, 1857, lists thousands of purchases by Winchester, VA and area residents. The majority of entries are medically related, referencing prescriptions and other medical remedies. Noteworthy names include Hunter Holmes McGuire, James M. Mason, Hugh Lee, Mrs. Lee, Isaac Hollingsworth, Magill, Judge Parker, Mrs. Bush Taylor, and A.H. Boyd. The business opened in May 1856.
(1 box) Last updated 03/07.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Hartman and Bowly were druggists who conducted their business at 124 N. Loudoun Street, Winchester, VA, opposite the Taylor Hotel. Franklin Bowly was born in about 1820 in Maryland and died in 1880 in Pennsylvania. He was married to Elizabeth Butler Bowly. In 1856 Franklin Bowly, formerly of Dorsey and Bowly, entered into a co-partnership with Lewis P. Hartman to be called Hartman and Bowly. Prior to this Hartman owned the building of and operated a business at 124 N. Loudoun St. Hartman was born about 1809 in Virginia, but it is not known when he died. Both men lived and worked in Winchester.

Hawse, John Collection, 53 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains copies of family Bible records, vital records, and other material of genealogical value for the Chapman, Dellinger and Simpson families from the 1800s through to 1963. It also includes a transcript of a diary written by Jasper Hawse during his service in the Civil War. Hawse began the diary while a member of the 14th Regiment of the Virginia Militia. This unit later became Company B of the 17th Battalion, 11th Virginia Cavalry. The diary covers Battalion movements in detail although the battle descriptions are somewhat brief.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Jasper Hawse was a Hardy County, VA (later WV) farmer and teacher before the Civil War. For most of his time in service he was a commissary sergeant. After the War he returned to teaching, becoming a school principal and, later, in 1874, the Superintendent of Public Schools in Rockingham County, VA. He died in Harrisonburg on November 30, 1905.

H. B. Kline Brothers Records, 324 WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains mainly various documents related to the operation of H. B. Kline & Bro., including receipts and commodity orders, accounts, handwritten business notes, and inventories of stock, dated during the 1880s and 1890s. 
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL:  H. B. Kline was a great-grandson of Jacob Kline, a German immigrant who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1735 and later joined several other families in settling in Frederick County, east of Middletown, in 1764. He erected a large flax-seed mill although he abandoned this operation after twenty years in favor of a flour mill which stood southeast of Stephens City in Frederick County, VA. At some point in the mill’s history a general store was added. The new structure also included a post office. The mill and the store became a gathering place for local residents as well as a place to purchase goods. The mill ceased operating in the 1920s, although a sawmill remained in use until 1962.

Hellmann, Paul T. Papers, 777 THL

SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains the tours and maps associated with Paul T. Hellmann?s proposed book, Country Roads: Frederick County. Hellmann died before the book could be published.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL Paul T. Hellmann a native of St. Louis, Missouri, was a freelance writer, and geographer. He is the author of Historical Gazetteer of the United States which was published by Taylor and Francis, Inc. in 2004. Hellmann died on March 11, 2011, and is buried at New Bethlehem Memorial Park, St.. Louis County, MO.

Helm, Elizabeth Collection, 1162 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains a scrapbook of Elizabeth Helm?s campaign for mayor of Winchester, VA, USA, her election, and activities. It consists of news articles, photographs, notes, etc. covering Sept. 1986 to May 1996. The rest of the collection contains speeches, correspondence, news clippings, issues, and events surrounding Elizabeth Helm?s term as mayor of Winchester, VA.
(1 box) Last updated 03/10.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Elizabeth Glaize Helm was the first female mayor of Winchester, A. She served from May 1988 to May 1992.

Henkel, Alfred D. Collection, 162 WFCHS / THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The Alfred D. Henkel Collection contains correspondences, business papers, genealogy notes, Lutheran church information, and news clippings. Also included are scrapbooks of Civil War newspaper articles, a military pass, and military occupation information.
(54 boxes) Last updated 06/10.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Alfred Henkel was a Winchester, VA physician, who lived from 1860 to 1947. He was an avid collector of local and family history.

Henkel, Paul Family Papers, 896 THL
This collection contains personal and business correspondence of the Paul Henkel family and correspondence of the Lutheran Church to several Henkels. Many of these letters are in German. Some of them have been translated. Also included are marriages, obituaries, diaries, and other family materials.
(4 boxes) Last updated 03/07.
An itemized list of folder contents may be seen in the Archives Room. Names of people are listed in anglicized form; place names are given in current spelling.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Paul Henkel was born on December 15, 1754 in Rowan (now Davie) County, NC to Jacob and Barbara Teters Henkel. He died in 1825, two years after a stroke. Paul always had an aptitude and interest for studies and religion. In 1776, he began studying for the ministry. That same year he married Elizabeth Nagley from New Jersey. He was licensed and later ordained as a Lutheran minister. The principal focus of Henkel?s work for many years was in the Shenandoah Valley, Shenandoah County, VA. He later made several extended missionary journeys to SC, NC, TN, KY, IN, and OH. In 1790, the Henkel?s moved to New Market, VA, the principal residence for the rest of Henkel?s life.
Arthur Pierson Kelly explains in his 200 Years in the Shenandoah Valley [that] "Paul Henkel?s one concern was to proclaim the Good News, in season and out of season. He was indefatigable in zeal; and he endured almost incredible hardships without a murmur. He and his wife were generous beyond their means; and self-interest never entered his ministry."

Henshaw, C.W. Collection, 1570 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains newspapers and almanacs from the mid-1800s. Newspaper titles are Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, May 9, 1863, Nov. 12, 1859, Nov. 5, 1859, and March 12, 1859; The Southern Illustrated News, Oct. 11, 1862; The Virginia Free Press, Nov. 3, 1887; Spirit of Jefferson, Aug. 23, 1881. The almanacs cover the years 1836, 1846-1848, and 1852. The collection also contains several items concerning the Old Stone Chapel Presbyterian Church, Clarke County, VA.
(1 box) Last updated 05/15.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: C. W. Henshaw (1852-1920) and was a farmer near Middleway, West Virginia for most of his life. He was married to Flora B. Glaize (1853-1928), and both are buried in the Masonic Cemetery in Middleway.

Hess, Abram Records, 1407 THL
The collection contains an account book belonging to Abraham Hess and runs from 1818 to 1822. The entries in the book refer to his dry goods merchandise and to whom they were sold. His store was located in Frederick County, VA.
(1 box) Last updated 06/04.

Hinkle, Kenneth S. Papers, 1536 WFCHS
This collection contains the poems of Ken Hinkle (2003-present) which deal with a variety of subjects and events that have affected his life. (1 box) Last updated 03/12.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Ken Hinkle is a long time resident of Winchester, VA and has been writing poetry since he was in high school.

Hiram Lodge. See King Hiram Lodge #53

Hickman, Isabelle Bailey Papers, 1658 THL
This collection contains the papers of the Bailey family of Frederick County, VA, including their membership at Braddock Street United Methodist Church, their grocery business, correspondence, and associated memorabilia. Some of the letters are related to Ora Bailey, Isabelle Bailey Hickman?s uncle, and his service with the U.S. Army Air Corps in World War I.
(6 boxes) Last updated 01/09.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Isabelle Bailey Hickman was the daughter of Bessie Lee Johnston and Cecil Bailey, who along with brother William, operated Bailey Brothers General Merchandise Store from 1904 to 1951. Another brother, Ora, also became a partner after World War I. Isabelle was a life-long member of the Braddock Street Methodist Church until her death in 2008

Historic American Buildings Survey Collection, 521 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of surveys of buildings and homes in the Winchester-Frederick County, VA, USA area. Some sites also have blueprints.
(1 box) Last updated 10/03.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) committee put these surveys together. The Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) collection is among the largest and most heavily used in the Prints and Photographs Division of the Library of Congress. The collection documents achievements in architecture, engineering, and design in the United States and its territories through a comprehensive range of building types and engineering technologies. Administered since 1933 through cooperative agreements with the National Park Service, the Library of Congress, and the private sector, ongoing programs of the National Park Service have recorded America's built environment in multi-format surveys comprising more than 350,000 measured drawings, large-format photographs, and written histories for more than 35,000 historic structures and sites dating from Pre-Columbian times to the twentieth century.

Hite-Bowman-Hall Family Papers, 168 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of business notes, correspondence, legal documents, and other miscellaneous papers concerning the Hite, Bowman, and Hall families, 1766-1903.
(1 box) Last updated 03/07.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Joist Hite, Frederick County, VA pioneer, secured a 5,018-acre tract of land from John Vanmeter in 1734. Within 18 years he had disposed of it to 13 different families. Eleanor and Isaac Hite Jr., grandson of Joist Hite, built Belle Grove in 1794 and lived there until Isaac?s death in 1836.
Joist Hite?s eldest daughter Mary married George Bowman before coming to Virginia. They had 13 children. Their son Isaac had a grandson, Isaac Sydor Bowman, who married Susan Hall in 1877. Isaac and Susan are buried in the Bowman Cemetery northwest of Harmony Hall in Frederick County, VA.

Hite Family Association Collection, 1465 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection is comprised of correspondence, biographies, articles, and other genealogical materials concerning the Joist Hite family and their descendants. (1 box) Last updated 11/15. DIGITIZED 03/07.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The Hite Family Association, P.O. Box 23306, Providence, RI 02903.

Hockett, Jack Collection, 1619 THL/WFCHS
The Jack Hockett Collection contains genealogical material on the McNew (Macknew, McKnew), Marlow (Marler, Marley), Hargis, and Berry families, who moved through Frederick County on their way to Fincastle County, Virginia, in 1773. The collection was compiled by Jack Hockett of St. David?s, Pennsylvania.
(1 box) Last updated 07/06.

Hoffman, Evelyn "Peggy" McCauley Collection, 1360 THL/WFCHS
This collection is comprised of genealogical materials on the Boyce, Hoffman, Liller, McCauley, Moreland, Pepper, Powell, Roe, Barbour, and Schuler families. It also contains obituaries from the Winchester Star, Martinsburg Journal, Northern Virginia Daily, Washington Post, and Richmond Times.
(11 boxes) Last updated 08/12.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Peggy McCauley F. Hoffman is the compiler and donor of this collection. She is a life lone resident of Frederick County, VA

Hoffman House Collection, 1678 THL
The collection contains memorabilia from the Hoffman Family and their ancestral home in Middletown, VA, including a 2008 guide to touring the house. Its current owner, John Hoffman, has made the house into a museum.
(1 box) Last updated 11/10.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Built in 1797, the Hoffman House has been in the possession of the Hoffman family since 1852. The house came under fire during the Battle of Cedar Creek, which resulted in its chimney being destroyed by a cannon ball. It was also featured in a sketch by Civil War artist James Taylor.

Hofstra, Warren Collection, 559 WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: The Warren Hofstra Collection is comprised of copies of project papers written by students of Dr. Warren Hofstra, full-time faculty at Shenandoah University, Winchester, Virginia. The paper topics cover a wide range of local history from events to people to buildings. Box 2 of the collection contains papers written by Dr. Hofstra on local history. (2 boxes) Last updated 11/15.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Dr. Hofstra lives in Winchester, Virginia. He earned his B.A. from Washington University in St. Louis, his M.A. from Boston University, and his doctorate from the University of Virginia in 1985. He has taught in the history department of Shenandoah University since 1978. He was named to an endowed faculty position at Shenandoah University in January 1987. He is the author of several books and articles about the lower Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. His latest book, Ulster to America, The Scots-Irish Migration Experience, 1680-1830, was published in 2012.

Holliday, Frederick William Family Collection, 1061 WFCHS/THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection includes copies of legal papers, speeches, and personal correspondence of Frederick W. Holliday. Family bibles, property histories and items relating to R.J.M. Holliday, Dr. S.J. Holliday, and James V. Hutton Jr.?s research notes and writings about Governor Holliday are also part of the collection as well as a microfilm of 286 items in Duke University?s collection.
(2 boxes) Last updated 7/12
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Holliday was born in Winchester on February 22, 1828 to Dr. R.J. and Mary Catherine Taylor Holliday. He was educated at Winchester Academy and Yale University before taking degrees in philosophy, political economy and law at the University of Virginia. He served as Commonwealth?s Attorney for Frederick County from 1861 to 1865. During the Civil War, he was Colonel of the 33rd VA regiment of the Stonewall Brigade before being wounded and losing his right arm. Elected Governor of Virginia in1877, he served until 1882. After returning to Winchester, Holliday made extensive worldwide trips, which he recorded and published. He died on May 29, 1899 and was buried in Mount Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, VA.

Hollingsworth Family Papers Collection, 3 THL/WFCHS
This collection contains correspondence, deeds and wills, inventories, and other documents of the family. Bible records and genealogical information is also included together with HABS drawings of Abrams Delight and surveys of land.
(3 boxes) Last updated 11/12. DIGITIZED 05/11/07.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Abraham Hollingsworth, only child of Thomas and Margaret Hollingsworth, was born on Jan. 19, 1686, in Newark, Delaware. He married Ann Robinson on March 13, 1710, and moved to Cecil County, Maryland. From Maryland he moved to the Shenandoah Valley and acquired 582 acres in 1732 from Alexander Ross, leader of 34 Quaker families in the Clearbrook area. When Hopewell Meeting was formed in 1734, the Hollingsworth family became members there. By that time he had located on Shawnee Spring in Winchester, and the family was operating a flour mill by 1752. Upon Abraham?s death in 1748, the oldest son Isaac became owner of the 582 acres. He built Abrams Delight in 1754 after marrying Rachel Parkins in 1748. Isaac died at age 37 and the property passed to their son Jonah and then to his son David. Abrams Delight became the property of the City of Winchester in 1943, the first time it had been owned by other than members of the Hollingsworth family.

Holmes, Hugh Records, 398 WFCHS
The Hugh Holmes Records collection contains mathematical equations, philosophy notes, accounts, 1786-1794, and an account book, 1798-1806.
(2 boxes) Last updated 02/07.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Hugh Holmes II was born on Nov. 8, 1768, in York Co., PA, to Joseph Holmes and Rebecca Hunter. Some time before 1775, he moved to Frederick Co., VA. He studied law and became a prominent attorney in Winchester. On Dec. 20, 1791, he married Elizabeth Briscoe. Holmes soon became judge of the General Court and of the Superior Court for the 9th District. In 1795, he became mayor of Winchester and the same year began representing the district in the State Senate (1795-1799). He represented Frederick County from 1802 to 1806, and was Speaker of the House of Delegates from 1803 to 1805. Judge Holmes died on Jan. 19, 1825, and was buried in Old Stone Presbyterian Church Cemetery and reinterred in Mt. Hebron Cemetery in a mass grave in 1912.

Hook, Mildred Collection, 1163 WFCHS
This collection contains typescript records of cemeteries in Frederick and Clarke Counties, VA and WV counties. Also included are typescript abstracts of Revolutionary War Soldiers and others.
(1 box) Last updated 03/04.

Hooper, Nicholas Records, 388 WFCHS
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains one account book (1828-1835) of Nicolas Hooper, which includes bills of sale for general merchandise, and later tree plantings in 1871, probably by his son.
(1 box) Last updated 02/03. 

Hoover, Charles Loring Papers, 247 THL
This collection contains World War II memorabilia, newspaper clippings, obituaries, and other items associated with Winchester native Charles L. Hoover (1920-1942). (1 box) Last updated 10/11.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Charles Loring Hoover, who was a 1937 graduate of Handley High School, was the first Frederick County, VA soldier killed in action during World War II. Hoover was killed while fighting against an attack on his position by German bombers during the North Africa Campaign in November, 1942. The 22-year-old was awarded the Purple Heart and the Silver Star for his service during the engagement.

Hopewell Monthly Meeting – Society of Friends Records, 1615 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: Hopewell-Centre Monthly Meeting of Friends Collection contains minutes of meetings, membership, business transaction receipts, and a graveyard chart for the Hopewell (Quaker) Society of Friends, 19th and 20th centuries.
(14 boxes) Last updated 2/16.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Hopewell Monthly Meeting of Friends was founded in 1734 and continues as an active meeting today. Centre Monthly Meeting was founded in 1817. The current Meeting House was built in 1872 after Union General Robert Milroy destroyed the original building in 1863 during the Civil War. In the 1990s the two congregations merged. Hopewell is in Clear Brook and Winchester is the home of Centre.

Horsey and Atwell Records, 147 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: Horsey and Atwell were clothiers and haberdashers in Winchester and Woodstock. Their Winchester store was located at 130 W. Loudoun St. from 1894-1907.
(1 box) Last updated 09/02. 

Hotchkiss, Jedediah Papers, 1335 THL
This collection contains miscellaneous papers and reports collected by Jedediah Hotchkiss; several issues of The Virginias, a news journal edited by Hotchkiss; and information written by Hotchkiss on Virginia geology and geography. The collection focuses on his career after the American Civil War in Virginia.
(3 boxes) Last updated 02/06.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Jedediah Hotchkiss was born in 1828 in Windsor, NY. An affluent upbringing allowed him to receive an excellent education. After taking a walking tour of Virginia in 1847, he moved to Augusta County, VA and worked as a tutor. During 1852 and 1853, he became principal of Mossy Creek Academy near Staunton, VA and married Sara Ann Comfort of Pennsylvania. In 1859, he moved his family to Churchville, VA and opened Willow Creek Academy, staying there until the outbreak of war in 1861. During the war, he served as a cartographer for Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. After the war, he worked in the field of geology and wrote extensively about the Civil War campaigns in Virginia. Jedediah Hotchkiss died in January 1899.

Huddleston, Bethinia S. Collection, 1356 THL
This collection is comprised of reports written by Bethinia Huddleston’s 7th grade class from the Daniel Morgan Middle School, Winchester, VA. These reports cover a wide range of topics from African Americans in Virginia, furniture, art, toys and games of early Virginia.
(1 box) Last updated 04/04.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Bethinia S. Huddleston is a 7th grade social studies teacher at Daniel Morgan Middle School. She is a resident of Winchester, VA and the donor of this collection.

Humbert, Judy Collection, 899 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains four interviews with former students of the Old Stone School for African-Americans, and memorial cards for funerals of Winchester residents. The memorial cards include biographical sketches and information of the deceased. There are also two issues of the Virginia Informer, July and August 1939.  (1 box) Last updated 8/16.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Judy Humbert, a local historian, is a long time resident of Winchester, VA and a graduate of Douglas School.

Hutton, James V. Jr. Collection, 588 THL/WFCHS
This collection contains writings of James V. Hutton, Jr. on historic figures and events in Frederick County, Virginia. It also includes information from the 1860 U.S. Slave Census. News clippings, scrapbooks, and papers include extensive World War II service personnel information. (2 boxes) Last updated 02/2011.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Born in 1927, James V. Hutton, Jr. grew up in the White Hall area of Apple Pie Ridge in Frederick County. Later, he taught school in the county and served as Assistant Superintendent for Instruction until 1982, when he retired after an injury. Hutton is author of books and articles on events and prominent figures in Frederick County. He lives with his wife in the Winchester, VA area.

Improved Order of Red Men, 420 THL/WFCHS
Most of the collection is manuscript on printed forms and manuscript.
(2 boxes) Last updated 06/06.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The fraternity was founded in 1765, originally the Sons of Liberty, a group of patriots who concealed their identities and worked underground for freedom. They participated in the Boston Tea Party. The organization was patterned after the Iroquois Indian Nation. The name changed to Improved Order of Red Men after the Revolution in 1813.
Shawnee Tribe No. 2 of Winchester, Virginia, was established at least by 1848 as the collection includes By Laws for that year. Rosters, treasurers’ reports and minutes for the tribe cover years from 1904 to 1921. Also included in this collection are papers from the Great Council of Virginia, other Virginia, Oregon, and Iowa tribes.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows Records Collection, 969 THL
SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains minutes, lodge books, reports, ledgers, and other miscellaneous papers pertaining to the Lafayette, Oakdale, Madison (Winchester, VA, USA), Norfolk, Washington, and Canton lodges of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
(13 boxes) Last updated 08/2016.
BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The Virginia Order of Odd Fellows was founded in 1889. Richard F. Madigan, who was a past Grant Master of the Grand Lodge of Virginia and founder and editor of Virginia Odd Fellow and Rebekah newspaper, donated the items in this collection.